‘Slow Dance’


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33943422_2184478078236120_3084937625597902848_n‘Slow Dance’
‘The branches moved… With an rhythm, in a slow dance…  with the warm.. Graceful.. Sultry breeze…’
‘The leaves hung on with inspiration, enjoying the ride. Peace filled the moment.  Silence… Silence… quietness into a meditation… The sun is the audience, witnessing the moment that can’t never be broken.’ 
‘The clouds from above moved with Grace… Elegance… Inspiration … spread like angel wings. Float freely… Let go… In a slow dance… Relax… Relax… Enjoy..’


‘Sweet September’

JonteTheArtist/Blog spot-By Jon'te Aycox-' WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!'


‘Summer time left on the train, that breezy Sunny early morning as September moved into a new season. Susan eyes opened up that morning, feeling joy as she looked forward to early September. Harvesting her fruits and veggies back in August, getting ready for Autumn in September.’


‘Susan sat up in her bed, Yawning….. Stretching …. out her arms. Feeling relaxed, well rested. She is ready for the day. She looked over to her right, saying “TED!”… TED!”… “baby wake up!!” “It’s Sweet September!” “Like dad use to say on every Sept.” She kept looking at the right side of the bed as her words became more quiet, she then realized that no one was there. Susan starts to look sad, as she day dreamed at the sunset, shining out her bed room window. Susan jumped out of bed, getting ready for the day. Her fun long beautiful many dresses she has hung in…

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‘The Twins Of The Eclipse’


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‘The Twins of the Eclipse,’ came together in a lost era. Looking in each other eyes, they seen the connection before birth. Their light took them on a journey as they both came together in Unity. The Earth rotated as the stars passes from day to-night. The Moon blossomed all around the globe. The clouds gave a welcome. The light moved all around the earth, going back and forth, from day to night. The twins witness this beautiful journey of their Solar System family, coming together in Unity. Mars rotated around the earth with love, Mercury rotated around the earth with gratitude, Jupiter rotated around the earth with compassion, Saturn rotated around the earth with kindness, Neptune rotated around the earth with positivity. The Milky Way rotated around the earth with humor, telling the twins “I’m the uncle Milky Way, from your parent’s side of the Eclipse.” “Milk sounds good right now, with Chocolate Chip cookies.” The Solar Eclipse Twins laughed, as they kept rotating the earth, all together with joy. The earth kept going from day to night. All of a sudden, A very bright light came upon the earth, so bright, that the light hurted the twins eyes. They covered their eyes, as they felt themselves falling far.. far… on to earth. Uranus, Pluto, and Venus guided them on this journey to their purpose. The Twins fell on a high mountain, their eyes still close. The night stood still, as the moon watched over all, with its light. The stars in the sky joined the moon in the nightly sky. They all held hands, making a circle in the nightly sky, making wishes for all the best to come. The twins fell a sleep on the highest mountain.’

‘Hours later, The Twins eyes opened slowly, wondering where are they. Looking around, noticing they’re on top of a mountain. They looked up, at the big sky above them, looking very shocked at the night and day combined. Part of the sky is day, with the sun and clouds. The other side is night, with the moon and stars. All the Planet Solar Eclipse came together in Unity. Mother Nature smiled on the twins. The twins held hands on top of the high mountain, staring together at all their planet Eclipse family. A bright light from the sky, came between the day and night, separating the day from night. That light was so… bright… that the twins closed their eyes as they both held hands tight. The twins kept moving farther and farther back from the cliff of the mountain, still closing their eyes from the bright light. They fell from the high mountain, into the water fall, at the bottom of the mountains. Right when the twins hit the deep pure water, as they fell deep into the water, they can see an angel under water with them. The angel guides them to this bright light, coming from a small circle under water. When the angel grabbed their hands, they automatically turn to human infant babies. They all swim to the light under water.’

“Maggie.. push.. Now breath.. Almost… I see the head,” The doctor said to proud parents, Maggie and Dave.  Maggie went into labor this evening. Dave rush to the hospital, by her side, holding her hand. Maggie gave birth to two beautiful twins. A healthy baby boy and girl. The twins eyes sparkle, as the doctor handed the beautiful twins over to Dave and Maggie. “Oh honey, they’re very beautiful,” Maggie said. Dave smiled, “Yes they’re very beautiful.” “Their eyes has that special light.” “I can see they’re going to change the world for the better in unity.” “That truly does bring us and the rest of the family together.” All of a sudden, a big knock at the door. “SURPRISED!!!!” loud voices shouted out. The room was filled with all of Maggie and Dave relatives, grand parents, their parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews. They all brought balloons and flowers. Each of them was filled with joy, welcoming the twins to the family. “Wait, What should we name the twins?” Dave ask. “Apollo and Luna, cause we are fans of the Planet Eclipse,” Maggie said. The room was filled with joy.

‘ The infant twins, Apollo and Luna laid next to each other in the nursery. They looked at each other and wink one eye, they then held hands. Dave stood outside the nursery, looking through the window glass at the twins, with a big smile. The babies, could see the big window outside the nursery, behind Dave, above his head. The sun from outside the window, filled the whole hospital with a bright light. An angel appeared in the sky, next to the sun. The Angel waved at the babies and blew a kiss with his hand. The babies giggle, as they both held hands, enjoying the unity and the connection from the light above, that brought them into the world.’


‘Happy Holidays WordPress Bloggers Family’


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‘Lets not forget the meaning of Christmas. Mary is blessed with a beautiful baby, name Jesus. Jesus came into this world to safe us. He is the light.’

Luke 1:34-35  “How can this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel replied, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God.

‘Art By me- JonteTheArtist- ‘Heavenly Joy’- 16 by 20 Canvas- Acrylic Paint’


‘Angel Art Pieces I created on  8 by 10 Canvases- Acrylic Paints.’

‘I gave each coworker at my job an Angel Art piece. Just wanted to spread cheer and love.’ Wanted to share these Angel Art pieces with you also. Happy Holidays, have a joyful peaceful Merry Christmas.’








‘Moving Forward’


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‘The sound of the Light-Wind, blows… through the trees in motion. The quietness in peace gives a meaning. The storm left with Thunder-Rage. Hearts… shattered… into pieces like broken glass. The sunset rose that early morning from behind the mountains, going up into hope, moving on into it’s own, giving comfort to many, giving each soul attention.  The rabbits in the desert moved on and on into the distance, going further into their safety. The plants grow, blooming further towards the sky. They never looked back, their seed is the past but a blessing. Hearts healed from inspiration, love, hope, no matter how long the process took. The different seasons may not always bring joy but the many tears from the rain, we mourn from all the pain we dealt.  In a new-born baby heart, the clouds scattered open as the new soul rose into the light, the world welcome the bundle of joy. Everyday we walk through so many different seasons on earth. At the end of the day, it’s a blessing to still be standing. Life moves forward into a new beginning. Time passes each soul by. We continue to move forward. It’s important that we forgive, let go, open our hearts. Let the light come down, feeding the whole earth with beauty, love, inspiration. No matter what the earth may suffer, The pain it may feel at times, no matter what, The sun will always look down from different parts of the earth where everyone can see. From waking up everyday, looking out the window at the sunset, that brings inspiration. Hope is in the air, helping everyone to inspire. Coming together, no matter what bad things may happen in the world. The sun always comes up in the morning, moving forward. The birds always continue to fly higher around the sky. We keep standing tall and inspiring as the days keeps going forward.  We bring heaven every where we go on earth, along with compassion and generosity. No matter how much snakes come to steal and kill, We all continue to rebuke in the name of Jesus. We all continue to move forward, standing strong, making the world a better place. The winds blows across the nations, moving forward always. We all continue to also move forward into a new happy peaceful beginning.’

Liberte’ De’ Danse’- (Freedom Of Dance)


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“Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” His soft voice gently touches her heart as he gently held her hand, guiding her through the Jazzy club, to the ballroom floor.  She looks deeply into his eyes, Seeing the snow falling from the heavens, like the angels singing on a day of celebrating. Everyday is a celebration of life. “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes sir!” You may have this dance,” She said. They both stared into each other eyes, as they’re shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, hand to hand, Both of them went into a ‘deep… ’emotional…. ‘compassionate… connection, getting lost into their freedom.’

‘A small town little boy, ran across the village in Paris. He stares at the clouds in the sky. Loving the way each cloud compliment each other side by side, Their freedom of being free in the sky over the world. From the little boy perspective, he wanted that same freedom, to dream and just dance in the middle of the village freely.  That day the little boy looked at the clouds that morning, and started to ballet dance in the middle of the street, then all of a sudden a loud voice says “WATCH OUT!!!” as a big explosion broke out in the town. The man from another town was at war. The little boy and his family, also other families all escaped. They all headed west on a boat, leaving everything else behind. All they had was, themselves and each other. Their freedom was their escaped into a new chapter. The little boy mom held him in her arms saying, “Everything is going to be ok.” His eyes looked up at the clouds above the water with hope. “Mom I want to dance when I grow up,” the little boy said. His eyes closed shut, falling to sleep in his mom arms.’

‘The best was to come. The light at the end of the tunnel gave hope, that some one else also had the same dreams and aspirations to change the world through gods calling for their life. A little girl from Europe always enjoyed looking at the very tall Eiffel Towers in Paris. “Mom.. if I climbed up these towers, would it take me to heaven in the clouds?” The little girl said. Her mom looked at her and smiled. The little girl walked with her mom on the town, checking out some shops. Before they could step into the shop, a loud cheering noise came from up the street at the dance theater. On a ballroom stage in the theater, a lady and guy danced so freely, doing ballet. The little girl ran to the theater and watched from outside, through the open doors. Her eyes opened wide. “I want to be a dancer when I get older,” She said to herself.’

‘Many years later, In high school, the little girl was now closed to being a teen. Her mom got her into dance ballet classes. The teacher looked at the girl and said “You truly caught on so well, you are a very talented dancer.” “Now it’s time for you to meet a very talented gentleman that is going to be your dance partner.” “You both will be competing in the competition together.” The young man walked in the class. He looks out the window at the clouds and then smiles. He walks over to the young lady, they both stared deeply into each other eyes. “Bonjour,’ May I have this dance Madam?” He said. She looks at him and said “Bonjour,’ Oui,’ Yes Sir!” You may have this dance.” “By the way sir, what is your name?” He looks at her and said “I’m Noah.”  “Madam what is your name?” She looks at him and said “I’m Ambella.” Noah had ‘White Daisies’ in his hand. “Ambella these are for you,” Noah said. Ambella had tears of joy. “Merci Beaucoup” ( Thank you very much), “No one ever did anything like this for me before,” Ambella said.  Noah started blushing. “Maybe after class, we can go walking all over Paris and eat lots of cheese and bread,” Noah said. “Oh can’t forget the grape juice, and.. oh.. the Eiffel Towers to,” Ambella said. They both started to giggle. “We can also look at the clouds together and dance in the street,” Noah said. Ambella got so lost in his eyes. “You do know that we have to ask our parents, I just hope my mom don’t get mad cause I have a boyfriend now,” Ambella said. An ark-ward silence came between them. “Oops I mean, I mean, like a friend but a friend that is a boy.” Noah started blushing. “Ok, I get it.” “I actually will love to be your boyfriend, I mean BOY-FRIEND!!” The whole class looked at Ambella and Noah. “This is so embarrassing,” Noah said. “Ok two love birds, enough chatter, lets see you both dance,” The ballet teacher said. “Ok everyone get in your spots with your partners, and lets start the first number of the show, it’s all in your eyes.” Noah and Ambella stared at each other eyes, getting lost. Heaven is real, way beyond the clouds the two angels flew so freely into their own. Success came so big as they both always stayed connected to each other through the freedom of dance. The light from above shines on them, as they both spread that light and inspiration to others. Changing the world for the better.’ Even as years passes, they became further apart but their hearts and love was always connected within.’

