‘Heaven Help Me’


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‘Heaven Help Me’

‘His eyes seen all, as his intelligence became wiser. Looking at the sunset from his porch brought him peace within and a reminder of Gods Love. “I’m a survivor,” he said to himself. A piece of his soul was missing from the years of the war he dealt with in the army. The bitterness took over him like the thunder-storms back East, that rush everyone back inside their homes. He looked at the beautiful green cactuses as he stood on his feet and walk off the porch, onto the desert ground.  He lift a hand to gently touch the cactus  but forgot how the thorns stuck out. He felt a pinch on his finger as he looked up at the sky, Rain came down gently. The thunder strike hard, as the sky became very cloudy and dark. He ran into his house, looking outside his front window at the rain pouring down. The earth in his eyes became a lost place as the unkind storm took over. The next day on that early morning, he opened the front door gently as the sunshine brighten his eyes. The birds of the sky flew with freedom. He looked with a smile. The mountains far away gave bravery of courage. The trees gave comfort and boldness. He walked outside, going further into the desert. He walked all the way to the mountains. He climbed this big mountain, as he gets to the top,  he stares at the land below. Being on top of this high mountain, he can see a different world. The flowers bloom fully that day with love and happiness. All the blessings of Gods love, gave him hope again. He looked up at the sky, noticing that the sun is gone. The sky is very cloudy.  The noises of the thunder, test his fear. The rain pour down hard. His bravery took over and his fear went away, his bitterness was gone. He let go, forgiven the past. The rain is so clear and pure. He was blinded by the storm for years in the past but now he can see clearly. The rain helped all of God crops, plants , trees, flowers, Mother Nature to grow. He see how bless it is, to have Gods love pour all over. He looked at the sky and smiled as the water came down on his face. His soul is cleansed from all the agony. He sat on the high mountain, looking at the whole earth. He realizes that the earth is bless, Gods love is every where, giving inspiration. He stood up on his feet, looking up at the sky as both of his arms are spread out to his side. Heaven smiled down on him, peace and joy came over him. He see’s that it’s all a blessing. Heaven will always be there, watching over all of us.’

‘Spilled Milk’


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‘Spilled Milk’

‘The Ice Rocky Mountains came to light. The sounds of the birds sung in tune, as they flew all around the mountains. Anna felt the brisk wind breeze coming through the open front door, as she pour herself a cup of coffee. She then pour herself a glass of milk but her distraction of the white wild rabbits outside through the kitchen window, made her over filled her glass. The glass of milk fell over, covering the whole table. She then dropped the carton of milk on the floor as she day dreamed at the spilled milk on the table, memories came to her from long ago. She remembers that snowy Christmas when she was young. The Snow Flakes fell from the sky like Gods love pouring down on all, covering the whole ground with white snow. Everyone came together in joy as one, playing in the snow, making snow mans. The white powder donuts that her uncle brought her when she was a kid, always left white powder prints on each side of her face as she bite into the donut. Reminded her of the beautiful small foot prints in the sky, as angels flew around in spirit above. Remembering grandma brushing her long white hair with a white beaded flower brush, in front of the mirror. Her grandma beauty shined from within. Grandma never worried about getting older, no matter how gray and white grandma hair became. She gave Anna Godly wisdom and knowledge of words. Anna seen pure beauty in her grandma, an inspiration. Anna wedding day was decorated in all white and everyone that came to the wedding, wore all white. Looking into her husband eyes, she knew that it will be forever. She kissed him as everything disappeared, all she seen was clouds that surrounded them. The day she lost her husband, she looked at the beautiful white clouds above as her tears ran down her face, She knew his spirit was at peace above. Till this day, she feels his spirit all around. Coming back to reality, Anna is still day dreaming at the spilled milk on the table as she smiles. She walks outside and looked up at the clouds. The snow came down like a milky way with love, reminded her of all the great memories. Her grandma and Husband looking down in spirit from above as Anna says, “Will you join me on this “Spilled Milk?”


‘Missing You, Missing Me’


‘Missing You, Missing Me’

‘Missing you, My Heart and Soul has love for you still.

Missing Me, Do you really miss me? You said you do but I wonder…hummmm…

Thinking to myself, the feeling I feel, your actions doesn’t prove that you do.

Missing you, your smile that light up the room. Your Humor made me giggle with joy.

Missing me, you’re missing a good thing. The day you said that it was over, the clouds moved upon us both, as you let go of my hand, we both got lost in two totally different directions that separated us both.

Missing you, I try letting you go but you are always on my mind cause I reminisce of all the great times we spent together.

Missing me, I know that you never met to hurt me but I wish that you will open your heart to me, let me know what is wrong.

Missing you, I try to be there and support you but you wouldn’t let me in. The front door is lock, I’m alone out here.

Missing me, If you really miss me, lets work this out together. Don’t give up, I’m all yours.

Missing you, The chemistry is so hard to replace. We had something special.

Missing me, What feelings do you have for me, have they left your heart and soul Like the birds in the sky, flying away from the mountains, doing sunset? I hope your feelings are still strong for me like before.

Missing you, Yes… I really truly do miss you from the bottom of my heart.

