‘Lost Hope Within A Thunderstorm’


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‘Lost Hope Within A Thunder Storm’
I looked deep into your piercing blue eyes, I see the deep blue sea that is pure with sorrows. The rain comes down from your eyes but your wall puts up a guard of toughness, you won’t surrender. Your soul is full of thunder-storms from years ago, as the black owl in the night took you as its own bait, eating off your flesh in a torture of pain, that build up in your soul more and more. I want to cure your pain, I want to hug you and tell you everything is going to be ok, but the wall you build higher than the tall tress in the woods, won’t let me in. Your response from my great words that served your soul with light, gave me hope. Your soul doesn’t have hope cause of all the blockage of pain. The leaves do fall far down from the tree but on its way down, it slows down. From the pain and bitterness that’s blocking your happiness is slowing you down. You can’t see the beautiful roses that surrounds your tree of hope. Beautiful white daisies is growing from the ground all over the land of hope and dreams. This world does have really hard and bad times but there’s also joy, love, hope, happiness. The pain that we all bear, hurts very badly like the cut from a thorn on a cactus. Walking down this quiet dessert, there’s going to be many cactus to walk pass, but you do pass it, no matter how much you get cut. Life passes by, you been through pain but peace always comes around again. You are much stronger from the pain you go through in life. I see the bridge many miles away. I look around but there’s no one in sight, no buildings, just me and the clear blue sky, the bright sun shining down. The beautiful flat lands is cover with red and pink, white rose pedals. I’m wearing all white. I’m still looking far into the distance and I see the bridge. I walk more and more, as I’m getting closer to the bridge, I see you standing there looking at me. You are wearing all white. Your beautiful piercing blue eyes shines as the tears flows down your face. The thunder-storm in your heart cleared, the light shines through your heart. Your wall is down. You open your arms wide, then we both hug each other tight. Our tears of joy runs down. The light above shines down on us with joy and love. God works through each of us to help each other, being that inspiration. There’s hope always……


‘It’s A New Day, Moving Farther Into God Purpose’


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         FOT88AA        ‘It’s A New Day, Moving Farther Into God Purpose’

‘Waking up, I’m bless, It’s a new day. I open my blinds, moving the curtains, I look out the window. I see the beautiful light blue-green clear lake. The waves move with grace, having mercy on my eyes. The sky is so clear and sunny. The path far in the distance, I can see the boats with people, floating… into their passion of the out doors, their love for Gods creations. Their joy leads them into a clear path, a new chapter. Their peace and joy comes alive. I look and look at how peaceful everything is. I’m inspired by Gods love. God leads through us all, inspiring others. Sometimes in life we have to keep moving. We can’t stay in the same place always. There’s always that new chapter. Live moment by moment, live day by day, we are going to miss this. Be thankful for the moments. There’s a reason for everything. God has a purpose, a plan for each lives. The water moves East with the wind, sometimes West, sometimes South, sometimes North. Doors open to a new beginning. The many smiles you see along the way, The many tears we cry, The many people who gives knowledge and wisdom, The many lessons, the many mistakes on this new path that we learn from, makes us all better people. Through all that, there’s gods purpose for our life, helping others, changing the world. I smile as I’m inspired to follow the movement, I walk outside on the grass. I stand there looking at the birds flying all around the sky, finding their survival. I walk closer to the lake, I see a guy on a boat, coming tore’s me. He says “hop on, I’ll show you around on the other side of the lake.” I get on the boat. He shows me all around the lake, as we go farther miles on the other side, we see the beautiful tall mountains. We feed the fishes as they come up for food. We smile at the moment, appreciating all that God let us see, the moment is up lifting. Seeing the rabbits running across the desert, finding their own, they’re bless. We sit In the boat, looking at the sky, as we float in the middle of the lake, going farther South. There’s always more to see. We smile at the other people that’s on another boat beside ours. We wave at them, they smile. Joy is in the air. Gods love never ends, it’s forever. Going higher and higher to that destiny, that purpose, Spreading God love to others all around, we are bless, It’s a new day.’