‘They both opened up their eyes, as their ballroom dance ended, their was a loud cheering sound as everyone clapped their hands in the Jazz club. Wow.. what just happened?” He said. She looked at him in the eyes. “It’s like we both traveled back in time and got lost in the dance,” She said. “The art of dance, we actually got to know each other again through the freedom of dance,” He said. “Hold on, did you just say again?” You ask me for this dance, we just met,” Ambella said. They both looked at each other for a while. He start to blush. “WAIT!!!” They both said at the same time. “AMBELLA..!!!” NOAH IS THAT YOU?”  “I …I.. You go first.” “No you go first.” “Ambella I know that we lost in touch for awhile and after high school we both went our separated ways  but we both had successful dance careers.” “I never forgot about you Ambella, till this day I still do think about you.” “Noah, I always knew through faith that you will step back into my life one day, I knew that when you came back, that your first words will be “Bonjour, May I have this dance Madam.” “Ambella, I had to search and see what the world had to offer me but now I know I don’t have to search anymore, cause you always been the one for me all along, right in front of me always.” “I never met to hurt you Ambella, I’m so sorry.” “Noah don’t be sorry, I always waited in faith.” “I prayed that god will guide you to me.” Noah grabbed Ambella hand, leading the way out the Jazz club before sun down. “I have a surprised for you, Noah said as he took a black scarf out his pocket and tied it around Ambella face, over her eyes. They both slowly walked up the streets of Paris together, Noah led the way. “Careful Ambella.” “Are we almost there?” Ambella said. “Yes Madam.” Noah and Ambella stopped at the surprised location. Noah took the blind fold off Ambella eyes. Ambella opened up her eyes, in front of her stood the tall Eiffel Towers. Also a candle light table by it, with flowers, grape wine, cheese, bread, and A steak dinner. Noah smiled, looking up at the fully clouds and sunset. Ambella was so happy as tears came from her eyes. Noah picked up the flowers from the table, and said, ” These are for you.” Ambella looked at the ‘White Daisies’, ” Je vous remercie de tout coeur’ (I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “Yes someone has done this for me years ago, a boyfriend or BOY-FRIEND!” that always blushed,” Ambella said. I bet that boyfriend with the blushing cheeks never done this before,” Noah said as he got on one knee, he then took out a diamond ring out his pocket, holding Ambella hand. ” Je vous saurais gre’ de (Bien vouloir) ( I would be grateful if you could ( Be so kind as to),” Noah said with a nervous tone. “Darn I’m blushing again.” “Will you marry me Ambella?”  Ambella looked him in the eyes. “Noah, my blushing prince, yes I will marry you.” Noah got up off one knee and put the ring on her finger. They both kiss. A crowd been standing there all along, they started cheering and clapping. Noah and Ambella looked at the crowd as they smiled.  “So we have a lot to tell our folks now,” Ambella said. “Yep, I’m sure your mom is going to be very happy that her daughter is marrying her high school BOY- FRIEND!” “Or boyfriend with the blushing cheeks,” Noah said. “ha ha…” They both laughed. “I have one more surprised my Madam,” Noah said. Noah looked up at the clouds, Ambella then looked up at the clouds and at the sunset. “What do you see, when you stare into the clouds?” Ambella said. “I see freedom, just like when I dance with you, I feel so free, like we both flew around the world together.” “Everything disappears and it’s just you and me in the clouds up heaven.” Ambella smiles. “That’s what I see every time I look into your eyes Noah.”  A group of guys stood right next to the Eiffel Towers and started playing their Erard Harps. “SURPRISED..” Noah said. “Oh my, the music is so comforting and it just so pure, I love this,” Ambella said.  Ambella and Noah both stared into the clouds by the Eiffel Towers as they both slow dance together. The harps filled their ears. Everyone in the area, watched them. Couples being inspired, “Wow.. baby this is so romantic,” One lady said to her husband. A little girl looked at her parents, and said “I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up. “A little boy that was with his family said, “Me to.” “Bonjour, Madam, May I have this dance?” The little girl looked at her parents, “Mom is it ok?” The parents said ” Yes.” “Bonjour’ ,Qui”, Yes Sir! You may have this dance.” The little girl and boy started slow dancing next to Noah and Ambella. Then other couples surrounded the Eiffel Towers as they all slowed dance. Ambella and Noah looked at the kids and all the couples dancing around them. ” look at the joy we spread, take it all in, we truly brought these amazing people together,” Noah said. “I know, it’s amazing how god works through us and many, through each calling, there’s that freedom, that path that takes us to that place and everyone else becomes free to,” Ambella  said. “Yes baby, that calling truly does change the world for the better.” “We no longer have to be slaves of all the bad things in the world.” “Things always get better always, no matter how many times the world goes through bad.” Noah said.  Noah and Ambella looked at the two kids slow dancing next to them. “That’s us, when we was young, always full of big dreams,” Ambella said. Noah start blushing. “Why are you blushing dear?” What is on your mind?” Ambella said. “Do you want kids soon?” Noah said. “I do but I want two girls only,” Ambella said. “Wait, why two girls?” Maybe a boy and a girl, they can become ballet dancers like us, you know like the family tree.” “We are the first ballet dancers in the family and so we can passed the torch on,” Noah said. “Wait, what about an artist or doctor or nurse?” Ambella said. “Well you first haven’t answered my question of why you just want two girls only Mrs. Ambella Madam.”  “We’ll Noah, you act like we are actually having a baby now, and plus it’s their choice of what career they want but mostly the importance is that they follow god calling for their life.” “That’s truly what I want to instill in them mostly.” Ambella and Noah looked at each other and started laughing. “We are so immature.” “Well welcome to marry life, this is how couples act but I’m going to enjoy every bit of it with you forever.” “I also can’t wait until we both are old together, ” Ambella said. “Wait, two girls my Madam, you have to put a boy in there.” “Ok babe, maybe two boys and two girls,” Ambella and Noah kept going on and on, smiling at each other and slow danced the evening away. All the couples and families, and kids danced by the Eiffel towers as the harps kept playing.  Noah and Ambella stared up at the clouds above the Eiffel Towers, slow dancing together in freedom. Connected hand to hand, as their eyes met deeply together, heavenly, eternity forever. ‘

‘Liberte’ De’ Danse’




‘We Can Fly’


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‘The birds flew with grace… and beauty… Mixing with society in such a big world, just like the beautiful Butter-flies flew out of their cocoon so freely into freedom. Coming together with nature, as their vulnerability open wide. Open arms welcomes love but the door then slammed so hard. Their wall is their protection, from being hurt, is their fear. They don’t want to be the victim. The spirit within them looks out of their own body, looking at them selves, making sure they loved others from a compassionate heart. They stared down at the world from above,  Human nature stared from below. Looking at the inspiration, they’re keeping hope alive, believing they can fly to. The distractions of the world wasn’t going to become a reality in the little girls mind, as she stared into the future of hope, the news and her surroundings became dark. The older woman in a country far away,  sitting on her patio, she can see through the little girls eyes and many others from previous generations, as she look at the light in the sky. She lived and learned, that hope, that there’s always a light at the end of that tunnel. One person spread the good news, others get inspired and continue to follow the movement of spreading the good news, passing it along to others. Doing gods will, making the world a better place. Confusion always fly around our nation, like the strong winds of a tornado but we have prayer, we have the love of god and Jesus to get us through the battles. All around every surrounding, there is inspiration.  The trees stood so tall with great posture, no matter how much abused they suffered, they always kept growing so tall, touching the sky. The animals search for that love and longing, just like every human search for that true happiness, that purpose, that calling, that destiny. We all hope, we all want, no matter how much money we have. Your spirituality, something higher than ourselves is way more important than material things. “I want to find my better self, that true happiness, that purpose” The son said to his mom. She looked within him as she starts to tear up from happiness. She then says ” Just water that seed within that god planted in you,” “That seed will then blossom and guide you on a path to your destiny.” “Seek the kingdom of God first and everything else shall come.” ‘You are going to also change the world for the better.” “You will fly.” All around the world, so many are praying, so many are inspiring others, passing on the love, shining their light. Far over the big hills, far into the distance, over the high mountains, Three angels flew all around the clouds singing a joyful Gospel tune. The sun shined so bright in the sky for all to see. One guy looked outside his living room window at the bright sun light in the sky. The beauty of his smile from within, he has hope and inspiration, saying, “I want to fly.”

‘Sweet September’


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‘Summer time left on the train, that breezy Sunny early morning as September moved into a new season. Susan eyes opened up that morning, feeling joy as she looked forward to early September. Harvesting her fruits and veggies back in August, getting ready for Autumn in September.’


‘Susan sat up in her bed, Yawning….. Stretching …. out her arms. Feeling relaxed, well rested. She is ready for the day. She looked over to her right, saying “TED!”… TED!”… “baby wake up!!” “It’s Sweet September!” “Like dad use to say on every Sept.” She kept looking at the right side of the bed as her words became more quiet, she then realized that no one was there. Susan starts to look sad, as she day dreamed at the sunset, shining out her bed room window. Susan jumped out of bed, getting ready for the day. Her fun long beautiful many dresses she has hung in her big closet, made her feel like a princess. Everyday she wore a beautiful dress. Her brunette long hair is pinned up in a bun, with a ribbon that match her dress. She looked in the mirror, feeling beautiful as she picked up her red lip stick, and put it on her lips, blowing a kiss to the mirror.’

‘Susan open up her back door of her house, looking from her house back patio, She is blown away by how beautiful her fruit and veggies has grown in her garden, and fully wiped. “YES….. YES….YES…. SWEET.. SEPTEMBER… HERE WE COME…!!!” Susan went in the front yard to watered her beautiful daisies and grass. She see her next door neighbors.  Fred and James on their front porch of their house, sitting down, having coffee and looking at the news paper. “Gentleman good morning on this beautiful breezy Autumn September,” Susan said. “Good morning Susan.” Susan smiled as she watered her White Daisies. “Gentleman!” “Don’t mean to interrupt your Morning Bliss but I can use you both to help me load some crates onto the truck.” “It’s the town festival here in Mississippi, in a few weeks.” “My fruits and veggies grew so beautifully in my backyard.” “So each crate has to be full with fresh apples and a few with the fresh green beans.” “Mom is making the homemade apple pies from scratch, for the festival.” “The green beans is for mom home cook dinner, that she loves to make, fried chicken, gravy and potatoes, with the green beans.” “Can you both please help me?” Fred and James walked towards Susan front yard. “Sure…No problem!” “We will be glad to help you,” James said. “Lets go take a look at this amazing garden, if that’s ok,” Fred said. Susan led the way, walking into her house, “Come on in gentleman, follow me.” Susan held the door as Fred and James came in. They all went to the back yard. Fred and James was in awww.. as their mouth open wide. “Wow Susan you really have some yard here, you are a true gardener and know how to grow your crops, and they look so fresh and  healthy.” James said. “Not just your veggies and fruits but your daisies and different type of flowers are fully bloomed.” “This is a beautiful back yard and garden, very nice patio to,” Fred said. Susan enjoyed hearing their compliments. “Thanks gentleman!” “Well my dad always said it starts with your seed in the ground, and prayer.” “Each of my seeds that I planted into the ground, I always looked to the sky and prayed over them, that god helps them grow and blossom, adding beauty to the world and making a difference, putting a smile on faces.” “Just like you gentleman, That smile on your faces now but the taste of fresh fruit and veggies adds joy to the soul, just like my mom freshly apple pies from scratch.” “My dad taught me a lot about gardening and plants, how to take good care of them, ever since I was a little girl.” “He always called me his princess.” Susan looked at Fred and James as it got very quiet. “Oops I just had a back in the day moment ha ha…” “Well gentleman, I’m back now, Lets get to work,” Susan said. Fred and James picked the fruits and veggies, putting them in crates, loading them on to the truck. Susan help picked the fruits and veggies, putting them in crates. In an hour, everything was done.’