Missing me, I hope you do.

Missing you, Missing me, Only God can tell what our future holds together.

If there is hope that maybe things will go back to how they use to be, That we will come back together like before.

Missing you, Missing me.

I love you babe no matter what ever happens.

I miss you.

Do you miss me?’

‘Egyptian Queen’

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‘Egyptian Queen’

‘Her eyes stared into the wilderness from a far, on top of a mountain. The land was flat desert at the bottom. The sun shined within a quiet peace of mind and soul. Her people who died centuries ago left behind their love. The spirit flows all around the air, feeling free, feeling save in their land. The deep hills in the mountains reminded her of all the deep scars she suffered generations ago. Her survival puts a smile on her face. The light within her, was her protection, spirituality.  Her throne of pride didn’t mean anything to her. Her care and love helped so many. Saving so many in a war, her heart breaks for those that never made it. She walks into the desert, getting on her knees, crawling on the ground. She layd on the ground and begin to cry, as flash backs came to her from centuries ago of the many foot prints that walk this desert. History inspires so many, as she knew everything is ok. The world turns and turns. Inspiration gives back to so many. She looked up at the sky, The clouds stared at her. She took every moment in, appreciating Gods creations. The sun started to go down behind the mountains. The sunset gave meaning of relaxation. She didn’t want to leave as she day dreamed. She laid on her back in the middle of the desert, looking up at the nightly sky. The mountains disappeared into the night. The stars in the nightly sky, gave light.  She looked at the many stars that surrounded her, feeling joyful. Her ancestors spirits was with her that night, her guardian angels. The love that surrounded her, she knew she will never ever forget. The stars brighten more and more. She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling so appreciated for this long amazing life she lived. She is ready to go to this next life as she prayed. Her guardian angels held her hand as her spirit went up far above, into heaven. Many years later, everyone came to that same mountain and desert, finding history.  The history of her culture inspired them to change the world, giving knowledge and wisdom to so many. Her and her ancestors spirit, smiled upon the people, giving joy to them. Spreading the love to the world.’

‘Happy Labor Day’


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‘Happy Labor Day’-Short Story