‘I Stare’


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‘I stare’

‘I stare… I just stare… Sitting on a big rock, The clouds surrounds me.  The wind blows a light breeze. I relax… clearing out my mind. I take deep… breath from my soul, I blow out …………. I stare…I just stare… The tree leaves and branches moves with the breeze in a slow dance. The sun reflects off the green leaves, with brightness of joy. I stare… I just stare… I stare… at the rabbits running through the desert, the dirt is the color of honey, with a sweetness from the soil. The flowers and plants bloom in its own, with a fresh scent flowing in the air.  My heart is touch, I feel peace.  I stare… I just stare… at Gods creations, his beauty, his love, his blessings all around. The smiles on people faces, the joy all around is special. The small things matters to, It’s big, the thought is what counts. I stare… I just stare…Taking every moment in. I can see so clearly. I get it, that moments past but they always come, a new chapter always becomes. I don’t take anything for granted, I’m aware of the blessings all around. Taking a moment, Looking around, I can see. I stare… I just stare… with appreciation. I’m very thankful for all that God has done and created. The birds fly so high in the sky so freely, their strength is from God. I stare… I just stare… It’s beautiful, It’s amazing, It’s peaceful, It’s joyful. I stare… I just stare… I stare…’

In Life We Fall But Then We Rise


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‘In Life We Fall But Then We Rise’

    ‘Standing high above a canyon, on a mountain top. My heart beats from the fear of heights. I take a deep…. breath, relaxing. I take everything all around me in, the view from this top mountain is so pure. The water flowing down the water fall is so clear. I can see through the water fall from above, as the white bubbles gives it life. The sun is bright in the sky, giving love of a peaceful mind. Within this life I’m so full, I want to live this moment on and on. I look down, as I remember what it took me, the strength to get up this high mountain. It’s going to be a long way getting back down. Life isn’t always going to be this peaceful but within this goodness, I’m living in the moment. I stand tall on this high mountain still. Unexpectedly I hear a sound from far…..away… Straight in front of me from a far distance, I see a big dark eagle with big wings, flying tore’s me, coming straight at me really fast. The eagle makes a loud sound, flying really fast. The closer the eagle comes to me, the more fearful I become. We both come face to face, The eagle eyes turns blood-red, his mouth blows fire at me. His wings pick me up in the air and throws me far…… down from the high mountain top, into the deep…..water fall. My weak body falls far…down, hitting the clear water really hard. I’m now under water, I can’t swim, My heart is beating really fast like a drum…bum…bum…bum…bum…. Water went into my lungs, suffocating my voice. My life shine in front of me, as I panic. I fighted hard..HARD.. moving my arms and legs, trying to get to the top of the water. I prayed in my mind to God. I thought about God strength that got me up top of the mountain. I won’t give up, even though I got knock down again, I will always get back up. This strong struggle of trying not to drown in this water, becomes a challenge more and more. I kept faith as I fighted for my life. I drowned and drowned…. hitting the bottom, loosing breath. I see a beautiful bright light coming tore’s me under water. A beautiful bright little boy with wings, swims tore’s me. looking in my eyes, he touches my face gently. He grabs me in his arms and then he takes off with me in his arms, shooting up fast pace, flying out the water, as I held on to him tightly, there was a big splash coming from the water fall. The eagle flew tore’s me and the angel. The angel defeated the eagle with spiritual weapons, The eagle flew away with fear. Back on the high mountain top, looking over the canyon, The angel stands next to me, looking into my eyes, he smiles and says, “everything is going to be good,” “God is your strength no matter how high and hard it is to get up this mountain.” “No matter how much life knocks you back down, you can over come anything through God.” I smiled, I felt alive again. The past is behind me, The trials made me strong again. I know more badness in life is to come cause it’s life but most of all, more good, more blessings is to come. Getting back on this mountain is a blessing. Keep God always, relax in him, he gets each of us through life, no matter what life brings. This mountain is very high up, but it’s beautiful, life is a blessing.’


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‘Lonely Shepherd’


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  'Lonely Shepherd'