‘Susan stared at her watch, “Wow it’s an hour later, 10:00 am, You guys are very fast,” Susan said. Fred put the last crate of apples, on to the truck. “So forty crates altogether, loaded,” James said. “Can I get you gentleman some breakfast or something to drink?” “Oh I have some lemon sweet ice tea in the fridge that I made.” “I let the tea brew in the sun, the other day, here in the back yard, it’s still fresh,” Susan said as she went into the kitchen and pour three glasses of ice tea. “Susan you didn’t have to,” James said. “Oh no!!” “It’s my pleasure gentleman.” “Come on in and sit down, take a load off,” Susan said. Fred and James, followed Susan into the dining room, they all sat down and had a glass of ice tea at the dining room table. “I will love to bring you gentleman some of my mom sweet apple pie, after my mom get done preparing for the festival.” “Ok… that sounds good Susan, “Fred said. James licked his lips. “I was thinking about apple squash.” “Our folks use to make that for the holidays, one of the popular side dishes in our house.” “I think that will be great for the festival to,” James said. Susan looked at James with a smile. “That’s a great idea gentleman, you both should come to the festival and bring one of your favorite dishes, like the apple squash and…”Susan said as Fred interrupted,” OH…!! “It just hit my mind, my mom made this amazing apple cinnamon cake over the holiday.” “I will love to have her make some for the festival.”  James gave Fred a serious look and side eye. ” You know mom never like to share her personal recipe, the apple cinnamon cake is our family tradition.” “Mom only shares that special recipe with family.” “That recipe is from our family tree, generations back, all the way from early 1900,” James said. Fred looked at James. “James calm down.” “The people at the festival doesn’t have to know the recipe, they’re just eating a delicious cake.” James and Fred going back and forth debating. “Look Fred, you know mom isn’t going to feel happy about making her cakes for this festival.” “She only makes it for us, her family, dad, cousins, grandma, grand dad.”  Susan stood up from the table. “GENTLEMAN..!!” “You both are like little boys fighting.” “Listen, this festival is very big each year and special to so many here In Mississippi.” “Good home cook food, and it’s about bringing all cultures together and honoring our heroes.” “Good music, Beautiful arts, The history, The tour and so on.” “So that’s why this is an important special Festival.” “Come on gentleman, just talk to your mom, and see if she will like to make her cakes for the festival.” “I’m sure she will be happy to put a smile on people faces, from her amazing cakes,” Susan said. “You are right Susan, we both need to grow up,” Fred said. Fred looked at James, as James gave Fred a dirty look and then smiled. “Ok…”Ok…”Susan I’m in, I’ll talk to mom, we’ll… we will talk to our mom about making the cakes for the Festival.” “Plus I’ll bring the apple squash,” James said. Susan walked over to the other side of the dining room table, she stood in between Fred and James, as they both stood up, she put her arm around Fred and James, giving them both a huge hug. “That’s the spirit.. Gentleman.” “The devil is a lie for saying we can’t settle something.” “Lets get the cooking.” “I have to head out to my mom house, with these crates, so we can start setting up for the festival,” Susan said as she walked James and Fred outside to their house next door. “Thanks gentleman for helping me this morning with the crates, I’m very grateful.” “I hope to see you both at the Festival in a few weeks.” Fred and James waved at Susan as she walked back to her house. “Thanks Susan so much, see you soon.”

‘Susan ran to the back yard of her house, opening her double fence gate. She gets in her huge truck, backing the truck out the back yard, from the gates. The crates In the back of the truck are stack neatly, ready to go. Susan drives south on the road, as the excitement fills her heart, she is so ready to get to her mom house. Her excitement was so up beat, that she couldn’t maintain it. Susan pulls up in front of her mom house on Ingleside Drive Madison. Susan took a moment as she got out the truck, staring at the beautiful tall trees that surrounded her mom one story green brick home, with a huge front door porch. A rocking chair on the porch, She remembers where her dad use to sit, waiting for her to come home. Vases of different color flowers sitting on the side of the porch and on the ledge of the porch.  Wind chimes hanging from the porch top ledge by the ceiling. The wind breeze moves the wind chimes, as they make a relaxing sound effect. Susan always remembers that beautiful sound as a little girl, when she sat on the porch. She also remembers running through the woods as a little girl, playing tag with the neighbor hood kids. Susan day dreamed into memory lane, even though she was just here at her mom house the other day. This place always brings great memories for her, every time she is here, and she could feel her dad spirit around the house all the time. Susan mom, Betty, still has Susan room all setup the same way, ever since Susan left home for college at age nineteen. Susan will always sit in her room every time she come to visit her mom, Betty. Day dreaming at all her posters, that’s hanging on her walls of her favorite 80’s male pop star. She also has pictures of her school graduation in frames on her dresser. Old records still stack nicely on her shelves, by her medium size TV. Marilyn Monroe was her all time favorite. A huge photography pic of Marilyn Monroe is hung up by her bedroom window. She loves ‘Diamonds Are A Girl Best Friend’ song. She was such a big fan of all of Marilyn Monroe movies, that she dye her hair blond, and did the red lip stick, and wore dresses all the time doing college. She still loves her dresses, and the red lip stick. The hair is now a light brunette, that brings out her beautiful snow-white skin. She still looks young and ages gracefully. Her country accent with a  funny humor, and certain funny words she uses when she talks, leaves people smiling and happy. Her beauty is known by so many on the outside but mostly her beauty from within shines through and touch so many people hearts. The tree house in back of her mom Betty house, she still loves that it’s there till this day, even though it looks so tiny now as a grown adult. Susan still loves to climb up into the tree house, and go into memory lane. Susan noticed the neighborhood is still quiet. So many trees surrounded the neighbor hood, houses are across the street and on the side of Betty house, but lots of privacy.’

‘Susan grabs a crate of apples out the truck. Walking up the four steps of Betty front porch, Susan opens the screen door of the porch, walking to the front door as the wind chimes make a sound, from the wind breeze, Susan smiles. She knocks on the door as she can smell Betty stew. Betty opens up the door, Wearing a beautiful pink dress, red lipstick, her blond her is pull up in curls and flowers. She looks so much like Susan but older. Betty always been such a role model to Susan, very encouraging and supportive of all her dreams. Betty husband, Susan dad Sir Walter, passed away from liver cancer at age fifty, when Susan was in college. Sir Walters was so in love with Betty ever since he first met her when they both was college sweet hearts. Been married for forty years, Betty and Sir Walters always kept the love and happiness forever in their relationship. Susan admired her dad so much, she misses him so dearly. Betty and Susan will always have a day, where they both will sit on the couch laughing and crying at the memories of Sir Walters, looking at pics of him from his college days, and serving in the army. Sir Walters own a wine shop over by Madison area in Mississippi, Right up the street from their home, that Betty still lives in. The wine shop is no longer there, but the great wine still lives on till this day. The wine is always served at the Mississippi festival.’


“Mom you look stunning as ever,” Susan said. “Thanks love,” Betty said. “You are still my beautiful princess.” “Your beautiful dresses and beautiful soul brightens my day,” Betty said. Susan gives Betty a big hug and walks into the house. “Not as much as your Sweet delicious scrumptious pies from scratch, that you’re making for this year festival, that is coming up in a few weeks.” “Dad is looking from above smiling, from those great pies,” Susan said as she looks through Betty cabinets for all the pie ingredients. Betty takes out her pots and pans, out the bottom cabinets. “Yep your daddy always loved September for many reasons.” “He use to say, Sweet.. September!” “You was born on this month and plus his birthday is at the end of September, plus it’s when Autumn starts.” “I feel your dad spirit around here everyday.” Betty said as she rolls the pie dough on the cookie sheet. Susan smiles and starts to tear up, as she peels the apples, with the peeler on the counter. Betty looks at Susan. “Mom I feel Ted every day around me, just like we feel dad around us.” “I woke up this morning, thinking Ted was still laying on the right side of the bed beside me.” “I called out his name and when I realized he was no longer there beside me, I sat In bed feeling sad but then this beautiful light shined through my bed room window.” “I knew that was him, a sign that he will always be there for me and with me everyday.” Betty walked over to Susan, hugging her. “My baby, My Princess, I know he still loves you.” “He is always looking down, just like your father.” “They’re both proud of you, just like I’m proud  you to,” Betty said. “The way Ted died, it was a peaceful death, in his sleep from a heart attack right beside me.” “I always feel his spirit still laying there from the day he died in our bed,” Susan said. “My dear it’s time for a celebration, Your dad and husband will want this to be a happy time on this September.” “They’re in heaven enjoying the love, they never ever have to suffer again.” Betty said. Betty stirs the stew in the crock pot and smiles. “This was one of your dad favorite meals.” ” I remember when your dad use to ask, how long does it take for your great beef stew to cook.” Susan laughs, “OH!!”You will say, UNTIL THE COWS WILL COME HOME!!!” Susan and Betty said at the same time, as they both laughed very loud. “HA!!”HA!!” “Wow.. Dad was so impatient like a coyote running through these woods early in the morning,” Susan said in a jokingly way. “More like a deer in head lights,” Betty said. “HA..” HA..” Oh my gods mom, dad is going to get us,” Susan said as she blew a kiss with her hand, looking up at the ceiling. “Love you dad,” Susan said. “Your dad always had a funny sense of humor,” Betty said with a smile.

Ten minutes later after Betty and Susan sat at the dining room table, about to eat, The door bell ring. “DING….”DING…”DING..” Susan and Betty looked at each other in a shock. “Mom…. I so hate that loud door bell, for crying out loud, we had that loud thing ever since I was a little girl,” Susan said. “Well a least I always know when someone is at the door.” “This door bell has a lot of great stories, like the time Sandy ran over here saying she is about to give birth.” “That door bell is loud, that it makes me jump out my bed or couch real fast to see who is there.” “I tell you what, we did get Sandy to the hospital in time, from the time she ran here, to the time I got to that door and got her in the car.” “Bless her heart, her husband wasn’t there, she was all alone in that big house.” “He was serving in the army, the same time your father was in the army.” “I thought she was going to give birth here on the front porch.” “I’m so lucky that your dad was there, when I had you, Lordy, praise Jesus for that.” Betty said as she peep through the door hole to see who was there. Betty looked so shocked. Susan ran over to the door. “Mom who is that?” Susan looked through the peep-hole. “OH MY GODS!!” IT’S ROB DAVIS!!”Susan said, as she giggles like a school girl. Susan face then get serious. “Actually… YUCK !!!” “Keep that scum bag out there.” “Mom he was a stuck up football player in high school that broke every girl heart and the one who played jokes on all the nerdy people.” “He was such a bully,” Susan said. Betty looked at Susan. “You are blushing, HA!!” HA!!”Betty said. “RING!!”…..RING!!”… Susan looking nervous and ark ward as the door bell rings again. “Oh mom, for crying out loud, just open the door.” “I can’t stand that door bell, Oh my god, god help us,” Susan said. “You need to get your self together darling.” “I’m even freaking out to, Rob Davis is at the door.” “The cutest guy in your high school back then and the best football jock that has a lot of talent.” “Every girl wanted him and he is now here for you, “Betty said. “Please mom, A football player that broke girls heart and stood them up on dates.” “Why is he here?” Susan said. “Baby give the boy a chance, I’m sure he has grown up,” Betty said. “He been standing out there for ten minutes now, and I’m sure he don’t want to ring that annoying loud like a chicken in a farm, door bell.” “Open the door, mom,” Susan said.

“OK!”…”OK!”…”OK!”…Betty said as she finally open the door. Betty and Susan looked


down at Rob shining shoes, all the way up his muscle body, to his dark full head of hair. Rob had on a black suit, shining dark dress shoes. White dress shirt, with a red tie. His skin is a tan white. Hair is dark, with his signature style, the front of his hair hanging on the side by his fore head and the rest of his short full head of black hair is slick back. Still looking athletic, with nice big hands and feet. Susan noticed his athletic built still, just like in high school. His bone structure and high cheek bones gave her a feeling of words she couldn’t express, as his blue eyes gave her life. His kissable pink lips always gave her that burning desire that made her tangle all over. He always had lots of hair and till this day, it’s still there, no balding at all.’

