‘Rising Above In A Time Of Dark Ages’


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                      ‘Rising Above The Times Of Dark Ages’

 ‘A town…. so far away in the eyes of dust. The dust blinded the eyes of their future. A little shy kid with a big heart of gold, unseen in the dust, feeling like he don’t belong. A teenager looks at herself in the mirror but can’t see her beauty within. The magazine on the counter top, made her insecurities go up on the scale. A poor family do what they can to survive, looking for that next meal of freedom. A guy in the hospital with cancer, fighting to stay alive. A married couple divorce, after many years of being together. A little girl bullied at school for being different. Friendships broken everywhere. Killings hunted the souls that rested. Robbers took life from every hand that held tight. Wars breakout unnoticed for their hurt. The dark smoke surrounds the air over this town. The pain of cries gets louder and louder. Everything pauses from the pain that numb them. The guy in the hospital that had cancer rises with angel wings, bringing A bright light that shines over the town, so pure and clear. The little shy kid build confidence, coming into his own, fitting in. The teenager looks in the mirror, realizing that beauty comes in all kinds and that beauty starts from within. loving herself, knowing that she is special. The poor family got bless with a home and food. The married couple renews their marriage. The little girl is no longer bullied. She has a voice, helping others, giving back to stop the bullying. Friendships are renew. Everyone made up, coming together in one, making the world a better place. Gods strengthen them, God love filled them. The music in their ears coming from a church far away over the hill. Everyone singing ‘Our God Is an awesome God. There’s always hope in each storm, through each storm we all will rise …. we will rise above and beyond…God is a loving caring God….We will rise..’

‘After Dawn’


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‘After Dawn’
‘Nothing but pitch dark that surround me. Trapped within a horror of a dark space. My phobia takes over me.’ Becoming fragile as the past hunts me from the bitterness that filled my heart. I can’t move from the weakness that beat me in this war. The bad spirit stares at me in the eyes, wanting to eat me alive. I begin to feel alone in this scary place. Start to get fed lies that there isn’t love for me. Everything around me starts to look bad. Feeling invisible, don’t know where I belong. I couldn’t see the love from the pain and hurt that blinded me since birth. Coming up from this deep black pain, climbing my way back up, looking far into the distance. Over the mountains early that morning, sunrise awakens. The orange bright sky smiles at me. The bright light comforts me. I felt encourage, a peace, a joy that came over me. Waking up after dawn, the sky is bright, I can see clearly now, My eyes are wide open. Yesterday is in the past. Today is a new day. The sunrise is fully up, watching over all. God made each day inspirational. Things always gets better in time. We all get stronger from God strength.’

‘We Are The Children Of Love’


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‘We Are The Children Of Love’

‘Standing….. in the early morning brisk of a beautiful breeze. Looking up at the water waves within the sky. The beautiful babies being created in the heavens, as one is born each day, every minute is joy. Mother Nature sings with love. The light of the world is welcoming with open arms. The tall mountains blinded the view of the future far a head. No matter how big and steep the hills are far in the distance. No matter how many times they fall. No matter how hard it hurts. God gives strength to accomplished something, to get back up again. The grass is greener on the other side, Hope opened their eyes. Peace surrounded their souls, feeling save. The desert awakens in happiness. The sunrise arrives with the message of encouragement. Flowers bloomed with the surrounding of knowledge. Inspiration passes all around a new generation. Sacrifices opened doors of blessings from God. Following on the right path to a Journey of victory. Each and everyone is special. Bringing Heaven every where, influences all in a positive way. God is love. God is everywhere. We are God children.’

‘A lost Light In A World Of A Battle Field’- Short Story


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-Art Photography-By JonteTheArtist-

‘A lost Light In A World Of A Battle Field’