'A little shy kid, laying on the green grass, looking up at the sunny blue sky. Staring into his imaginary world, it's his escaped. No one, no houses in sight. Only one cloud in the sky and the sun. He day dreams, His relaxation makes him feel like his body is floating up and up into the sky. Out of no where, a loud sound of a huge thunder-storm comes in. The sky gets darker and darker, the rain pours down very hard. The little kid still laying on the grass, closes his eyes, as he got soaking wet. His eyes stayed close, nothing but pitch black. A loud voice calls out his name "John!!!!"... "JOHN!!!!"........ John wakes up from a dream, in a nightly sweat, coming back to reality. His dad stands in front of him in his room, next to the bed. John sitting up in his bed, looking up at his dad. Smells a strong smell of alcohol, realizing that his dad was drinking again, almost everyday after work. Alcohol took over John dad like a bad flood on a raining day, wiping out everything in sight. John dad yelled, "BOY DID YOU HEAR ME CALLING YOU?" John looking scared and confused. "Dad it's late." "Are you drinking again?" Looking up at his dad red-blooded eyes, A big monster flash before John eyes, As a big hand slapped John in the face. John fell hard off the bed on to the ground really hard, feeling blood coming from his nose. The tears flow down his face like a water fall, non stop. "You are not worth it," John dad said, as he turned around and walk away with no guilt. John mom had black bruises and swollen eyes, from the fighting that John hears late at night. John lays in his bed every night afraid in horror. Locking his door, the room is pitch black. He gets under the covers, covering his ears from the loud sounds of his mom and dad yelling at each other and throwing things, breaking things from the fights. Every time John dad gets drunk, he goes into John room. John knew what was about to happen, but the lock kept the monster from coming in. The door knob, twisted and twisted, then a loud bang at the door. "JOHN"..."JOHN"......."JOHN!!!!!!!!" Hearing the sounds louder and louder. John prayed to God every night. John got up from his bed with God strength. Opening the door to freedom, running through the hall way into his parents room, seeing his dad choking his mom really hard. John yells ANOUGH...ANOUGH!!!!!!!!"...."STOP..." John dad looked at him in shock, backing away slowly, letting go of his wife neck. John looks him in the eyes and says,"The storm is over, The rain has stopped." "Over the beautiful hills of the sunrise, is a beautiful new journey." "Life is going to get better." "I stand tall with faith, without fear now." "The name calling, the hurt, the bruises is all in the past now." "You tell me that I'm never going to be anything and I'm not worth it but I'm something cause God said so." "The night mares I have every night is all because of you." "You been the monster that hunted me and mom everyday." "It is now going to stop this second, It's over..." "It's over..." "The storm is over." "No more hurting me and my mom anymore." John mom ran over and hugged John. "I'm so sorry son that I couldn't protect you, I love you," John mom said. She cries and John tear up. John dad stands there still looking shock. John and his mom hug each other tight as the big burden lifted, it's a new day. The sunrise shined through the bed room window as a new day came. John dad packed up all his clothes, loading up the truck. John dad and mom is divorcing. John mom looking out the window at her husband loading up the truck, leaving. John dad walked out the house with out a word, with his cowboy hat on. John follows him outside. "Dad!!!... I forgive you." His dad wink an eye and smile. "Take care of your self and your mom, I'll see you soon," John dad said, as he drives off into the distance. Looking at the truck driving far away, The sand mixed in the air, the more the truck got further and further into the distance up the dirt road, John dad disappeared. John knew that he wasn't ever coming back. He question, "did my dad ever love me?", he thinks to himself. John was happy to stand tall, having the strength and the voice to make a difference in the world. The new chapter took him on a journey. Years passed, John was now a grown man. He became a successful doctor and also a counselor for kids that came from abusive homes. He speaks at events on helping kids that been abuse and also woman that's been abuse by their husbands. John has built many homes for the single moms. John knew that he wasn't going to be anything like his dad when he grew up. John sat in his back yard of his house, laying on the grass, looking up at the sky. It was sunny and only one cloud in sight. "Dad what are you doing?" John little boy runs over to him, laying next to him. John holds him, hugging him. "Hi, my little prince." John tickles his son, playing around. John beautiful wife comes out the house, looking at the moment, smiling. She came over to join John and her son. "Hi, babe," John says as he kisses her on her lips. She lays next to John and their son on grass looking at the sky. "Wait for me," John mom comes out the house smiling. "Hi mom." John mom lays next to them in the grass. They all stare up at the sunny sky. The sun shined bright, Theirs only one cloud sitting there. John and his mom, his wife and son smiles. John son look at him, "Dad why does the sun shine?" John says, "Cause it gives each of us light and god is watching over us all, no matter what bad we face, things will always get better." "God is here and I'm here for you always son, you are not alone, I love you so much." John son looks and says,"I love you to dad." John mom looks with happiness and John wife looks over with happiness. They all held hands, laying on the grass side by side, looking up at the sunny sky at the one cloud. Peace is here always.'