‘Rob was the popular high school kid that girls always wanted. The popular football jock in high school, that always broke females hearts and then he use them with his charm. Rob went to prom with his then girlfriend, Marsha Brady who was prom queen and the popular Blondie who look her nose in the air at everyone. Rob was prom king and so they both was the it couple, that everyone wanted to be.’

“Rob Davis !!!” Betty said. “Mrs. Walters, AKA Betty Walters and Susan!!!” “Wow you still look the same as you did in high school and Betty you never aged,” Rob said. “If I may say, you aren’t so bad your self, looking like the actor Jimmy Dean, Very handsome classy man, wow…!!! ” Betty said. Susan was speechless, she felt like she just went back years and years, back to high school as the shy little girl who had a huge crush on Rob but always felt intimidated around him. Sweaty palms she remember and her face always got very red every time she seen him. An ark-ward silence as Betty and Susan stared at Rob, Rob stared at Susan. “Ok…. Young man come in and lets all catch up.” “We was just about to have some beef stew and croissants but first I wanted to ask if you can help us take the rest of these crates out of Susan truck.” “These crates are filled with fruits and veggies from Susan beautiful garden.” “She brought them over here, cause we are getting prepared for the festival in a few weeks.” “I always make my pies for the festival every year and the green beans is for this Sunday meal, with the fried chicken and gravy I make,” Betty said. “Wow!!… Betty…!!Betty you put me to work already but this is how I know I’m home cause no matter how successful we come or how much money we make, right when I walk through that door at my mom house, she says, son take out the trash, do the dishes.” Rob said as he took off his dress shirt and suit jacket. Susan looked with her mouth open as Rob undo the last button on his dress shirt, she see the muscles ripping through his T-shirt, from his chest, to his arms, to his rip stomach. Betty stared with shock. “You are a man now baby…wow.. ” Betty said under her breath. “MOM!!” Behave,” Susan ran in the house, trying to avoid the feelings she has for Rob that brings back the high school crush. “I’m going to go get Rob a drink and prepared for dinner and reheat the stew,” Susan said. Rob takes each crate and starts stacking them, bringing them in the house. Betty guides him. “Honey, put those here on this long counter by the refrigerator,” Betty said.’

Thirty minutes later, Susan and Rob are sitting at the table having dinner with Betty. “This is great stew Betty, a great home cook meal,” Rob said. “I just got in town from New York.” “I went to my mom and step dad house, and went to also go see some of my high school foot ball friends.” “So you making your pies for this festival?” Rob said. “Yes, and you have to go to the festival,” Betty said. “I never been to a Mississippi festival here before and I’m a native just like you two, born and raise here,” Rob said. “Really…”lol.” “Oh my gods you’re missing out on a good time,” Susan said. “More stew darling and biscuits?” Betty said. “Oh no thanks, I’m full.” “This was very delicious, don’t mean to interrupt y’all day.” “I was just driving by saying hi to everyone in the neighborhood and so I must be going now,” Rob said as he stood up from the table. Susan and Betty wasn’t ready for him to go. “Wait!!!” Don’t forget about your suit jacket and shirt,” Susan said. “Coffee dear, or something sweet?” Betty said. Betty and Susan looked at each other, trying to figure out, how to keep him from leaving. “Young man you still owe me, I told you we all have some catching up,” Betty said. Rob sat back down at the table. “Ok after high school I left Mississippi and I thought I wouldn’t ever be back but I’m back now visiting, I realized there’s no place like home.” “I grown up, changed my life for the better.” “I got accepted into a huge University in New York and then did law school.” “I’m a lawyer now in New York.” “I thought football was for me but as I got older, my heart led me else where.” “I still play football still with my buddies in my spare time.” Betty got up from the table, picking up all the dishes off the table, putting them in the sink. “I’m so proud of you, you grown up into a great man and I can see from the sports car in the drive way, that you do have a lot of money.” “You are going to make some lady happy one day,” Betty said, winking her eye at Susan. “Mom…!!” Susan said. “We’ll you both should go checkout the back yard, go sit down and talk,” Betty said.  Rob looked at Susan. Betty starts washing dishes. “We’ll go on kids, I’m going to get these pies in the oven,” Betty said. “Susan gets up, walking through the living room, to the back yard patio. Rob walks slow, behind her. Susan sat down in the patio chair looking at the beautiful view of the mountains and sunset. The tall trees all around betty back yard fence, surrounds the area. The back yard had a water fall in the middle of the grass, with a small pond, White Angel Statues surrounded the water fall. Scented Flower bushes all around the yard. This reminded Susan of a fantasy, always wanted to share this beautiful view with Rob and now the dream fantasy is real. Susan stared into the view. Rob stood in the back of the patio, behind Susan looking at the view. Rob always felt attracted to Susan, now he is even fallen deeper for her more and more. Seeing her beauty with the sunset and mountains, this was a moment for him. He loved the fact that they was both alone now for the first time together ever. “You mind if I sit down?” Rob said. “Sure,” Susan said. Rob sat next to Susan in the patio chair, facing the evening bright sun down. “So what happen to Marsha Brady, are you both married to each other now, with kids?” Susan said. “No, I actually haven’t seen Marsha in years, ever since I left for college in New York.” “We broke up after we graduated from high school.” “I heard she is doing well in real estate, back in Nashville, and she is married with five kids.” Rob said. “Wow… She has her hands full,” Susan said.  “So what about you Sue, the shy girl in high school?” Rob said in a teasing way. “We’ll I met this amazing guy in college, out here in Mississippi.” “He was my everything, my joy, my everlasting, my rock.” “We had big plans to have children.” “We did get the dream house and both had successful careers.” “We both always volunteer for charities and churches out here.” “The festival was our favorite, Every Sept we will help out at the festival.” “In August we always garden together.” “I own a floral shop a few blocks from here on Walnut street, that me and my husband worked so hard for.” “This business became successful and till this day it’s doing well.” “So well that I’m now teaching classes at my shop, on how to garden and planting, and how to grow fruits and veggies.” “By the way, free classes,” Susan said. Rob tried his hardest not to laugh. “HA…!”HA..!” Rob laughed out loud. “I’m so sorry but never ever heard of a class on how to garden and take care of plants, LOL,” Rob said. “Mr. Jock why don’t you come to my class and see what you been missing,” Susan said.  Rob looks at Susan giggle ling. Rob then looked serious as he stare at the Sun going down behind the mountains. Susan staring so clearly at the Sun going down as night slowly appears. “Ted reminds me of the beauty of the sunset.” “I never want the sunset to leave but this is a beautiful view of sun down, the colors in the sky.” “I use to sit here a lot when I was just a little girl, and just dream.” “Ted was the love of my life.” “He passed away five years ago on this month, September.” “He died from a heart attack in his sleep right beside me in the bed.” “I woke up and noticed he was unresponsive.” “The doctor said the heart attack was from his coronary heart disease, That was a big health issue that ran through his family.” “He was always going back and forth to the doctors a lot.” Rob had a sad look on his face. “Susan I know I been too much tonight, a jokester but with all jokes to the side, I’m actually so sorry about Ted, I know you truly miss him.”  Susan looked at Rob with a smile. “Thanks Rob!” Susan said. Rob touch Susan hand, as they both had a quiet moment, looking into each other eyes. The sky was peach, and orange with dark grays. The mountains look like a dark shadow, the trees blended in as the night appeared.’

‘Betty comes marching into the back yard, with a tray of goodies. “Hey you youngsters, It’s dark now.” “Here is a sliced of apple pie.” “I thought I let you both have a piece now, so you don’t have to wait until the festival.” Betty handed Rob a plate and Susan a plate, putting the slice of pie on each plate with the pie spatula. She then hands them each a glass of milk. “Just came out the oven, Its nice and warm, Enjoy kids,” Betty said as she turn to go back in the house. Betty turns on the patio beautiful decorating white angel lights that’s surrounding the whole patio. Rob and Susan still sitting down on the chairs  in the middle of the patio. “Oh my gods this is yummy, your mom is a great cook and baker.” “She is, The best pie maker in town,” Susan said. Rob stares very hard at the nightly view above the dark mountains. “Wow… a full moon is out and I love the stars.” “I remember as a child, me and my brother will lay on the grass on our back, to see if we can see a shooting star.” “Plus the sky seem so much bigger, that we felt like we was floating up every time we laid on our backs in the grass, spreading our arms wide and legs.” “We then felt free and relaxed,” Rob said.  Susan giggles. “What so funny?” Rob said. “Rob Davis into Stars and the Moon, Scenery and all.” “Wow… wouldn’t have never imagine,” Susan said. “Well Sue, Smarty Pants, For your info, it just shows you that people change.” “I’m not the same immature heart breaker jock that I was in high school.” “Get to know the guy I am today and you won’t ever want to look back, I promise you that Sue.” Rob gets up out his Chair, turning to Susan, as he put his hand out. “Madame, will you join me in laying in the grass, like I did when I was a child?” Susan looked at Rob with a smirk on her face and then she laughs. “I know it’s silly Sue, ok I’m not the crazy jock any more but I guess I still do have that kid in me, who still love to lay in the grass and watch the stars.”


‘Susan stood up, holding his hand as Rob led the way off the patio into the green grass. “So lets lay on the grass, but first take a deep breath, and just let go.” Rob said. “So lay down, spread your arms like you are stretching on the grass, then your legs to.” Rob and Susan both laid on their backs on the grass side by side, spread out, their arms and legs, as they looked straight into the glittery dark sky.  “How are u feeling Sue?” “Wow… “This is…” “This is very beautiful.” “I noticed a difference in this, then sitting up watching the stars, It’s like the sky seems way bigger, and I feel like I’m floating up,” Susan said. “See I told you,” Rob said. “So Rob, Is there a special someone in your life now?” “I was with someone back in New York but our future plans didn’t connect.” “She didn’t want to get married.” “Yes I did proposed to her, thought she was the one.” Susan looked at Rob. “I’m so sorry,” Susan said. “No, it’s a lesson learn for me.” “I learn that it’s important to really know what the person is about and what they want in a relationship, before going further with that some one,” Rob said. Rob and Susan still laying on the grass. Rob looks at Susan, turning his head towards her as he touches Susan hand. Susan felt so safe and comfortable around Rob. Rob has really proved himself tonight that he is a change man. Susan doesn’t see the mean jock from high school.  Rob pulls her gently by her hand towards him. They’re both now very close to each other, that their fore heads are touching. Susan is looking into Rob eyes, as Rob holds her in his arms as they both are still laying on the grass. The reflection of the bright moon, shines on Rob strong features. Susan couldn’t help but get lost in this shining night and Armor, she felt like Cinderella. “You are so beautiful still till this day,” Rob said as he slowly tried to kiss Susan. Susan turns her face away from Rob, she then sits up really fast, looking at her watch. “OH MY GODS, IT’S MIDNIGHT!!” Susan gets up off the grass, rushes to the patio and grabbed the dishes and glasses, bringing them in the house, in to the kitchen. Rob walks fast in the kitchen as Susan back is facing him, washing the pie plates and glasses in the sink. “Susan I didn’t mean…” Rob said as Betty walked into the kitchen. “Mom we didn’t mean to wake you, Rob is just leaving and I need to go home.” “Have so much to do this week, between getting ready for the festival and teaching classes,” Susan said as she rushes out the house. Betty looking at Susan with a confused look. Rob stands there in the kitchen with a ark-ward look. Betty follows Susan outside. “Slow down baby, you didn’t wake me at all.” “I was just in my room reading a book.” “I was going to go out there and see if you both was ok, but I see that you both must have a lot to talk about, like old times, catching up,” Betty said. “Mom I actually wish you could have went out there, I would have been save by the bell,” Susan said as she gets into her truck, She turns the key and then she backs out her mom drive way. Susan roll down her window, talking to Betty, “Mom I love you, I’ll be back tomorrow, so we can prepared everything for the festival, Good night, kisses.” Susan drives away.  Betty is standing in front of her house, waving at Susan from a far, as Susan drives farther up the street. Rob walks out of Betty house. “Betty, thanks for a good day but unfortunately the end got spoil,” Rob said with a very sad look on his face. “Dear, why don’t we go back in and talk about it, over a cup of coffee,” Betty said. “No thank you, But thanks for offering and thanks for the meal.” “By the way I loved the pie to, thanks.” “I need to just sleep,” Rob said. Rob walks to his car parked by the side-walk in front of Betty house. “You don’t have far to go right?” Betty ask. Rob turned around as he opens his car door. “No, my folks is just a few blocks from here.” “Was planning on getting a hotel room but I decided to just only stay tonight with them.” Rob waves at Betty. “Good night dear,” Betty said. “Good night Betty,” Rob said, as he gets in his car, he then drives away.’