‘Within a small village of A world of it’s own, is all it knows from what was only seen and taught many generations ago. An older Indian woman, sitting on her porch of her small home, looking with open eyes into a small bubble of her people. The clothes hung from the clothing line outside the homes, looks so colorful, so alone into a wonder of survival. Many people walking around with pain in their hearts. The energy drain out of them, as their weakness takes over. The breeze blows in the air, as the sand from the ground moves into the air, making everything so blurry. Small kids running alone all around the streets. So many homeless standing out on the corners, searching for that love, that want. They’re starving as their hearts starves. War is all around, as bombs comes in all directions of the village. Soldiers coming in groups, kidnapping kids. The kids are tied up in chains, as their body is hung, being torture. The Indian woman has a strong heart. Tears comes down her face into sorrows, from all the pain she witness many years earlier and experience, Is what she see in front of her eyes now. So many houses and buildings destroyed from all the wars. She thinks, as her mind takes her away into a peace. She always wanted to make a difference. Her heart filled with compassion. She see’s the beautiful blue clouds and beautiful blue waters, as her mind goes deeper. She closes her eyes, going into a deeper peace. A picture appears in her mind, The beautiful white daisies bloomed all around. She see’s a bright light shining at the end of a really dark tunnel. The houses are all rebuilt and all the wars disappeared. All the homeless has food and shelter. The streets are so pure and clean. Everyone smiles in a free spirit. All of a sudden she see’s an infant baby crying very loud, laying on the ground. As she gets close, the baby eyes are bleeding. Her heart jumps, as she hears a really loud gun shot. She wakes up from a deep peace coming back to reality, looking scared and shock. Everyone in the village is running all around, screaming from hearing the gun shots. This big riot in front of her frightens her. Soldiers shooting at everyone. A small kid is on the ground from a gun shot. She see’s the kid from a certain distance. The kid cries really loud. She see everyone crying and some people are on the ground hurt. Soldiers are still shooting. Her bravery took over her being, as she get up with full strength, running off the porch into the middle of the crazy riot of this small village town. She looks up, getting on her knees, yelling out really loud, saying, “NOOOOOOOOOO………………….” She grabs the little kid that’s hurt on the ground and held him in her arms, holding him tightly, crying. She closes her eyes, seeing the baby infant with bloody eyes again and knew that was the kid when he was young and knew he was born with pain. She held the little boy more tightly, blood is all over her. She starts praying and singing really loud to god, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple. For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock. And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the LORD. (Psalm 27:1-6) There was a peace. All the gun shots went away, All the cries went away. There was a silence. She opened her eyes very slowly to see the little boy in her arms was totally heal, with a big bright smile. She notice the little boy wasn’t bleeding, he was totally heal. She looked up to the sky, thanking god with happy tears. It started snowing from the sky, as the sun brighten. She looked around seeing everyone in the village heal, Looking around, enjoying the snow. All the houses was rebuilt brand new. The white daisies are fully bloom all around the village. Everything looked so cleaned up and pure. All the soldiers gone, all the negativity gone. The homeless has a home and food. A guy came over to the Indian older woman, putting both hands out to help her off the ground, along with the little boy. He looked at her with a smile and said ” God has work through you to make a difference in our village, our town, thank you.” She look back at him with a smile and said ” Years and years ago I had a dream and it finally came true, making a difference.” Everyone in the village, all the families gather around her, they all held hands, coming together in happiness and unity. Thanking God above. A celebration happens. All the Indians got together, cooking good food and dancing to great music on the streets of the village. She closes her eyes into a peaceful moment in this happiness, she see a baby infant, his eyes are pure clear. She opens her eyes, seeing the kid having fun in the celebration with family. The little boy waves at her, she smiles. A lost light is now a found light in a world that’s now beautiful.’

‘The Beginning Of A Rocky Journey Into Open Eyes’


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‘The Beginning Of A Rocky Journey Into Open Eyes’

‘Looking around by myself, searching for that missing piece. The world feel so empty, so quiet. Alone in this space, in a forest that early morning. The trees sky dive above my head, partly disappeared in the fog. Can’t see that far within the distance. The sky, so cloudy. The sun sleeps in a presence, no where to be found. The birds chirping as they fly around the sky. The ground is so steep. Looking around as I see the beauty all around me but not accepting. Heading on this journey as I walk slowly, further I get through the fog, things appeared out of no where. I see a tall white unicorn, as I get closer. I see two little girls in white flowing dresses. The two little girls have a basket of white daisies, covering the ground with the daisies, as they run across the forest, giggle ling, as they disappeared into the fog, further into the forest. I stopped in my steps, bending down to pickup one of the daisies. I looked closely at the daisy glowing. I looked up, I see far across the forest, an angel through the fog. The angel was very tall and bold. The angel wings are spread out on each side. The light covers the angel face partly. I can see the angel long hair blowing in the breeze. The angel energy was calling me to follow. I ran through the fog, as I seen the angel going further away, disappearing into the fog. I see a trail of daisies on the ground going South of the forest. The two little girls appeared again, as they ran through the forest, throwing daisies on the ground, making a path. I followed and followed that path, running and running. I fall over a rock. It’s pitch black, My eyes are close. Opening my eyes slowly, seeing the light glowing in the sky. I stand up, looking around, noticing the fog is gone. Everything is so clear around me. Lots of daisies are on the ground, covering the ground fully. I see the beautiful rainbow in the sky. Big beautiful mountains in front of me. The beautiful white unicorn is standing in front of the mountains. I Take it all in, with emotion. I slowly turn around to see the tall beautiful angel looking into my eyes. His wings around my body, hugging me. The two little girls looked up at me and smile. Spreading their wings, They begin to fly around the mountains. The angel touches my back, holding my hand. I looked down, noticing I’m off the ground, high in the air. I have wings, me and the angel fly all around the sky. This path is beautiful and joyful. The dream came true, as I followed into a new chapter. God blessings for my life has blossomed. My eyes are opened.’