‘Twins Of Oz’


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‘Twins Of Oz’
‘Two streams came face to face as one. Their own pink glittery river was their play ground. Their spirits followed each other down a bright yellow brick road that was so long. Looking for that place that they can call home. Walking pass the tall trees over the hills of gold, Everything was made out of candy. Their first taste of sweetness touch their hearts. Looking at each other closer and closer, they see the same person. Their mirror was each other reflection. Their white dresses moved against the light breeze, as the white snow flakes fell gently from the sky. Their brown hair was in two braids with white bows. Their shoes were red and glittery. Their skin was white as snow. Candy fudges apples hung from the candy trees. Chocolate peanut butter cups grew from the bushes. Bubble gum piled on the steep hills a head. They both dance together like ballerinas, spinning around. They ate lots of candy and drunk soda pop from the river. They spin and spin around, they both started to get dizzy and dizzy and dizzy…. Their vision blurs, everything looks blurry…… There’s a bright light shining down from the blue sky. They see through their blur vision, a tall beautiful man, that has a long white robe on, with a beard and long brown hair, bright skin, long angel wings. Their vision gets more blurry from the bright light in front of them, they fall gentle on the ground. The angel touches their faces gently as they both fell deeply into a sleep. The angel carries them home on the yellow brick road into the bright light. Their spirits flow into the making, they’re born again. They opened their eyes, They are now both infants, Their cry sounded like angels hymns. The doctor smiles with joy, holding both of the infant twins in his arms, one on each side. The doctor says, “TWINS!! WOW!!! TWO GIRLS!!! CONGRATUALATIONS!! The twins mom lays there in bed after giving birth to the twins, crying with joy of happiness. The dad by her side, looking proud. “Their angels from above, before this life, God had this all planned out, we are blessed to have two bundle of joys.” “God knew what was going to happen before we all existed before this life,” The new parents said. The mom held one twin in her arms and the dad held the other one in his arms. “What should we name them,” The dad said. “Dorothy and Dora,” They look so adventurous.” The two baby twins eyes brightens, looking at each other eyes as the dad and mom still held them in their arms. Deep in their eyes is that bright yellow brick road that led them home. They remember the life before this life, God smiles down on them with blessings, bringing joy. This is home, this is home. “They’re our ‘Twins Of Oz,” The mom said with love.

He said it first!- ‘I lOVE YOU’


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He said it first!- “I lOVE YOU’  