‘The next day, early that sunny bright morning, the sounds of birds chirping, flying over the Mississippi Mountains. The light breeze sweeps all through the town. “BUZZ..!.”BUZZ..!”BUZZ…!” Susan alarm went off very loud. “Susan wakes up really fast hitting the alarm clock, off button. Looking at the time, it’s  5:00 Am. “Ted it’s time to get up sweetie.” “The festival is in three weeks, we have a lot to get done.” “Ted I’m …..”  Susan said in a pause, staring at the right side of her bed, realizing that Ted isn’t there. Susan lays back in her bed, looking at the sunset, shining through her window. Susan tears up, saying, “I miss you so much Ted.”

‘Hours later, ‘Susan Arrives at the Black Creek area by the Mississippi Bridge and River.  Susan parks her car in front of Black Creek. Susan looks out the window, at all the workers, setting up the festival, getting the tables and tents all set up. Susan can see the Mississippi bridge and river up the street. Susan is in her red long dress flowing, with a nice red fancy big hat. Her hair is up in a bun, under the hat. Her makeup is fully done, with red lips.  Black Creek is a beautiful greenery area, with lots of trees and picnic areas, walking trails, a tour area of Mississippi history, and a park. Mississippi been having their Festival here in Black Creek for ten years now. The huge open space in Black Creek is where the festival is being set up.  Susan walks into Black Creek, looking at the guys, that’s moving the items from the big trailers and trucks, the tables and tents, for the festival. The whole area is gated, until the festival is all setup in two weeks. “Hi gentleman.” “It’s all coming together it looks like,” Susan said. “Yes  it is,” One of the workers said. Susan seen Betty pulling up in her red Lexus and other familiar faces and neighbors from the area. Betty gets out her car, walking as she see Susan. “Baby, you look so stunning in your red dress,” Betty said. Susan hugged Betty. “Momma I’m so excited for this festival, Last year was fun but this year is going to be more fun.” Betty is looking around at all the guys setting up. “Yes!!!” I love the decorations and Black Creek is such A beautiful place for a out door wedding to,” Betty said, winking one eye at Susan. “Mom!!” Susan said.  Three ladies walked up to Betty and Susan. “Oh my lord, Hi ladies, so nice to see you three,” Betty said. “This is my daughter Susan, Susan this is Shirley and Mary, and Patricia.”  “These three lovely ladies live over In Madison area, right by me.”  “They’re here to help out with the festival and they’re cooking some food for the festival to.” “Hi ladies,” Susan said. “I’m so happy to be involved in the festival this year, this is our first time involve and being at the festival out here,” Shirley said. “I’m making my yummy potato salad for the festival,” Mary said. Susan looking very out-of-place. “Excuse us ladies,” Susan said, pulling Betty to the side gently. “Mom I really have to go, I need to head over to my shop, to go get some stuff now.” “I know today we both was supposed to do the list and meet up with all the people off the list, who is supposed to participate in this year festival,” Susan said. “My dear, I totally understand, no worries, I’ have lots of help here today, the girls can help me with all that.” “Oh….!!” “The mayor might be coming today, he is the creator and the main person in charge of this town festival,” Betty said. “Mom that’s exciting, will love for him to come,” Susan said. “Mom I have to run, I’ll call you later on,” Susan leaves really fast. Betty looks shock, standing there, “Love…You!” lol. Betty goes back over to the table area, where Mary, Shirley, Patricia is at. “Sorry ladies!” I’m back!” “Lets start the recipe list on what you are making for the festival.”

‘For three weeks straight, Seven days straight, Susan was very hectic on her schedule from morning to-night, From her shop, to teaching classes, and helping with the setting up and arrangements for the festival, that is now a week away. Betty was very busy to with her neighbors, helping with the preparing of the recipes and setting up for the festival.’

‘The Seventh day on that Sunday evening, Susan was teaching a free class on gardening in her floral shop. Started at 4:00pm. James and Fred, Susan neighbors attended. Some of the Local customers from the town attended the class also. Altogether fifty people attended. Everyone came in the class, greeting Susan. Susan has a nice one story shop, beautiful floral every where. She has a separated area that’s gated, in back of the shop, for the gardening class.  Where she stands to teach the class, she has a garden area, where she demonstrates how to plant seeds. There’s a patio area where the people sit in comfortable chairs in the shade. Each person has an area where they can plant to. There’s flower bushes by the patio area and plants. It smells like fresh roses on the patio. Susan has workers that work for her in her shop. A lady coworker is at the cash register, watching the front, while Susan teach the class.  A Male Security officer is in front of the shop out side, keeping an eye out. Five minutes after the class started, at 4:05pm a tall athletic male walks into the class, with dark shades on. He sits in the back of the class, taking off his dark sun glasses. Susan looks at the guy, she realizes that it’s Rob Davis after he took off the dark sun glasses. Rob was dress casual, blue fitting jeans, white fitting T-shirt, flip-flops, way different from the other day when he showed up at Betty House in a dark suit. Susan couldn’t concentrate cause of the distraction from Rob Davis Blue eyes staring thru her. His bulging muscles showing through his tight T-shirt, his leg muscles through the jeans shows the built of his legs. He has big wide veiny feet, well groom clear nails, showing his feet in his flip-flops. Susan was still disappointed from the other night but was also happy to see him. Susan is now focus on the class. “So everyone, the plant food I was talking about, is called Miracle Gro.” Susan continue to teach the class. At 5:30pm the class ended. “Everyone thanks for coming.” “Don’t forget your home work assignment.” “Search the net for every type of flower around the world.” “Then out of those flowers, pick your favorite.” “Print out the picture from your computer, then I can get those type of flower seeds delivered to my shop.” “I then will help each of you plant your flower seed.” “Over the weeks I will show you how to water the soil and tips on how to take care of the plant.” “Then once the flower blooms in the coming weeks, you each will be able to take your flower plant home.” “Have a good night everyone.” Everyone left the class as they all said

“good night.”


‘Everyone left the class. ‘Rob is still sitting in the back. Susan putting all the garden supplies away in the cabinets, by the patio area. “Sir, class is over now,” Susan said. Rob looking at Susan, giggle ling. “So It’s like that Sue?” “HA..”HA…”  Rob stood up, walking towards Susan by the counter area, where she was putting up supplies. “This is actually a nice Floral Shop and I love this Patio area.” “The class was magnificent, it was really great.” “I laughed when you first told me but I actually really enjoyed it and there’s  way more to this garden thing than I thought,” Rob said. Susan smiled a little but hesitated at the same time. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Susan said as she walked away, heading from the patio area, into her Floral shop. Before she can turn around, Rob grabbed her arm gently. Susan enjoyed the soft touch on her arm. Looking into Rob eyes, still hesitating, avoiding his eyes gazing into her eyes. “We need to talk,” Rob said. “How did you find my Floral shop and the time of my class?” Susan said. “I ask everyone in Madison about your Floral shop, and they had a lot of great things to say.” “Susan what happen between you and me the other night was actually real feelings, it wasn’t force at all.” “Look Rob, It’s just a high school crush that I had on you, every high school girl dream to date a jock.” “You didn’t want me before, but now you just showed up out of the blue, years later.” “You think you could just play with my emotions like there is really real feelings between us and then turn around and break my heart, like you did all the girls in high school?” Rob looking disappointed. “Oh… like the time you put a frog in my blouse in high school.” “You and your jock friends use to play pranks all the time on people and thought it was funny,” Susan said. Rob looking hurt. “Look Sue, Ha.. ha… I know that I’ always been a jokester but never met to hurt anyone, it was all out of fun.” “Well, Rob, Some people wasn’t happy, that so many in school couldn’t stand you or that Marsha Brady.” Rob looked at Susan. “Look Sue, I told you my past isn’t me, I’m not that guy anymore.” “You’re still living in the past, just like you can’t accept the fact that Ted and your father are dead.”  Rob couldn’t take his words back. Susan stared at Rob with a shocking look. Rob started to feel bad. “Look Susan, I.. I.. didn’t mean…,” Susan interrupted, “You jerk, you know nothing about me.” “Was you wondering about me in high school while you was pulling on Marsha Coat tail?” “Look Sue, I actually was wondering about you, and can’t denied it, but you was pretty hot for a nerdy girl and still is smoking hot till this day?” Susan had a disgusting look on her face. “Sue whatz up with all these dresses?” huh…” “A dress for every day of the month,” Ha…” ha..” ha..” Rob immature cocky side coming out. Rob then try to be serious and truly felt feelings for Susan always, ever since high school. Rob knew by this point he wasn’t on Susan good list and that Susan still see the immature jock from high school. Susan walked away, but Rob got in front of her. “Look Susan, I truly always admired you.” “I was the stupid immature jock back then but I always wanted to let that eagle side of me go, I just felt so pressure at that time to be something I wasn’t.” “I was this amazing football player and so me and my other jock buds always got attention from the ladies.” “That made us over the top and so we thought we had to do crazy things for attention to become the cool jocks, we wanted to be popular.” Susan couldn’t look at him. “Look Sue, I liked you at that time, cause I can tell from the classes we had together, that you are a girl who grew up in a really good family that taught you morals.” “You always was the innocent girl, that made good grades.” “Always very polite and every time I use to see you walking through school with your female friends, you all seem like normal great kids.” “You wasn’t about being popular at all,” Rob said. “Well Rob I never knew that you felt this way about me.” “How do I know this is real?” “Is this what you told every girl and then you broke her heart?” “Now if you excuse me,” Susan said as she walked away, going into the shop. “Cassidy can you make sure to lock up after your shift?” Susan said as she grabbed her purse and jacket. “No problem Susan!” Have a good night!” Cassidy at the cash register said. Susan walks out the shop, Rob walking fast behind her. The security officer Bob, is still sitting in front of the shop. “Good night Bob, ” Susan said. “Good night Susan,” Bob said. Susan walks further out in the parking lot where her truck is parked. “So you are going to follow me all the way home?” Susan said to Rob. “If I have to.” “DAMMIT SUE, I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO!!” “YOU WANT ME TO GET ON MY KNEES?” ” WELL THAT’S WHAT I WILL DO IF I HAVE TO!” Rob said as he kneels down on both knees in front of Susan. Susan opens her truck door. “Look Sue, I wrote you a letter in high school but never gave it to you.” “You know the letters, where it said, can you go out with me, circle yes or no?” Susan gets in her truck, shutting her truck door. Rob still kneeling on both knees. “Sue, I think you hold so much bitter in your heart.” “Plus so much pressure on you, from the deaths of Ted and your dad.” “You want this September to be so perfect, cause you are celebrating them both and that’s great but you are so pack with work, that you don’t have time for you.” “Plus you don’t know a great guy in front of you cause you still can’t get over Ted.” “You got to move on Sue, you deserve that.” Rob still kneeling in front of Susan truck.  “I can’t Rob, I can’t.. ” Susan said as she tears up. “You probably never ever experience two deaths in the same month, but deaths of people that you’re close with,” Susan said. “Sue my dad past away in high school, and that was very hard for me.” ” I mourn his death, that’s why I was so mean at times cause I was so upset that my papa past but I moved on,” Rob said. “Rob, what do you want from me?” Susan said.  “I’m on my knees.” “I want you Sue, I want us to start all over,  like when we first met in high school.” “Look at this, like, we are going back in time.” “We are more mature and better versions of our selves now.” “So lets just get to know each other again and see where it goes.” “Believe me Sue, If I can go back in time and change a lot of things, I will but I can’t.” “I’m so sorry Sue, for all the crazy things I done back then to you or anyone.” Rob still kneeling on his knees. Rob held his hand out, in hopes that Susan will get out her truck and hold his hand. “Rob I wish you the best with everything but Ted is the love of my life and will always be,” Susan said. She then drives really fast, out the parking lot. Rob is on his knees still, he then stands up with a sad look on his face.’