‘The sun blossomed over Red Rock Canyon. The mountains stood tall over the canyon. The light fed the plants, as they grew with grace and gratitude. The Indian Village houses is made of mud and clay with roofs of brush and river cane. The Cherokee Indian labor workers and other Cherokee Indians lived in this Village In Red Rock Canyon. Adedabum(The name means ‘Sight Of Day) stared out the window looking at all the many male landscapers labor workers, working outside on the spread out field of crops. Adedabum stood 5’7 with great posture and proud. She had long dark hair. Adedabum loved day dreaming at the mountains. The light gave hope, the mountains gave meaning. Adedabum son Bidziil (Name means’ He is Strong) stood 5’5, he had short dark hair. He enjoyed helping the labor workers outside. “Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” Bidziil said. “Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” My love, Adedabum said as she looked out the window still in a deep thinking. “Mom, what are you staring at out there?” Adedabum prepares breakfast, setting the table. “Just doing a lot of thinking,” Adaedabum said as she took the fry bread out the oven. Adaedabum kneel down tore’s her son and held his face with two hands gentling, looking into his eyes. ” I had a dream, God spoke to me in that dream.” “He said that he wants to use me to make a big difference out here in Red Rock Canyon.” “I can see that years to come, that everyone from all different backgrounds is going to come together in unity.” “God wants me to build this walking hiking trial that leads all around these mountains, this is going to be for many tourist that come to town.” “The trail is made out of wood.” “Also I want to upgrade this whole village and move all of us to Calico Canyon, where all our ancestors use to live generations ago, where they spent their whole life, A tradition that been going on and on that never been broken.” “I also want to build houses all around the world for the needy and plant beautiful plants and crops, more trees all around the world.” “I want all of us and other people from all around the world, different cultures to come as one.” Bidziil looked at Adedabum with a confused look. “Mom, that’s a great idea but women doesn’t built things, that’s a man job. Adedabum husband Degotoga (Name means ‘We stand together) walks into the kitchen. Degotoga owns part of the land here in the Village, he built the whole village. Degotoga stood 6’3, long hair and high cheek bones, big hands and feet.  ” Osda sunalei”(Good Morning),” Degotoga said. ‘I’m starving. What’s for breakfast?” Adedabum and Degotoga , Bidziil sat at the table and said grace. It was a long silence for a while. Adedabum had something she wanted to tell Degotoga but the words couldn’t come out. “So how is it going out there?” Adedabum ask. Degotoga mouth was full, as he took a drink of his orange juice.” Everything is coming together.” “I just wish that these labor workers work really fast cause the faster they work, the faster we will have fresh crops and plants and veggies, fruits, flowers all around the field. ” “This will be a great treat for all our people and us.” “Plus I’m going to redo these houses and village for our people. Adedabum was speechless. Adedabum  finally told Degotoga about the dream she had and how she want to make this dream come true now. Degotoga looked at Adedabum with rage. “I MAKE THE RULES AROUND HERE!” “WOMEN DON’T BUILT, THEY DON’T DO A MAN JOB!” “YOUR JOB IS TO BE A MOM AND WIFE!” Degotoga said. “I own part of this land to, I’m going to do what I want over your dead body,”Adedabum said. Degotoga stood up with rage, as he punched the wall. Bidziil was frighten. “NOW YOU DO AS I SAY, NO MORE OUT OF YOU!” Degotoga said as he turned to walk outside. Adedabum screamed,”ᏂᎪᎳᎬᎾ”(Stupid)!” Bidziil looked at Adedabum and said, “I told you mom.” Later on that day at night, The full moon shined over the Canyon. Very quiet in the village, everyone fell to sleep. Bidziil was sound asleep and Degotoga was asleep to.  Adedebum felt this was a great time to plan a secret meeting with ten of the Labor Workers. Adedebum knocked on some doors of some of the houses in the village, some of the labors answer the door. Adedebum made a camp fire by the mountains outside the village in the desert. Ten of the Labor workers gathered around the camp fire with Adedebum.  They all roast marsh mellows and had a cup of hot chocolate. Adedebum told them all about the dream she had and how she want to make this happen now. “Can any of you help me build this dream, any body?” The labor workers all got quiet. One of them said, “You majesty I think it’s a great dream and I like all that you want to do for the people but building is only for man, not women.” “Plus I don’t want Degotoga to cut our throats.” Adedebum looked at them with disappointment. “Well that’s why I suggested that you all do the building and I can just guard you all, I can tell you all what I want to be built.” “Please guys, no need to be afraid of Degotoga.” The labor workers looked at Adedebum with a crazy look. “Guys you all are a bad example for men everywhere, ᎤᏓᏂᎳ (Weak).” Adedebum walked away. “I’ll do this by myself no matter how many minutes, hours, years, minutes, seconds, months, this takes.” Adedebum walked onto the field in the village. She gathered a whole bunch of wood and a nail and hammer. Adedebum started that same night. Early morning came, Adedebum went inside to make breakfast and then went back out to build. She built for days and days, taking breaks in between, feeding her family and then back to work. Weeks and weeks passed. Everyone in the village looked out the window, amazed and shock by what they seen. Adedebum built this hiking walking trail that stood tall, that had steps to get on the trail. The trail went tore’s the mountains. Degotoga couldn’t believe what he was seeing, he didn’t think she was able to do this on her own, he doubted her doing the process. Adedebum kept working. Bidziil ran outside and said, “Mom… don’t hurt your self, I want to help you build this dream.”  All the labor workers offer to help to and people who lived in the village offer to help also. Adedebum explained the whole dream to everyone in the village and what she wanted to be done. Everyone helped built the rest of the trail and planted the trees and crops. Degotoga walked outside, looking at how this whole dream was coming together. Degotoga hugged Adedebum, He looked her into her eyes and said, “I’m so sorry for my behavior that other day and for doubting you.” ” You’re a warrior and you can do anything.” “I’m so proud of you, I want to help you built on this dream.” “Lets compromise, you keep half of the land and I’ll keep half.” “The trail is on this side and on this side there are lots of crops, fruit and vegetable gardens and trees, flowers can surround the trail and be on this side.” Adedebum agreed with Degotoga. They both also agreed and the whole village to, that they want to moved the village over to Calico Canyon, keeping the tradition going. Degotoga is going to build better housing in Calico and Adedebum and the labor workers are going to help. Weeks and weeks passed. The dream was fulfilled. Adedebum stood in front of the trail, looking with joy. The trail was all finish. There are tables and benches in front of the walking trail, for people to sit and have picnics. The trees grew, lots of greenery and plants by the trail. On the other side, the flowers bloom, there are fruits and a veggie garden. All the labor workers been watering all the plants, taking care of the land everyday. The village wasn’t in Red Rock Canyon anymore. Degotoga moved the housing into Calico but build other houses in Red Rock Canyon for anyone outer town that may want to move in Red Rock Canyon. The land was growing more and more. Degotago and Adedabum enjoyed Calico a lot, Bidziil had a great time to, all the other Indians and Indian labor workers enjoyed living in Calico to. Bidziil went out with Degotago and Adedabum that evening in the field to pick flowers for the party they was having in Calico. Bidziil noticed lots of tourist arriving in Red Rock far away and bike riders. The tourist went on the trail.  “Mom look, there’s a lot of people coming into Red Rock, they’re going to walk on the wooden Trail,” Bidziil said as he looked far into the distance. Degotoga smiled with joy. “Babe this dream came true, your destiny,” Degotoga said. Adedabum and Degotoga held hands with Bidziil, as they all ran up the desert into Red Rock Canyon. Adedabum told all the tourist people, “Thanks for coming.” One guy looked at Adedabum and said, “I heard so much about you, wow you’re an inspiration.” All the love pour in, as all the tourist honor Adedabum, shaking her hand. A few days later on labor Day, Adedabum noticed a few black cars driving into Calico Canyon. Adedabum looked out the window at the cars, she was getting dinner ready. Degotoga heard a knock at the door. These guys dress up in their black suits came to the door and a few sheriffs was standing there to. Degotoga could tell that they was tourist or people from another city. “Can I help you?” Degotoga said with a confusion look on his face. Bidziil peaked around the corner, looking outside, looking scared. “We are here to see Adedabum,” The sheriff said. Adedabum came to the door looking scared. “Is everything ok?” Adedabum said. “We need you to come over to Red Rock Canyon really fast and also you might want to bring the whole village to see this,” The sheriff said as he turned around with the other guys heading to their cars. Adedabum and Degotoga, Bidziil and the whole village and labor workers drove on a big bus down there to Red Rock. Adedabum was so scared, she thought she was in trouble. They all get into Red Rock that evening, as the sun brightens over Red Rock Canyon. Everyone is looking outside the bus windows, wondering what is going on. Degotoga parked the bus in front. Everyone got off the bus slowly, trying to figure out what is going on. The sheriffs and the few guys got out their cars. They all noticed a whole bunch of tourist visitors sitting in chairs in front of the hiking trail and there was a news lady talking and a few camera guys filming her. “This is news three reporting from Red Rock, Adedabum just made history for her hard work, she is being honor today.” There was bikers out there at the event to. There was a big stage also facing everyone. The news lady came tore’s Adedabum. “Hi Adedabum, This amazing Environmental Clark County Group want to reward you with this award for being an inspiration to so many and changing the world for the better.” The news lady held Adedabum hand walking her up on stage with the environmental group. The environmental group was ten woman, they all had on their blue environmental shirts. One of the ladies in the group spoke into the microphone. “Everyone give it up for this amazing lady, Adedabum.” Everyone started clapping. “We want to honor you and your family, your labor workers, the whole village for your hard work into building this beautiful Hiking area for us all to enjoy and growing great mother nature and building houses for those in need all over the world.” Adedabum held this beautiful Indian Gold Trophy in her hand. Adedabum looked over to the side, as she seen her labor workers and family and neighbors standing on the side of the stage. She invited them all up on the stage. They all came up and stood in a group. Degotoga and Bidziil standing next to her on each side. Adedabum spoke into the microphone. “Thanks everyone for coming, all the people from all different parts of the world.” “I also want to say, thank you to the whole Clark County and this amazing Environmental group for this great honor of recognizing my work, My calling, My destiny.” “I had a dream, as you all know.” “God spoke to me in that dream.” “God knew that by building this Hiking trail that it’s going to bring people here to see his beauty of nature.” “This will make so many happy, coming to a place that’s very far out, to be by the mountains, to see the sunrise and the sunset.” “I’m so glad to see how much this canyon has changed, people now have houses up here.” “Hiking is fun and is a great exercise.” “I heard that people had weddings up here and Memorial services and barbecues.” “I’m so honor to be part of this growing area and this will always live on and on for more generations to come.” “I also want to thank my husband and son for believing in this dream.” “I also honor my husband for his great building skills in this canyon, very amazing talent.” “Also thank you to all my Labor workers who has been there, since day one and to all my neighbors in the village for their help and love.” “I mostly want to give a big Thanks to God, he believed in me and I believed in myself and the dream.” “Thank you God for loving me and working through me to inspire so many and changing the world for the better.” “It doesn’t stop here everyone.” “I’m actually working on more hiking trails and I’m also building more houses for those in need.” “I want to keep building all around the world for everyone.” “Woman can do anything just like a man can.” “We are more than what we think a woman shall be.” “I love seeing all types of different cultures coming together, just like I see in front of me now, on this great Labor Day.” “Thank you so much everyone for the love and honor, I love you all with all my heart.” “God bless and Happy Labor Day.” Everyone started clapping and cheering Adedabum on. “ADEDABUM…!” ADEDABUM..!” ADEDEBUM!” Degotoga looked at Adedebum with joy and said, “I love you and I’m so proud of you.” Adedabum looked at him and said, “I love you to.” Bidziil hugged Adedabum tight and said, “Mom I love you, you are an inspiration to so many.” Adedabum teared up with joy. The labor workers hugged Adedabum and all the neighbors as they all stood on stage. All the tourist and bike riders that was in the audience, hug her also and greeted her. Adedabum noticed the crowd was going into the hiking trail, everyone followed, Degotoga and Bidziil, grabbed Adedabum hand as she held on to her trophy in one hand. Everyone on stage, all the labor workers and neighbors followed along, as they all went on to the hiking trail, As they all walked together. Adedabum couldn’t believe that she built this. Degotoga stopped and looked into Adedabum eyes and said, “How does it feel? You did it babe, look around, take this all in.” “This dream came true, your destiny.” Adedabum looked around, she starts to tear up. “Wow… I can’t.. I can’t believe it…” Adedabum looked at all her people in the crowd with all the different faces of cultures from all different parts of the world standing together in this dream, on this trail. Everyone had a glass of Apple Cider in their hands. Adedabum kisses Degotoga and hugs Bidziil, as they also had a glass of Apple Cider in one hand. Adedabum looks back at the crowd of all the different faces as she sat her trophy down, holding her glass of Apple Cider and said. “I love you guys, thank you so much.” “As we say on this day in our village, ᎠᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ ᏗᎦᎸᏫᏍᏓᏁᏗ ᎢᎦ , Happy Labor Day.” Everyone held their glasses up and said, “Happy Labor Day !!!!”