‘I’m More Than One Word’


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Photography-By JonteTheArtist

                                         ‘I’m More Than One Word’

‘I’m sensitive sometimes but that don’t define my being. I’m sad, I get emotional within this pure rain.  I’m happy, I’m full of joy. I get mad, irritated, I get cranky. I’m very goofy with a sense of humor, I laugh loud. I have been selfish before. I have my bad days but I also have good days. I smile, I laugh, but I cry, I shut down. The flowers outside blooms with grace as the sun shines down. My heart is touch from Gods presence, I get up with strength, as I know I’m human. My mistakes I see clearly, as my eyes open to a new beginning through each age, through each journey, I get stronger and better as a human. Doing the best I can, Learning from all my mistakes. Turning more positive, from knowledge and wisdom. I’m always going to make mistakes but the more I learn from them, the better I become as a human, positivity comes flying in. The judgement from others is negativity, very worldly. The thunder-storm strike very hard, as I got knocked down hard, Feeling weak. I get angry, I have yelled. My weakness doesn’t define me but I’m also strong and confident, I always get back up again through gods strength. I didn’t love myself before but I Love myself now. I’m special, I’m wonderful. I stood by this tall beautiful tree when I was a child, the tree is god creation, I then knew there was god watching over me. Looking at the beautiful sky, there’s a peaceful moment that came over me, I see that beautiful yellow light. I know its ok. No matter what, God has mercy on me, God loves me as his child, no matter how many mistakes I made in my life. I’m god child. God is Love, God is righteousness, God is peace, God is joy, God is victory, God is knowledge, God is wisdom, God is forgiven. I was made in Gods image, I’m more than one word.’

‘Lessons Of A Broken Heart’

‘Lessons Of A Broken Heart’SUNP0053

Art Piece- By JonteTheArtist-’Dream Couple’

‘I was broken but now I’m up again through God strength. Looking within myself as a human being, becoming wiser, learning from wisdom. Things happens for a reason. Trying to get it right from all the pain that happened to me over and over again. I look at myself, wondering what I can do better. When you broke my heart, I know I don’t want to break hearts. This makes me better and better as a human, from the pain I feel, I don’t want anyone to feel the rocks falling hard, crushing hearts very hard. Can you look your self in the mirror? Can you comprehend the pain you cause? I turn around, you disappeared into the wilderness without a word and sound. Moving on in this life as the wind takes me forward past this pain that was, this is now, it’s a brand new day. The pain went away like it never existed. The light shining through the cloudy dark sky, open my eyes to a bright future, that’s about to come. I still have hope. My broken heart isn’t going to hold me prison in my own heart. I drown in my tears and sorrows but then God lift me up and comfort me. Learning to pray for those who hurt me.  I don’t judge them and label them. They don’t know any better. Going through life with a blinded eye, soon that eye will open and they will see and regret. My heart opens as I forgave. I’m seeing a beautiful life no matter how rocky it gets sometimes. I always get stronger as I fall and fall but I’ll get back up again. Gods love is pure and special. Now peace comes as I moved on up the rocky hill. I look down seeing all of the world. The beautiful white bird flying high in the sky so freely around the mountains and the green leave tall trees. Looking at peace in its own, I smile as I’m inspired, it gives me hope. Gods peace came again, as I lived in this moment, forgetting about yesterday, My heart is free again.’

JonteTheArtist -’On Youtube’


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Jonte The Artist

I’m on YouTube. I have some of my arts on a video slide show. I’m working on getting all my arts on my Youtube channel. Please subscribe and support it. Check it out, Let me know what you think. Leave your comments on my Youtube. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/user/joe12348308

Thanks everyone for following my blog and reading my writings also. I appreciate it so much. More to come, New writings and arts in the works.