‘Susan looked In the mirror that night, brushing her hair before bed. Wearing her silky night-gown. She day dreams in the mirror, remembering Ted when he was alive, on how he use to hold her from behind as she brushed her hair, kissing her on the neck, telling her that she is beautiful. Susan kept looking and looking at the mirror. A reflection of Ted, like a very light reflection appears behind her. She can feel a warm feeling behind her neck and back, all down behind her back for a second. Susan heart beats very fast, “TED!!”…”TED!!”….TED!!”….TED!!””COME BACK PLEASE!!” Susan looks back at the mirror and nothing is there behind her any more. Susan tears up. “OH…my Ted..” Susan runs out the house and hops in her truck, driving down the street to her mom Betty house. Susan knocks on the door really loud. Betty has on a night gown, rollers is in her hair, she rushes to the door,  noticing Susan eyes was very watery from crying. Susan shaking, looking shock. “Oh sweet heart..” “What happen?” Betty said. Betty hugs Susan, bringing her in the house. They both sat on the couch in the living room. Betty goes in the kitchen, pouring two cups of coffee. Betty then comes back in the living room, and sits the coffees down on the living room table. She sits next to Susan on the couch, holding her in her arms. “My sweet princess, momma is here now.” “What happen my dear?” Betty said. Susan went into a silence for a while. “Mom… I don’t know how to explain this but… but… I…I… seen Ted.” “It was like this spirit, like a light reflection of him.” “I was in the mirror brushing my hair before bed, and all of a sudden as I’m looking in the mirror, I seen him behind me smiling.” “I remember those nights when he held me from behind, as I brushed my hair.” “He will look at me as we both faced the mirror.” “He was holding me, his arms around my waist.” “He use to say, I’m beautiful as we both looked in the mirror together.” “Mom I miss him and want him to come back.” “Yes it scared me to see him in spirit but at the same time I was so happy.” “I feel him all the time, I know he is always with me.” “First time seeing him in spirit,” Susan said. Susan takes a sip of her coffee. Betty stares at Susan smiling. “What mom?” Susan said. “I see your dad spirit roaming around here all the time,” Betty said. “When you first seen that, was it scary?” Susan said. “It kind of caught me off guard but once I accepted that, I started to feel that joy in my heart, cause I know he is always with me always.” “Like I even noticed weird things happening around here.” “You remember when your father use to hate every time I left the wine on the counter?” “Ha..” “Ha..” He couldn’t stand that.” “He always said the wine shall be chill right away but I love my wine a little warm.” “Any ways… lets just say I been leaving it out sometimes and the next day I noticed it’s back in the fridge.” Susan looks at Betty with wide eyes. “I know it’s him, plus he had this stubborn thing about him.” “I’m like what happens if I want my wine warm..” lol.. “But your father will say it’s better on ice.” “You remember recently when me and you was in the kitchen cooking a meal?” Betty said. “We’ll… I was looking for the Paprika seasoning.” “Thought I misplace it but when I check back on the counter next to the pan, that had the roast in it, it was there next to the pan.” “So your father always loved Paprika on his roast and always thought it was important to have all the ingredients and other items right in front on the counter, when preparing that meal.” “He couldn’t stand looking for stuff when cooking, he always wanted everything to be all out first, like the things he will need for that meal, before he started preparing dinner.” Susan was in shock. “So my dear, yes your dad was difficult at times and I was to, Sometimes we couldn’t even see eye to eye at times but we truly loved each other.” “Our rule was that, no matter how much problems we had in our marriage but we will always be together and work on making things better in our marriage.” “So mom, did it take you awhile to  move on and start dating people?” Susan said. “It did but I knew that your dad will want me to be happy and so he wouldn’t mind me moving on, meeting new people after he past away.” Betty said. “I actually have some one special I been seeing.. but.. that’s another topic for another time,” Betty said. “Mom, Is it the pastor at the church?” Susan said. Betty took a huge sip of her coffee. “No worries dear, you will meet him, if things get more serious between us,” Betty said. Susan smiled, giggle ling. “Mom earlier today, Rob Davis came to the shop, to checkout my garden class.” “Really!!” Betty said in a surprised tone. “We talked after and he started going into this long story of how he changed from back then.” “He even got on his knees and asked me out.” Susan got quiet. “So.. what you say?” Betty said. “I said no, I turned him down mom,” Susan said. “My dear, you always had feelings for Rob Davis.” “I know in high school,  he was a creep but people really do change.” “Why would he just come over out the blue my dear?” Betty said. Susan looked at Betty. “Mom, I don’t know if I trust him though.” “He admitted that he always liked me but he played the crazy cool jock creep act, just to be cool and popular.” “He said I was the girl who always had morals, that I’m sweet and kind.” “He loved that.” “I guess it’s not always true that handsome jocks don’t always fall for girls like Marsha Brady at the end but in movies it seems to happens that way.” “The handsome hot jock wants the most beautiful stuck up girl in school.” Susan said. “Let me ask you something my dear.” “So from him being on his knees all those minutes and pouring his heart out, you didn’t feel no hope in your heart?” “I mean from all that I gather from last Sunday, when he came by and then hearing how he came to see you earlier, I think he is very serious.” Betty said. “Mom I’m confused,” Susan said. “My dear you have to move on from Ted.” “Don’t miss out on something so great.” “Ted opened that door for Rob to enter into the gates of your heart to meet the light within.” “You met Ted in college and so I think that both of these guys are met to be with you.” “Ted opened your eyes to what real love is, when Rob was just learning and becoming a better person.” “So Ted gave you something special, you both became one.” “It was Ted time to go but he will always be with you dear.” “You really need closure.” “Open your heart and let Rob show you the great man he is today.” “Believe me if I thought he was still the crazy creep still, I wouldn’t have let him in at all.” “He seem so polite and such a gentle man when he was here.” “I remember when I met his folks when you both was in high school.” “I met them at a neighborhood gathering and they’re lovely people.” “So sad that his dad passed doing the time Rob was in the ninth grade.” “I truly think that’s why Rob started to party a lot and became such a creep doing that time.” Betty said. “He told me mom about his dad that died.”  Susan said. “Mom I’m feeling better, you’re always a great person that lifts the soul.” “I have the best mom in the world,” Susan said. Susan and Betty hugged. “Awww… my princess, the best little girl that a momma always enjoyed coming home to.” Betty said. “Mom… I’m not a little girl any more,” Susan said with a smile. “Well you will always be my little girl, no matter how old you get.” “You and Rob are now forty years old, wow… how time flies,” Betty said. “Don’t remind me mom,” Susan said. “Baby, lay on my lap like old times.” “I use to read you this beautiful poetry piece called ‘Sweet September.’ Susan laid her head on Betty lap, both still on the couch. Betty gently touch Susan face, and touching her hair, comforting her as she starts to read. “Summer left on the train, that breezy Sunny early morning as September moved into a new season.” “Autumn and Harvesting came together.” “The Heavens light shined down all over the lands of freedom. “Each crop, Every flower, Every Fruit, Every plant grew with love.” “Watered each soul, giving wisdom into a freeing spirit.” “They all rise into a new beginning, moving forward into the sky.” “They never looked back from the seed that brought them up from the soil.” “A new beginning started that Sweet September.” “The winds blew so gracefully in a slow dance so freely.” “Mother Nature was now at peace.” Betty stopped reading, she looks down at Susan laying on her lapped. Susan is sleeping so comfortably and gracefully, so peacefully. Betty looks up and noticed a white reflection of her husband, Susan dad spirit appeared in the living room, in front of the fire-place, across the living room. He puts a thumbs up, whispering the words,” I love you both, Always.” He then disappears. Betty smiled and then looked back down at Susan, touching her hair softly, caressing her head softly.’


‘Only five more days until the Festival. Susan stayed busy all week, from working at her shop to preparing for the festival. Susan went over to her next door neighbor house, Fred and James, to discussed the festival. Susan knocked on the door that Wed Evening. “Hi gentleman, so sorry to interrupt your evening but wanted to explain to you both more about the festival.” James looked down at Susan hands, Looks like she was holding a pie. “Oh my gods!!” “Is that your mom delicious apple pie?” James said. Licking his lips. Fred came to the door behind James. “Let the woman a least step in the house silly, ” Fred said. “We’ll excuse me, I have a sweet tooth,” James said. Susan walked into the kitchen. “Come in Susan, make your self at home,” Fred said. “Nice home you both have.” “Susan looking around. “This is the pie that I told you both about a few weeks ago, My mom apple pie from scratch,” Susan said. “Oh my, wow..!! Susan you didn’t have..” Fred said as Susan interrupted. “No…!!” It’s my pleasure guys.” “My mom loves giving some pies away before the festival, so people can try them.” “She is actually making some fresh ones the night before the festival, so they will be very fresh when people buy them at the festival.” Fred preparing dinner. Susan and James sitting at the table. “What smell so good?” Susan ask. “I’m making a homemade bake chicken, with apple chicken gravy,” Fred said. “Oh my gods Susan, It’s out of this world, So yummy,” James said. “Susan why don’t you stay for dinner,” Fred said. “Um… ” “I can’t..” Susan said. “Come on Susan, take a load off, relaxed for a while, you work so much,” James said. Susan knew she could use the time to relaxed and enjoy some great company, over a nice home cook meal. “Alright gentleman, I’ll stay for a while,” Susan said. “Great!!” Fred and James both said. “With the chicken, I made some sour cream rosemary garlic butter milk mashed potatoes.” “Honey Carrots and…. ” Fred said. James interrupted, making a drum roll sound with his voice and hands beating on the table. “DUN.. DUN ..BA DOM..!!!” “His delicious apple squash that we told you about, that our mom use to make for the holiday,” James said. “And hot biscuits,” Fred said. Fred starts setting the table. “Apple pie for desert, yummy,” James said. “Just don’t eat the whole pie,” Fred said. “Excuse me big brother, you get it?” “Ha.. ha.. big brother… like as fat,” James said. “KNOCK IT OFF!!”YOU NERD!!”Fred said. “Come on gentleman, no more fighting.” “You’re both brothers.” Susan said. James sticking his tongue at Fred and laughing. “Sorry Susan, No wonder why God made me older, cause I have more brains and way more maturity than my dumb young brother,” Fred said. “You are fifty-five and James you’re forty-eight.” “You boys are way to old to be acting like this.” “Come on gentle man, get it together,” Susan said.  James and Fred knew that Susan was right. “Sorry Susan for that little out burst,” James said. “I’m sorry to Susan, we want you to feel at home,” Fred said. “Come here brother, Fred said as he gave James a big hug. “I’m sorry Fred,” James said. “I’m sorry to James, love you.” “Love you to.” Susan is so happy to see them both make up. “I love this moment gentleman,” Susan said. All three of them sat at the table having a good meal. Talking over dinner and laughing.  Two hours went by. “Ha ha…” “James that was a funny memory from when you and Fred was young,” Susan said. “Mom ground me and him for months ha..” ha..” Fred said. James laughed “ha…” ha..” ha.” “By the way Susan, the pie was excellent,” Fred said. “Yes Susan and please tell your mom we said thank you,” James said. “No problem guys.” “I’m looking forward to seeing you both at the festival and introducing you both to my mom.” “I’m so glad that you both put your name on the list for the people who is all bringing food for the festival.” “So happy that your mom is making her apple cakes for the festival to.” “All the proceeds from the festival goes towards fighting cancer.” “Everyone who is participating in the festival is happy cause it’s giving back and the money we make from it, is really going straight to the legit cancer charity.” “My dad actually died from cancer years ago,” Susan said. “Sorry about your dad,” James said. “We are happy to be part of the festival, and we are so glad that you came over for dinner,” Fred said. “Seeing you laugh, really brightens our day,” James said. “You both are such gentleman.” “Thanks for a really great meal and great night.” “Dinner was really good and that apple gravy bake chicken, wow, very yummy.” “Everything was good and the apple squash delicious,” Susan said.  Susan got up from the table. James and Fred stood up to. “Susan, we will be so glad to walk you out,” Fred said. “I will like that gentleman.” All three of them walked out side. “Thanks guys for a lovely evening and you two behave,” Susan said. “We will,” Good night Susan.” “Good night guys,” Susan said.  Susan looked at the moon in the dark sky as she went inside her house. She then went in her back yard and slowly laid on the green grass on her back, spreading out her whole body on the grass, arms and legs spread out. She takes a deep breath, looking straight at the sky.  She see the yellow full moon, that looks really big from where she is looking. She see the yellow stars all around the dark sky. All of a sudden she see a shooting star. “Oh my gods, that must be a sign of good things to come,” Susan said to herself. She couldn’t denied the fact that Rob been on her mind a lot and she can’t help thinking about that special moment they shared many nights ago. She truly wanted to kiss him but hesitated, two times she turned him down. Ted was also on her mind a lot to. She still felt confused on what to do.’