‘Falling In Love At Sunrise’


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‘Falling In Love At Sunrise’

‘Waking up this morning with joy in my heart. Thinking about you, wondering would you be there or is this the end. If you are there waiting for me in that same spot where we first laid eyes on each other, where the sun rises by the mountains in the beauty of the beach that morning, It’s forever. I couldn’t figure out if this was a dream or if this was real. Was this another life time? I so wish for the clouds to come near my head. The clouds are like your eyes, cause they stand still when looking at me with love. Walking bare footed on the nice warm moist sand, every step makes my heart warm with joy, cause I know that step brings us closer as one. The beach water is clear, so pure, so blue. I don’t see anyone in sight. The sun rises, giving me a sign that we are almost close. I have a red rose in my hand, as I’m walking and walking. I walk more and more, as my heart gets excited, I’m getting goose bumps. I see a beautiful human being with their back turn. I walk closer and closer, you turn to look at me but then my vision became blurry, All I can see is a bright light and then everything went black. “AHHHHHHHHHH… I woke up really fast. “Was this a dream?” I ask myself. Looking around, getting out the bed. I look out the window, Realizing that the sun is about to rise. This is real, that my love promised to be there right when the sun rises that morning. I ran out side really fast. I have a red rose in my hand. Running and running with all my strength, trying to make it, right when the sun rises. I kept looking at the sky by the mountains, I can see that the sun is almost awoke. I get tore’s the beach, walking on the moist sand, but I can’t see anyone in the distance a head. I started to lost hope. I started running out of breath. I called out your name very loud. All of a sudden the sun rises from behind the mountains. I still didn’t see you standing right here at this spot where we first kiss. I looked at the Rose in my hand, noticing that the Rose died and crumble in my hand. The tears came down my eyes. My heart-felt crush from the broken promise. I sat on the sand in front of the beach, looking at the waves of the water, coming near with comfort. The dead rose pedals that crumbled in my hand, flew with the wind out my hand, going freely into the distance all around. I laid in the moist sand looking at the sky above. The sun looked down on me, giving me hope. I closed my eyes, feeling so relax, falling into a deep sleep. Many minutes later, I opened my eyes slowly. I seen this beautiful person, looking into my eyes. The eyes stand still like clouds with love, looking at me. My soul mate, gave me a red rose. Laying next to me in the sand, we both kiss that said forever. This is love. “I love you,” we both said to each other, “I love you to.” We both laid down in the sand, holding each other tight, looking at the Sun in the sky. The sun rise, rises with depth and heart. Bringing light to the world. Bringing love and inspiration. We rise in the morning. Always hopes of seeing the next day, the sunrise introduces each of us. The sunrise brings people together, watching the beauty of it all. Two loves fell in love at sun rise forever and ever.’

“I Was Here”


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                                        “I Was Here