‘Peace Always Comes Around Again’


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‘Peace Always Comes Around Again’

By JonteTheArtist

Life has a mixture of different events within this circle globe.  A risk within this thunder-storm and tornado comes in a huge power with a force.  Finding that comfortable place that’s considered save in your mind. Every where is a risk, no place to run, no place to hide in this flesh.

God gives each and every one strength to face the difficulties. No matter how many times the pain comes around. No matter how many times stress comes around. No matter how many times tragic comes around. No matter how many times hurt comes around. No matter how many times your heart gets broken. All the bad things that ever happen to each of us, teaches us and makes us better stronger people. God is our comfort. God is our protector. God brings peace again no matter what. Peace is here always. Joy leads to peace, peace leads to joy.

This world wasn’t met to be perfect but it can be a better world.  We drown in our tears from all the pain that occur from our younger years until now as we all grow into adults. This river of tears is from the pain in our hearts that we felt, that others cause.

In this life it’s always going to be pain and problems but within God, God protects and that pain isn’t so bad, cause you’re in Gods presence. Deal with life the way God wants. Lives the way God wants. Be all that God wants. Live for God. The storm pass, now peace has arrived. Many blessings to come.  Theres an after life. The after life is Gods heavens, eternity, victory we all have in that place that’s peace with god and love, happiness forever. Peace is back again. Peace is here. Rejoice in God.

‘What It Was Within This Dream Wasn’t Really What Is Was In True Reality’


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‘What It Was Within This Dream Wasn’t Really What Is Was In True Reality’  

By JonteTheArtist

There was a bright light shining far away from a distance like a beautiful dream. Everything else disappeared, leading me into a new unusual world. There was joy, laughter, happiness, fun. Coming into a world wind, I became open to what I thought you really was, an angel. We flew into a new beginning together. Bringing me into your world, that I thought was magical. So amazed of all your talents and gifts that god bless you with. You became higher than me as you couldn’t see my specialness as I seen yours. It was all about you. Time flew by like the beautiful birds in the early mornings. I had to learn the hard way of who you really was, cause I didn’t take the time to study the real you. You took my hand into a risk, as I wasn’t sure if my heart was aware of what was to come. You only wanted your satisfaction. We both flew into the clouds of fun and freedom. I still didn’t know who you was but for what I seen, I became attached to your charm and you became attached. Not knowing whats real with you as you held so much in from me. I finally started to see the beast in you from within. You couldn’t face my deep hearted compassion of me fighting through this jail that you put me in. You wanted the control, as it was all about you. I seen more and more of the ugliness as time move pass us more and more. Your words slash my soul really hard and deep. Looking around, not knowing how I got here. We both standing on this high mountain top. Sharing great moments together, looking at the water from a high, looking down at this beautiful water fall. The water was so blue and clear. The water rushes down the water fall with a sureness of what it wanted but you live in a confuse state in your heart and mind, as you never ever knew what you wanted and whats been standing in front of you all this time in front of your face.  Your eyes are blind. As I looked into the water fall at the beauty, you stood behind me on a high mountain. You pushed me off the high mountain, my body fell down, down all the way down, such a long dropped, as my body floated, hitting the water fall really hard.  My body fell down into the deep water, touching the ground inside the water. Looking up through the clear water from under, I see the beautiful color fishes swimming by me. I see through the water, the high mountain that I fell from. I can see you still standing there on the high mountain, looking down at me without no care and sympathy in your heart. You laughed and then turn to walk away. The tear runs down my face as my body is still laying under water. One tear came down and the tear made the whole water fall sparkle. All the angel fishes came by me to comfort me. I woke up, as my head came up fast, my eyes opened. I noticed it was all a bad dream but I ask myself, how did I get here on this beautiful beach. I noticed I was laying on a sandy beach. All I had on was shorts. My bare chest and feet, felt the comfortable sand. I looked around and there was no one in sight. The big waves of the water made a clear relaxing sound, as it pass through the water. The water was very blue. I looked up at the sky, seeing a bright light shining down, from the sunset. Then I looked down next to me in the sand, there’s white daisies growing out the sand, looking up at me. My heart smiles and feels the peace. I knew that God was there, watching over me, comforting me. I’m still alive, as I got through the journey of pain from what you cause. You disappeared as you couldn’t face the pain you cause. I’m not sure who you are anymore. You abandon me, love doesn’t live here anymore. It was all a bad dream. You don’t really exist but in the dream you did. It’s over as I go forward into a new beginning. I don’t look back, as I walk into the future. Walking into the light with god.


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