‘Mean while at Rob folks house, that same night, Rob was in the back yard. Rob was just laying on his back in the grass, feeling freely, as his arms and legs spread wide on the grass, looking at the moon and stars. He was so happy to see a shooting star. He felt like something was good to come soon. Rob been thinking so much about Susan. He couldn’t let her go. Rob been pounding his mind on what to do to prove to her that he is the one. Rob stared at the moon and stars day dreaming.’

‘ Friday evening, a day before the festival, Rob went over to Betty house knocking on the door. Betty couldn’t believe Rob Davis was back. “Wow, didn’t expect you to come back.” “I thought maybe you went back to New York but I’m so happy to see you’re still here,” Betty said.  Betty welcome him in. “Come in sweetie.” Rob came in sniffing, he walks into the kitchen with Betty. “That’s your apple pie.” “I knew I smelled something from the street right when I got out my car,” Rob said. “Yes, tomorrow is the Festival at 10am Saturday.” “So are you going to be there?” Betty said. “I’m not sure if that’s a great idea Betty.” “I shouldn’t have never came over here in the first place that day.” “Susan really hates me and all she keep seeing is the dumb creep, the dumb jock from high school,” Rob said. “Susan actually been talking about you so much lately.” “She just caught in between trying to get over Ted and also having these strong feelings for you,” Betty said. “Maybe she just don’t trust me,” Rob said. “We’ll I get that she is taking her pain out on you from losing Ted.” “Just like you took your pain out on others from the death of your father, when you was in the ninth grade.” “I truly believe that maybe in her mind you came at a bad time but really you came at the right time,” Betty said. “I’m confused Betty.” “She said that to,” Betty said. “I guess after all, it’s not always true what they say, that Jocks only go for the popular most beautiful stuck up girl in school at the end,” Rob said. “She said that to,” Betty said. “Well I did go for the most popular girl in school but honestly I just wanted to be cool at that time, it wasn’t real love.” “So at the end I truly got the most beautiful girl in the world, that is so precious, a great heart, a caring person.” “Someone who wants to get married and start a family just like I always wanted.” “That is your daughter Susan,” Rob said. Betty looking at Rob with happiness. “Betty I’m in love with Susan Walters, I knew ever since I first laid my eyes on her in high school,” Rob said. Betty started to tear up in happiness. “Are you sure Rob?” “This is your only chance, Please don’t blow it,” Betty said. Rob looked at Betty in the eyes. “I’m so sure, just like I’m so sure about how good your pie is,” Rob said. “We’ll this is actually going to be a really good rest of Sweet September,” Betty said. “This is Susan favorite time of the year, cause of the festival and celebrating two important deaths every Sept,” Rob said. “Plus giving back to the community and she loves autumn, always a great time for her in harvest.” “She has a beautiful garden at her home, with fresh fruits, flowers, plants,” Betty said. “I heard, plus that’s part of the great taste of your pies, cause those apples are very special, so fresh from the garden.” “I truly appreciate and have so much respect for gardening now.” “So Betty how do I find Susan?” Rob said. “By prayer,” Betty said. Rob looking confused. “Do you pray young man?” “Yes Betty I do and been praying that this Sweet September will be mine.” “Susan is Sweet September, cause she is driven like the breeze in Autumn.” “She is sweet like the fruit in her garden and beautiful like the flowers that bloomed so fully.” “Her heart is pure like the full moon and the stars in the nightly sky.” “The shooting star gave meaning to our love for each other, a sign that this is true love.” “I know she seen the shooting star the other night, the same night that I seen it,” Rob said. “Tomorrow I’m going to be at that festival.” “Betty I need you to do me this favor.” Rob took out a folded paper in his pocket, that look like a letter. “If you see Susan tonight, please give this to her and have her read it right away,” Rob said. Betty looking at the folded letter. “Ok, I’ll give it to her.   “She should be here later, to help load up all the stuff on the truck for the festival tomorrow,” Betty said. Rob gives Betty a hug. “Thanks!” Rob said as he leaves Betty house with a big smile, feeling excited. Betty looked at Rob car from her front porch, as he is driving up the street. Betty feels that there can be hope and that there has to be some kind of sign. That Susan has to feel like she could trust Rob, and be ok with moving on from Ted. Betty thinking to herself, that there has to be a way, a sign to show Susan that it’s ok for her to move on from Ted and show that Ted is ok with that. Betty gets a cup of coffee, she then walks into her living room. She noticed there’s a book on the couch. Betty eyes wide open. Betty recognized the book but didn’t put the book there. She then realizes, looking to the heavens, praying, saying “Thank you my love.” Betty read some of the book. She then picked up the phone and called Susan. “Susan I need you to get over to my house ASP, right after work,” Betty said on Susan voice mail.’

‘A few hours later, right at 5:00pm, Susan knocks really loud on Betty door, Susan looking worried. Betty opened the door. “Mom I got your voice mail.” “Are you ok?” “Did dad put the wine back in the refrigerator or he moved the Paprika again?” Betty held Susan hand, bringing her in the house, going into the living room. They both sat on the couch. “No but even better.” “You remember when Ted misplaced his diary when you both came here for dinner years back?” “We’ll when your dad was alive, We actually found it outside.” “You and Ted sat in the back yard after dinner, looking at the stars and full moon, I remember.” Susan looking confused. “We’ll I do remember when he will always take his diary with him every where he went, cause there was always something that inspired him, so he will write the things down that inspired him and moments that me and him shared,” Susan said. “Ok and so he always felt that each day he lived, there was always something inspirational in his day, no matter how bad some days was, even when he was sick,” Betty said. “Mom that’s why I liked him so much.” “Can Rob see that..?” Susan said, then Betty interrupted. “Oh child wait, oh speaking of Rob, He actually came over earlier looking for you.” “He wanted me to give something to you but that’s another topic for later, over dinner tonight.” “By the way I have a roast in the oven and no, your father didn’t touch the Paprika but he can for all the years I’m alive on this earth cause It’s a reminder that he is watching over me always.” “I want you to understand that Ted is with you to and he truly is ok with you moving on my dear.” “Rob loves you and always has, open up your eyes dear and look at the signs.” “Rob reminds me like Ted in some ways.” “I’m Talking about the Rob now, Not the high school football jock Rob.” “Back to Ted diary but like I said, Ted lost his diary and at that time we couldn’t find it.” “So weeks later, your dad seen it outside under some long weeds and dirt behind the tool basement area.” “I think when we had the dog out side, Bailey was his name, he must had of grabbed it with his mouth and ran towards the basement, and dug like a hole,” Betty said. Susan thinking to herself. “I do remember that night when we was on the grass looking at the stars, we both fell to sleep.” “That night Bailey was running around the yard,” Susan said. “Then when you both woke up and was leaving to go home, I remember Ted looking for it,” Betty said. “We both forgot that he took the diary out side that night and laid it down on the grass right beside us.” “He thought he left it in the bathroom.” “We still couldn’t find it and so dad said that if he happens to come across it, he will let us know,” Susan said. “So my dear, your father happen to find it weeks later in the yard and he kept it in his office.” He cleaned it and everything.” “He put a book cover on the diary.” “Me and your dad kept forgetting to tell Ted that we found the diary.” “So much stuff was going on at that time with your father wine business, he was so busy,” Betty said. “By the way I miss Bailey,” Susan said. “Oh me to, what a beautiful dog.” “Well he was with us for years and had a great life.” “He got old and his time was up.” “I guess he was with your dad when he left a surprise on this couch earlier,” Betty said. “Mom what are you talking about?” Betty shows Susan the diary. Susan looking shock. “I forgot all about this, it was in your dad office.” “Next thing you know, when I came back in the house, after Rob left, I see this book on my couch and I didn’t put it there,” Betty said. Susan staring at the book in shock. “I remember when Ted couldn’t find this, he ended up starting a new diary but after he died, his mom kept the new diary,” Susan said. “We’ll a least his mom has a beautiful treasure always, just like you have in your hands now.” “Open it and read the last thing he wrote before the diary got lost,” Betty said.’

Dear Diary, Susan is Sweet September, cause she is driven like the breeze in Autumn.” “She is sweet like the fruit in her garden and beautiful like the flowers that bloomed so fully.” “Her heart is pure like the full moon and the stars in the nightly sky.” “The shooting star gave meaning to our love for each other, a sign that this is true love.” “I know she seen the shooting star the other night, the same night that I seen it.”

‘I know I’m not going to be around long but I live everyday like it’s my last. I’m looking forward to this up and coming September, One of my favorite months of the year. Susan thanks for being my angel. Before I go, I hope to spend this whole September with you or a least part of it. I will always be with you in your heart no matter what happens. When I go, you will always be mine Sweet September. Don’t feel sad for me my love, It’s my time to go home to the father soon. I want you to celebrate me in a joyful happy time cause I’m going to be up heaven celebrating with the father and the angels.” “God has someone for you, who isn’t taking my place but someone who will make you happy just like I did. I know god will send him to you, he will be renewed in the spirit. Don’t look back my love, go forward. You truly have my blessing, I’m ok with you moving on. I will always love you and my spirit will be with you forever until we meet again. I will always be in your heart. Your Guardian Angel,  looking down and protecting you always.’       Love Ted

‘Susan and Betty sat at the dinner table that late evening. “So I was shock that Rob said those same exact words about you being Sweet Sept, just like Ted words.” “It’s a sign baby,” Betty said. Susan tearing up but at the same time she feels a big relieve. “So how do you feel my dear?”  Betty said. “I feel so free and at peace with the situation now,” Susan said. “So Rob wanted me to give you this letter.”