‘I was here, I seen, I felt, I lived, I been through it all. I was in the shadows, no one could see me. I was lost within these dark woods. I couldn’t see what was in front of my eyes, I miss that open door. The trees are so tall, covering my every step. I couldn’t see anything else of what’s about to come. I always wonder what is behind all these trees. What is next? I walked and walked as I can see the beauty of sunlight from a tall steep mountain that stopped me in my tracks. I sat there looking down, I can see that I’m higher than the trees that blocked me. I closed my eyes into a deep meditation, I turned around, I opened my eyes, There’s a church. I hear the beauty of the sound of Gospel music, “This little Heart Of Mine, I’m gonna Let It Shine,” The words said on and on. I noticed my clothes I had on was all white. I walked into this big church. I walked in, I could see everyone looking at me, clapping their hands, singing and worshipping God. I can see the preacher standing there, singing. I walked and walked, I was tore’s the stage. I walked up the steps. The preacher said, “Come my son, come up, welcome, you’re home, you’re home. “I got on stage, I looked, I felt the joy of all the people but something felt like it was missing. The preacher put his hand on my shoulder. I turned to look up at his face, He said, “Your soul is mine now, welcome to my place of worship, you are one of us now.” The preacher eyes turned red as fire lighted up his eyes, He grabbed my hand really tight. My heart got really frightened, feeling trapped, fear, scared. I pulled away, as I ran out the church really fast, busting out the double doors at the same time. The wind blew very hard as my body flew high into the clouds, I couldn’t see anything through the wind dust and water. I closed my eyes, my body floated and floated, as I realized I was in a deep lake, under water. I noticed the water was very clear and blue with beauty, so pure and peaceful. I had on just a cut off sheet wrapped around my body, My legs showed and my side arm. I swim up top of water, I got on to this big brown rock and sat on it. I didn’t know where I was, but I knew how save I felt and how beautiful everything is around me. I see the sun, how bright it is. The big rock I’m sitting on is shining. Everything around me is all water. I see the mountains all around far in the distance. This angel flew on to the rock and grabbed my hand. I noticed this was a little boy, that had dark hair and blue eyes. He smiled at me. He told me that he is here to take me on a journey. I felt something coming out my back, I noticed I now had angel wings. The angel took my hand as we both flew into the sky through the clouds. I can see from a high, the beauty of gods creations as we both flew all around the united states and the united kingdom. We flew into India. I noticed the poor neighbor hoods. I seen this little boy sitting in the corner. Me and the angel kneel down in front of the little boy, as we both had our hand on his head and started praying on him. The light pour on this little boy. This little boy made a difference in India from the wisdom of God. Giving the neighbor hoods food and shelter, building many houses, making all the areas, this whole country a better place. This little boy be came a missionary as he got older, making a bigger difference by inspiring others in other countries to make their country save for others to live. Me and the angel smiled on this little boy, we was full of joy to see this all happen in front of our eyes. We flew into the United states, We seen a guy about to shoot a school down. We shined the light on to the school with Gods spiritual weapons. The gun person flee away as his body turned to dust. The school was safe and sound. The Homeless people all around the world sat on the street corner looking for their next meal. Me and the angel gave them food and shelter. People around the world needed jobs, they all got bless with jobs. The smiles on their faces lighted up the world, inspiring others to give back in such a great movement, passing the love around. Me and the angel flew into the clouds. The angel looked at me and said “Good bye, the journey is over, now it’s time for you to go higher into your destiny, I’ll be with you always.” I opened my eyes, I looked around, I can see this beautiful big building in front of me. I noticed I was dress in a white suit. “I heard this familiar sound, “This little Heart Of Mine, I’m Gonna let It Shine,” This beautiful Gospel tune came from the many voices in this building. I walked in seeing different race of people from different backgrounds, Hispanics, indian, African, White, Mix, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Asian, Every color, Every type of person came together as one unity, worshiping, praising God our father. I felt the love and welcome. I walked and walked, as I got on the stage, I looked at the preacher. He looked at me and he said, “Welcome, “You are God child and we all are God child, We all are loved, that love inspire us all to spread that love to others.” I looked at his eyes, I can see the pure blue, The godly love, compassionate heart from a pure soul. I felt God presence all around the church, I knew I belong. I looked up and said to God, “Thank you.” I was here, I seen it all and still I’m learning more and more. No matter what fire struck me in the past or how many trees blocked my path, It’s never to late for that destiny. I’m always learning more and more everyday and inspiring others, I also get inspired by others everyday to. Changing the world through God in a movement. Passing the love to others as we all inspired each other, the same way God and Jesus inspired us all. I was here and I’m still here standing strong.’

‘Blind Date’


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‘Blind Date’
Short Story- By Jon’te Aycox