‘It’s 7 AM in Manhattan New York. Taxi drivers, beeping their horns in crowded traffic. So many people cross the street at the same time. So many are in line to ride the subways. Everyone is rushing to get to work. So many people started out the day at the café on 35 W 45th St, Getting coffee and bagels before the work day starts. The smell of freshly made coffee is brewing in the back of the cafe kitchen. The long line that’s at the cash register is getting longer and longer. A lady in the line looks at her watch as the aroma of the brewing coffee takes over the whole cafe, everyone patients is getting more un patient. Each and everyone wanted coffee really bad and lots of hot freshly bagels right out the oven. A tall skinny white professional man in a gray suit and red strip tie, glasses and trim short brown hair, holding a tray of two coffees and two plates of bagels, walks pass a whole bunch of people that’s in the line, to get to his table. He accidentally bumps into a construction heavy-set built man. “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING FOOL”, the heavy-set guy said in a deep voice. He said “sorry” as he kept heading to his table by the window. He takes off his glasses, taking a deep breath from that scary bump accident that just happened. He felt so relieve that he didn’t get beat up on this crazy hectic morning. He looked down at his watch as the clock almost strike 7:30 AM. Waiting for his girl friend that he was supposed to meet up with around this time before work. A blond hair lady walks in through the crowded café, wearing a dress, professional. “TODD….”, The lady said loudly. Todd turns around, looking very happy, as he stands up to hug her and then kisses her. “Diane…” Todd said. They both meet eyes for a while. “Oh… sit down.. get comfortable.. I brought us two coffees and some bagels,” Todd said. Diane sits as she stares at the bagels. “Uuummm…..” I…” I…” don’t like to eat bagels in front of people.” “You remember?” “The big cheek face..” ” I eat them alone like a pig, sitting on my bed in my room watching reruns of ‘Sex And The City.” “I also like to eat chicken wings alone and ice cream and pizza…” “Messy foods only.” “I like to eat the messy foods alone , so I wont…”wont …” feel embarrassed,” Diane said, with an embarrassed look. Todd looks at her and then cracks up laughing. Diane starts to laugh to. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA”.. “That explains why you wouldn’t eat your dinner the other day at Detroit pizza, you ask for a to go box,” Todd said in a joke tone. They both laugh and laugh. Todd looked Diane in the eyes as he held her hand across the table. “Look Diane, I wanted to meet you here for a reason cause there is something that I need to tell you.” “I know we been together for a year now but I’m falling more and more for you everyday.” “I want to be every where you are, including sitting in the bed with you, eating ice cream and pizza all day, watching reruns of ‘Sex And The City’ all day.” “I want to stare into your eyes forever.” “These are not just words but words from my soul, my actions.” “I was afraid of getting into a relationship and feeling the feelings of compassion that I feel for you but when you really know what love is and what you really want forever, then how can I anor it?” ” How can I be a fool to not want to feel what I feel for someone who is special, sitting in front of me?” “Your eyes are like the sunshine that shines over the hills of the mountains at sunrise and I want to wake up to that sunrise.” “Diane, this is what I want to tell you and I think it’s a great time.” “I love you…” Diane looks with excitement, looking speechless, looking deep into Todd blue eyes. She knew that it felt right. Her heart was full and full of happiness. “Todd, I love you to.” “I feel like you do but I guess I was waiting for you to say it first all this time cause you’re the guy.” Todd looking at Diane, looking confused. Diane starts to explained herself. “I know it’s weird but I guess growing up with a house full of stubborn females, they all said that the guy is the one to do everything and most of all say ‘I love you first.” “I was so dumb to listen to them, it actually doesn’t matter who says it first, it matters that we both feel the same feelings the same way.” “I loved you from the first day I laid my eyes on you Todd.” “I been wanted to tell you that, this is great timing.” Todd reaches down in his pocket. Everyone in the crowded café is sitting at the tables now, the line is smaller now. Todd gets on one knee in front of Diane, holding a small box in his hand. “Diane, my love…” “Will you marry me?” Diane starts to tear up with joy. “YES!!!!!!…” “YES!!!!!….”, Diane jumps up and hugs Todd, as Todd stands up. They both kiss and kiss. Everyone in the café looking and cheering, clapping their hands. Todd and Diane looks around the café. “I YELLED IT OUT, EVERYONE THIS IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED..WHOA..YA..BABY..”, Todd said in excitement. A few months later Todd and Diane had a private wedding with just their families. Todd And Diane standing in front of the preacher as they both say their vows. After that, the preacher said “You may kiss the bride.” Todd took off his glasses and gave Diane a big tongue kiss. They both walk down the aisle as all their family members cheer them on and follow them outside to their limo. Todd and Diane told their family bye as they both got into their limo together, driving off. The limo guy ask “Where to?” “The airport”, Todd said. Diane looked at Todd. “I have a surprise, the honey moon is going to be in Hawaii,” Todd said. Diane looking excited and Todd smiles. Todd pour wine in two glasses. “Lets make a toast to forever, me and you”, Todd said. Todd and Diane touch glass and then they drink. “I LO..” No..”, Todd was about to say but then Dianne cuts him off. “I love you Todd.” “I Love you to Diane.” “After the honey moon, I want us to sit in bed together and have pizza and bagels, chicken wings, cake, ice cream, ribs, barbecue, chocolate, all the messy foods and watch reruns of ‘Sex And The City,” Todd said. They both laugh. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.” “You know the most messy food is sloppy joes,” Diane said. “Oh you want to have a rib contest on the bed, to see who can get messy?” Todd said in a playful way. “Ok it’s on..” Diane jokes around. Diane lay her head on Todd shoulder as they both smile. “Wow.. I love you Todd.” “I love you Diane. ” I love you.” They both go back and forth. “I loved you first.” “No I love you first. They both say at the same time “I love you!” “HA HA HA HA” They both laugh. The limo is almost at the airport as Diane and Todd sit in the back seat just staring at each other in the eyes with love. The sign in the back of the limo window says ‘MARRIED FOREVER IN LOVE AND HAPPINESS- ‘ LOVE YOU’
The end’

‘I Stand Still’


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‘I Stand Still’