The streets of Manhattan is crowded with cabs and cars on this warm breezy Friday evening. The streets are backed up in traffic, as cars and cabs sits there waiting for traffic to move. Horns goes off, “BEEP….’BEEP….”BEEP…” Impatient drivers yelling out the windows, “COME ON…”GO…”IDIOT”……”FOOL…”FREAK..” The side walks are full of people walking. The Asian restaurant, Momofuku Ssäm Bar on 207 Second Ave, at 13th St, is very crowded. Laura came through the entrance of the restaurant, amazed by the nice setting of this fine dining restaurant. The big fancy bar crowded with couples, ordering drinks and Asian dishes. The dining area has tables against a nice texture green and brown color cream wall. This handsome blue eye, blond hair waiter approached Laura. “Hi, Would you like to order at the bar or in the dining area?” Laura looked at the waiter. “Um.. In the dining area, a table for two.” “I’m here waiting for someone,” Laura said. “Follow me, There’s a table over there in the dining area,” the waiter said. Laura followed the waiter into the dining area. The waiter put down two menus on the table, as Laura sat down. “Can I start you off with any wine, any appetizers?” The waiter ask. “No thanks, I’ll wait until my date come, he shall be here soon, thanks,” Laura said as she smile. The waiter smile back. “Alright I’ll come back when he comes, to take both of your orders,” The waiter said. Laura was in hopes that her date looked as handsome as the waiter did. “What a stud,” Laura thought to herself. Laura friend, Lisa put together this whole blind date. Laura has no idea what guy Lisa hooked her up with. Lisa talked Laura into dating. Laura been single for five years now. Her last relationship was very heart-broken. Laura remembers the pain and heartache she felt from her boyfriend cheating many times. Lisa went on and on about this guy that she want Laura to date. Lisa picked out the restaurant where she wanted Laura and her date to eat. Lisa described this guy to Laura and told the guy about Laura. It was all setup. Laura looks at her watch, noticing her date is late. All of a sudden her phone rings. Laura looks at the number on her cell, she noticed it’s Lisa calling. Laura picked up her cell, “Hello.” “Billy is stuck in traffic but he should be there soon,” Lisa said. “I just got done talking to him.” “He knows you are sitting in the dining area where I told you to sit.” “He knows what you are wearing and how you look.” “I told him that I picked out that dress you are wearing.” “He knows your favorite color and that you’re allergic to chocolate and strawberries.” “He also knows the word, y’all, irritates you,” Lisa said, as she kept going on and on. All Laura kept hearing was blah blah blah. Lisa kept talking. “The color of your hair, your height, your weight.” Laura yelled, “STOP….” “Lisa I get it, I’ll talk to you later.” “Oh he is so tall and dreaming, dark hair, professional, half Puerto Rican, dark features, big feet,” Lisa said. “LISA I’M HANGING UP NOW, BYE…” Laura opens up her makeup mirror, looking at herself, fixing her lipstick and hair. Laura looked up and all of a sudden she see a big tall guy walking into the entrance of the restaurant. The guy looked around the restaurant. Laura meets eyes with him, he waves one hand as he walks into the dining room area. Laura stands up as this tall man comes tore’s her, putting out his big hand, with a big smile on his face. Laura extends her hand for a hand shake but she doesn’t give eye contact and doesn’t smile. “Hi… I’m Billy.” “Hi…I’m Laura.” They both sat down. The waiter came over to the table. “Are you both ready to order?” Laura looking to the side, as her body language puts up a wall. Billy looked at the menu and then he put down the menu, looking at Laura with an irritated look. The waiter is still standing there confused. “Ok.. I’ll be back,” The waiter said as he walk away. Billy waves a hand. “Hello…Laura…is anyone home?” Laura turns her chair, facing away from Billy. “Ok tell me.” “Is it my height that scares you or you mad at me for those long draining days at work, hearing my loud music blasting loud everyday?” Laura still not looking at him, she remember seeing him at work. She thought to herself, “Why the heck did Lisa do this, I’m going to kill…her.” “Did Lisa tell you about me?” Bill said. Laura looking the other way still. “She did tell me about you but I still didn’t have no idea who the you was, she left a lot out about you.” “We don’t know each other but I have seen you around at the office, but we never spoke though,” Laura said. “Plus there’s a lot of tall guys at the office.” “Can you look at me Laura?” “You know what Mr. Billy, If that’s your real name.”(Billy interrupts Laura)”That is my real name Mrs.Laura.” “NOW…(Laura interrupts)”look Billy I think this date been over way before it started…ok…and so we shall just say good night.” Billy looked at her. “You still never told me why you hate me, I’m waiting,” Billy said. Billy continues. “There’s great food here, I been here before, The best Asia food in town.” “So can we please be adults here and just tell me everything you hate about me, even if you want to punch me in the face or if you want to tell me how much you hate guys cause of your ex cheating on you many times but that’s y’all.. y’all issue, not mine.” Laura face became very serious and very irritated. “Laura I’m so..so..sorry..I didn’t mean to say that.” “Lisa told me that…”(Laura interrupts) “LET ME GUESS..LISA TOLD YOU THAT MY EX CHEATED, RIGHT?” “BILLY YOU ARE CROSSING THE LINE NOW!!” Laura said in an angry tone. Laura grabs her purse as she stood up to leave. “Laura please, please, stay….” “Please sit down.” Laura sat back down and turns the other way. “I tell you what, Laura if it makes you feel better, Lets have some wine, and then you tell me what is bothering you.” “This poor waiter been waiting for us to order for thirty minutes now.” “He been standing in that corner in the front watching us argue.” “Ok Billy you win, Lets order.” Billy and Laura order their dinner and wine. They both zip on wine, waiting for their food. “You finally looked at me Laura, it’s about time.” “Maybe I’ll see a smile soon,” Billy said. “All man are dogs, You want me to say bad things about you, right?” “Go ahead, eat your heart out,” Billy said. “You get on my nerves with your loud music at work, when I’m trying to get my papers done.” “You wear way to much old spice.” “That shirt you have on, looks like a grandpa shirt.” “You are a dog who probably cheated on all your girlfriends.” “I don’t like when you clip your hand nails in front of everyone at the office, that is rude.” “I can’t stand when you sing loud at work.” “You just don’t have any manners.” The waiter delivered the plates of food to their table. “Wow..Just right on time, save by the bell, this looks yummy, thanks,” Billy said. “Thanks,” Laura said. “No problem,” the waiter said. “Laura I’m sorry if you hate me so so…much.” “I’m sorry to be that weird guy at work, I’ll turn down my music at work for now on.” “Also I truly think you are very piss at me cause of your boyfriend troubles from five years ago, so you think that all guys are dogs but you are afraid to be honest with you.” “You put up this wall and can’t even give someone a chance, a guy that can possibly treat you right.” “Am I’m right?” Billy said. “You don’t know me,” Laura said. “I can see it Laura, you have been hurt in your life.” Laura eats her food, as she looks down, knowing that everything he is saying is right. “Laura you said all these things about me, but you aren’t use to hearing the truth about you.” “To be honest, you are a very beautiful woman but stubborn and that dress is very hideous.” “Now wait a minute, This dress is made by a great designer, I spent a lot of money on this dress.” “How’s the food?” Billy ask. “Good”, Laura said with a smile. “See you have a beautiful smile, let go of the bitterness in your heart and smile more, your beauty isn’t just your outside but I see your beauty shining from the inside when you smile,” Billy said. Billy and Laura talked more and more doing dinner as time went by. Laura let down her wall and smiled and laughed more. They both got along more and more. They both talked about each other back grounds. “My dad use to go on vacations to Chicago for the music festival,” Billy said. “My parents been out there, it’s very nice out there,” Laura said. “What’s your favorite food?” Laura ask. “I love Tia food, Asia food, Chinese.” “And you?” Billy ask. “I like Italian and Asia food.” There was lots of laughing, as Billy and Laura started to enjoy each other company. “So what do you like to do in your spare time?” Billy ask. “I like to go to the mountains and look at the scenery, I also love going to the movies and broad way shows.” “I like going to the wine tastings and I love hiking trips and the art galleries,” Billy said. The waiter comes over. “Any dessert for you both?” “Can I get the Panna Cotta cheese cake, with two forks?” “Is that ok, you don’t mind sharing?” Billy said to Laura. “Sure sounds good.” Laura felt a romantic vibe between them two. “Coming right up,” The waiter said. “You are going to love this, it’s so good,” Billy said. Their dessert arrived. “Thanks”, they both said to the waiter. Billy picked up the fork and digs in to the dessert, feeding Laura the dessert. Laura felt so special. “No guy ever did this for me,” Laura said as she smile. She then picked up a fork, and fed Billy the dessert. At the end of the date Billy and Laura walked out together, as they thank the waiter for his service and gave him a tip. Laura walked out the restaurant as Billy held the door open for her. They both met eyes. “So I guess this is bye,” Billy said. “Thanks for dinner, I had a great time,” Laura said. “I won’t be that weird guy at the office playing my music loud, I won’t wear this old shirt ever again, and I’ll be careful with the after shave,” Billy said as they both start laughing. “I’ll let the past go and not punish you from the pain that my ex cause me.” “I’ll work on not being so stubborn and learn to enjoy life with a smile, no more bitterness in my heart,” Laura said. “You forgot one more thing, “Billy said. “What’s that?” “That you will look me in the eyes for now on,” Billy said with a smile. Laura and Billy met eyes, as they still stood outside the restaurant. Billy and Laura slowly kiss each other, as they both felt the chemistry, that connection. “So will you go on a second date with me Laura?” “Yes”, Laura said. “RING …RING….RING…” Billy cell phone rings and Laura cell rings at the same time. Laura and Billy answer their cell phone, “Hello.” “Hi two love birds, I got you both on the line, so give me the details on what happen on the date.” “Did you both kiss?” “Is there another date?” “What did you both eat?” “How was the wine?” “Was dinner good?” Lisa kept going on and on, as Billy and Laura held their phone to their ear at the same time, laughing. “Lisa that’s enough,” Laura said. “Lisa, Lisa, Lisa”, Billy said, trying to shut Lisa up. Laura and Billy kept looking at each other as they still held their cell phones to their ear, laughing, listening to Lisa. “Did you both have dessert?” “What all did you both have in common?” “How long was the conversation?” “Was it crowded in the restaurant?” Lisa kept going on and on. “I’ll walk you to your cab,” Billy whispers, still holding the cell to his ear. Laura smiles, holding the cell to her ear. Laura and Billy walk down the street holding hands and their other hand is holding their cell to their ear, still listening to Lisa. ” AH….you both are walking together.” “Is their wedding bells in the future?” Laura and Billy smile and laughed. The nightly sky stars shined down over the city. Billy and Laura has a great future ahead.


‘Tears Of An Angel’


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‘Tears Of An Angel’

‘He held his pain, his bitterness, his struggles, His tears deep in the streams of his soul. He began to speak from his soul, but as the words couldn’t hardly form on his lips, he begin to cry. His Godly words made an impact on the world for the best, making it a better place for all. Stones was thrown at him, as he couldn’t understand why so many was against him, when the other half was proud of his accomplishments. So much, he wanted everyone to like him, he wanted to help so many, but the misery of the world wanted to get him down, because of the crudeness of jealousy. Through the worldly flesh eyes, they’re blind but through the spiritual person eyes, they can see. He kept going forward, the more some started to hate him more, The harder he love. His pain was their pain, so he wanted to help those from his experience of the pain he felt all his life. He felt joy from the hard work he put into changing the world for the better. He walked into the struggles of survival but still kept his head high, kept god in his soul, kept joy and positivity. He seen the blessings through his struggles. Years went by, as he got much older, he loved and loved even harder, as he help those more and more with compassion. The day he died, he rest in peace. He woke up, looking around at this beautiful place, streets of gold, beautiful angels flying all around. Jesus is looking into his eyes with a welcome of joy. Tears of joy came from his eyes as he gave Jesus a big hug, they both held each other for a long time. The tears flows and flows away. Angels gather around him and jesus, as they all hymn a tune. The rain pours over the world, baptizing it with love. Someone on this day had a beautiful bundle of joy, the mom looked into her baby eyes with happiness, then she looked up at the heavens and said “Thank you.” A little boy some where on this day is in his room, staring at the rain through his bed room window. The little boy mom comes in the room and sits next to him on the bed, staring at the rain together, they both smile, looking up at the sky. Some one on this day is sitting on their patio, an older lady in her rocking chair, rocking away, as she look at the sky, watching the rain pour, she smiles and say to herself, “My husband is up heaven looking down with tears of joy with the angels, smiling away.” Rain came down harder and harder with love, On this joyous day, it kept flowing and flowing from the tears of an angel. ‘


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