Opening up the front door into a new day. The sun is bright with love. Feeling the wind breeze blowing through’ my hair, my skin feels a great smooth touch, Feeling at ease and relax. The wind chimes hanging on the patio, moving with the wind breeze to their own song. I take it all in with joy and appreciation of Gods love. I stand still….I stand still with my head up high in the love that flows through the earth. Everyone in its own as their relaxation takes them on a peaceful journey. The older man sitting in the corner looking into an existence. He smiles with joy from his heart, bringing great influences to a new generation, he stand still watching in happiness. The kids running around in the neighborhood playing ball. Their happiness comforts those around them. Their laughs bring the parents to laugh, passing on the positivity all around, They stand still into the making of blessings. Standing proud of their accomplishments of being parents. “Dinner is ready!”, the single mom yells out to her kids up the street. The kids run tore’s her, giving her a big hug, they all stand still in the moment. They all sit at the table praying over the food, thanking god for this meal. After they say Amen, they stand still into a moment of thankfulness. Two best friends sitting on the patio talking and laughing, they both stand still at the joy that they both share together. Taking Gods love in all around. My eyes open very widely. I can see very clearly. God positivity influences us all. People influences others through Gods love. The trees stand still in their beauty. The birds are flying like angels. This is God love. Taking it all in, I look with joy. I ‘stand still watching. I stand still… I…. stand still…’

‘Life Is A Journey’

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‘Life Is A Journey’

        ‘Seeing the pure shine reflecting from the rocks that’s under my feet, covering the ground into an open welcome. The distance all around me doesn’t lead to any where. It’s all desert in the middle of no where. My risk is brave. The beauty of Nature lets me into their world that is comforting. I’m free by myself in this peaceful moment. The further I walk, the more I see clearly. The green cactus didn’t except me, its thorns that cut my finger, separated me from coming closer. The different color flowers, bloomed very fully, with an open entrance. The green leaves on the bushes, gave meaning to life of the earth going green, making a difference. Walking further, I see the steep hills. My energy takes me up and down these hills. I fall over a big rock with fear. My heart feels better now that I over came that battle. Back to reality, walking further and further. Looking behind me, everything is down hill. Didn’t realized I was on top of a high mountain now. I can see from this high mountain that I walked pretty far. I sat on this high mountain very proudly. White Dandelions grew all around me on the mountain top. The sun is fully out, Standing still in its own. A breeze blows across the quiet desert. The wild rabbits runs all around the desert very freely. The birds in the sky, fly with faith. I looked away, staring into a peaceful mind. Feeling good, I can see clearly. I just stare, taking it all in. I stare far into the distance, behind the mountains. There’s always more to learn, more to see. Wisdom leads paths, Knowledge makes wise people. I take it all in, looking up at the sky smiling. So bless…..’

‘Rising Above In A Time Of Dark Ages’


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                      ‘Rising Above The Times Of Dark Ages’

 ‘A town…. so far away in the eyes of dust. The dust blinded the eyes of their future. A little shy kid with a big heart of gold, unseen in the dust, feeling like he don’t belong. A teenager looks at herself in the mirror but can’t see her beauty within. The magazine on the counter top, made her insecurities go up on the scale. A poor family do what they can to survive, looking for that next meal of freedom. A guy in the hospital with cancer, fighting to stay alive. A married couple divorce, after many years of being together. A little girl bullied at school for being different. Friendships broken everywhere. Killings hunted the souls that rested. Robbers took life from every hand that held tight. Wars breakout unnoticed for their hurt. The dark smoke surrounds the air over this town. The pain of cries gets louder and louder. Everything pauses from the pain that numb them. The guy in the hospital that had cancer rises with angel wings, bringing A bright light that shines over the town, so pure and clear. The little shy kid build confidence, coming into his own, fitting in. The teenager looks in the mirror, realizing that beauty comes in all kinds and that beauty starts from within. loving herself, knowing that she is special. The poor family got bless with a home and food. The married couple renews their marriage. The little girl is no longer bullied. She has a voice, helping others, giving back to stop the bullying. Friendships are renew. Everyone made up, coming together in one, making the world a better place. Gods strengthen them, God love filled them. The music in their ears coming from a church far away over the hill. Everyone singing ‘Our God Is an awesome God. There’s always hope in each storm, through each storm we all will rise …. we will rise above and beyond…God is a loving caring God….We will rise..’


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