    ‘Dear Sue, My Sweet September,

‘This month so far been such a life changer for me. You taught me what life is truly about. I want to hold hands together on this path of our destiny together. It’s way bigger than the popular cool jock on the football team. It’s way bigger than dating a girl just for her looks. It’s better than an actual career and having lost of money. We all are here for a reason on this earth. Something way bigger than ourselves, something that is special and that truly love us regardless of the mistakes we made in our past. We shouldn’t let our past define us and shouldn’t be judge by our past. We shouldn’t even live in the past. We each have a worth on this earth. What’s important is that we learned from those mistakes and trying to get better as humans, no matter how many more mistakes we make. Just living for Jesus and doing his will for our life, is the most important. Everyday I ask god to forgive me. I wish I can find all those people that I hurt in the pass,  to apologized but I can’t find all of them. Let me show you Sweet September that I changed for the better. I knew Jesus wanted me to come back to Mississippi for a reason. To enjoy this Sweet September, That’s you. Lets celebrate and go forward into a future together, that’s going to bring us together as one.  Lets meet after the festival tomorrow, at the Mississippi Bridge at midnight. So now here is the big question. Will you give me another chance and go out with me, to see where this can go? Circle yes or no. Then meet me at the bridge at 12:00 am, if you’re serious about me and you. If you have love in your heart for me, then you will be there. If you aren’t there, then I truly understand that you don’t feel the same way. That’s ok if you don’t. If I don’t see you at the bridge, then I won’t bother you again, I promise.

  P.S. See you tomorrow I hope, fingers cross

Love Sweet September’

‘Susan woke up the next day, feeling excited for this special day. Susan looked at the light shining out her window, then she smiles. Susan went in her closet to pick out a dress for the festival. She chose this beautiful long big white dress, almost looks like a wedding dress. She looked at it in the mirror, putting the dress against her body. Susan could see two spirits standing beside her in the mirror. Susan looked at the mirror and smiled. They smiled back. She could see her dad and Ted was there with her.’

‘Susan arrived at the festival that morning. Seeing so many cars parked in front of Black Creek. Loud country music playing in the background. Some of the ladies are in their fancy hats and dresses. The guys in suits, some are in Cow boy hats and jeans. All different cultures was at the festival, African American, Chinese, Asians, Whites, Middle Eastern, Indian, and other cultures. Everyone admired the Mississippi theme of the festival. There was games there, karaoke, Arts, Mississippi history tour attraction. Some walked around the Black Creek greenery area, where they have walking trails. There was people playing instruments. Lots of dancing, lots of beautiful arts. So many people was lined up at the food stands. Betty was working at her own stand, selling her apple pies. There was an area, where there was barbecue. A group of guys dressed as soldiers to honor those that fight years ago for their country and so many died that left Mississippi to join the army.’

‘Susan walked up to Betty pie stand. Betty gave Susan a big hug. “You look stunning my princess,” Betty said. “Thanks mom, you do to in your beautiful purple floral dress,” Susan said. “Thanks my dear.” Susan looking around for familiar faces. “Mom you seen any familiar faces?” Susan said. “No my dear but I’m sure they’re somewhere in this huge crowd,” Betty said. “Mom this festival looks great, It never change, I always love coming here,” Susan said. “Yes my dear, way crowded this year to, bringing all cultures together,” Betty said. “Mom I’m going to see if the girls need help with serving, Over there by the barbecue area.” Susan walked past a group of soldiers. They all had on hats and their army uniforms on. One of them kept looking at Susan as she walked past.  Susan noticed some familiar faces by the barbecue area. “Fred and James!!” “Oh my gods, so nice to see you both.” “Susan you look beautiful always,” James said. There was a older lady with James and Fred. “Susan meet the lady that made these delicious apple cakes, our mom Pattie,” Fred said. James and Fred standing on the side of Pattie, she is holding a plate of her apple cake. “So nice to meet you Pattie.” “Your sons are such gentleman and Fred here is such a great cook,” Susan said. “Your mom apple pies are so delicious but not sure if it’s better than mom’s apple cake,” James said. “Susan it’s a pleasure meeting you.” “My boys need a classy mature woman like yourself to live next door and check on them once in a while,” Betty said. “Ha… “ha..” I did have to play momma doing dinner at their house a few days ago but it looks like they been behaving.” “No… they’re really such great guys, and you seem like a great mom.” “They always say such great things about you and wow… how good your apple cakes are,” Susan said. “I will love for you to try some.” “These cakes been selling like crazy.” “I’m so glad to be able to bring my part in this festival and help cure cancer with the proceeds we make from the bakery sale,” Pattie said. Susan smiled at Pattie. “Pattie we are so glad to have you here,” Susan said. Betty walking towards Susan and Pattie. “Mom, I was just about to introduced you to my next door neighbors I told you about.” “This is Fred and James that lives next door to me and their mom Pattie.” “Pattie lives South of Mississippi.” “Pattie, Fred, James, This is my lovely mom Betty,” Susan said. “Nice to meet you Betty,” Pattie said. Fred and James shook Betty hand. “Betty I adore your apple pie,” James said. “Thanks handsome,” Betty said. “Mom, Pattie apple cake is good I heard, just like your apple pie.” “Maybe you both should team up together on opening a bakery together, Like a bakery business,” Susan said. Pattie and Betty looked at each other. “Oh my gods, Girl we need to exchanged numbers and talk business,” Betty said. “Come over to my house and let’s have cocktails and chat about making this bakery business happen,” Pattie said. “Sounds good Pattie,” Betty said. Shirley walking up behind Susan from the food stand. “Hi, Don’t mean to interrupt the small group party but I need some help, serving these handsome soldier guys, They love the barbecue and my homemade potato salad.” Susan and Betty turned around, seeing a really long line by the cookout area. “Wow…Mom everyone loves the food, it’s very crowded.” Fred and James helped their mom Pattie sale her apple cakes by the bakery stand. A group of guys dress in soldiers customs sitting in the table area, eating and communicating among them selves. “Good day guys,” Susan said as she walked past. “Good day ma’am,” All the soldiers said. One of the soldiers looked at Susan from under his hat. Sliding his army hat back down on his head, part of the hat covering his eyes a little. The festival was going so good for the few hours. Susan and Betty had the chance to take a break, walking around the crowded festival. Looking at the arts, jewelry, and all the history of Mississippi. Lots of music, people dancing and singing to the music.  Susan can see the sun above the mountains as the evening approaches. The festival wasn’t as crowded as it was earlier but still a lot of people. Some was on the Mississippi bridge up the street, looking at the water. Betty and Susan went to the quiet area, by the walking trails in Black Creek by the festival. There is also a park in Black Creek by the Festival. Susan and Betty sat on the park swings. “Wow.. I love a swing,” Susan said. “Your father always enjoyed taking you to the park when you was a little girl, pushing you on the swing, great memories,” Betty said. “This is beautiful, this day been so great,” Susan said. “It has but where is your night and shining armor?” Betty said. “Ok mom, I’m just enjoying the festival for now,” Susan said. One of the soldiers walked pass the park by the festival, looking at Susan. “Mom I’ll be right back, need to go get a shake from the ice cream stand.” “You want anything?” Betty took out money out her purse. “Just a cherry icy,” Betty said, handing Susan twenty bucks. “Buy your self something to,” Betty said. Susan walked over in the festival area, standing in the ice cream stand line. Betty still at the park sitting on the swing. It’s now getting dark, as the sun starts going down, the street lights and all around Black Creek, the lights came on. The festival different color lights, brightens up the festival, everything looking beautiful. Betty hears a whisper. “BETTY!!” Betty thinking to herself, “Please dear not now, I know you did not follow me all the way to the festival.” “Did I leave the wine out again?” Betty thinking to herself. “We’ll I never heard you talk but seen you a lot.” “Wait am I’m loosing my mind?” Betty looking around. “BETTY IT’S ME OVER HERE IN THE BUSHES!!” A loud whisper coming from the bushes by the benches behind the park swings. “OVER HERE !!” Betty got off the swings, walking over to the bushes by the bench. A guy kneeling down in the bushes, he then peeked his head and upper body from behind the bushes slowly. The guy is dress in a army costume and army hat. Betty got kind of scared, her heart jumped. “Betty it’s me Rob, sorry to startle you,” Rob said.”What are you doing dress like that?” “I seen a group of guys dress like that earlier, walking around the festival but didn’t know you was one of them,” Betty said. “Betty I can explain, and by the way those other guys are my football jock buddies from high school.” Betty looking at Rob with a crazy look. “Really Rob?” Betty said in a Sarcasm tone. “They’re also change people for the better.” “Look Betty, I wanted to celebrate our soldiers that ever lived, they sacrificed a lot for our country, just like your husband, So me and the boys wanted to celebrate that today.” “Plus I thought it will be best that Susan didn’t know I was here, cause I’ know this is a happy day for her and I don’t want to distract her in any way.” “I think she is still mad at me.” “Did you give her the letter?” Betty smiled. “Of course I did and I read it to before she read it.” “Such a beautiful letter.” Rob looking at Betty. “And ?” Rob said. “We’ll you just have to see at midnight,” Betty said. Susan walking back from the ice cream stand. “Oh… “Oh.. ” She is coming.” “Betty I’ll see you later.” Rob put back on his hat and kneel behind the bushes. He then runs towards the other direction, where Susan couldn’t see him. “Mom here is your change and A Cherry Icy.” “I got myself a yummy strawberry ice cream cone.” Susan and Betty enjoying their sweets.’

‘Later on that evening, most of the people left the festival. The festival was coming to an end. All the guys and workers, was starting to break down everything. Folding the tables, gathering all the items in the stand.  “Everything is all sold out,” Betty said. “Even your pies?” Susan ask. “Yep, we did a great job everyone,” Betty said. Susan and Betty is helping with cleaning and closing the festival. Mary and Patricia, Shirley was helping to.   Fred and James, and Pattie was about to leave. “Thanks Betty and it was a pleasure meeting you.” “By the way, my apple cakes sold really well,” Pattie said. Betty hugged Pattie. “That is great and my apple pies sold out to.” “Darling lets meet soon for those cocktails and discussed our business plan,” Betty said. “I’ll call you,” Pattie said. Susan hugged Fred, and James. “I’m so glad you both had a blast and I truly enjoyed your mom.” “I truly think your mom and my mom is going to open up their own bakery,” Susan said. “Oh my, That will be a blast,” James said. “Yes, They will get lots of business for sure.” “Everything sold out today and so that’s for sure a sign of great things to come in their bakery business,”  Fred said. “Thanks Fred and James for your help.” “Pattie it was such a pleasure and I loved the apple cake.” “Thanks for your help to,” Susan said. Susan gives Pattie a hug. “No problem, So nice to meet you dear,” Pattie said. Pattie, Fred, and James walked to the car. They all waved at Susan. “Bye now, be safe,” Susan said as she waved. Susan turned back around, finishing collecting the items from the bakery stand. Loading up her truck with dishes that was use for examples, for people to try.  Some of the guys was breaking down the festival, Mary and Shirley, Patricia and others was still there helping closing.  Betty was there to still. A few people was at the park. Some leaving the festival. The music was off. Susan back turned towards her truck. Behind her the full moon appeared in the nightly sky. Rob stood from a far distance behind Susan looking at her. Before Susan can turn around, Rob was gone. Susan turned around to see the full moon. Susan then looked at her watch, It was now 11:50pm. Susan heart started beating fast. She knew in ten minutes that her life will change. “Mom, I was thinking about Rob all day today.” “I’m scared, like really scared” Susan said, looking confused.  “Baby just follow your heart,” Betty said. Susan looked at the nightly sky. “My dear, just don’t over think it, just live in every moment.” “Follow your heart, don’t let love get away,” Betty said. Susan looked down at her watch. The time is 11:56pm. “Mom, I have to go.” Betty looked at Susan. “I know my dear,” Betty said. Susan looking confused. “What?” Susan said. “I’m so happy that you’re making the right choice, go get your night and shining armor.” Susan ran fast from Black Creek, up the street to the Bridge. Susan took off her shoes on the way to the bridge, running with her shoes in her hand. Her white dress at the bottom was flowing in the breeze so gracefully as she ran. One shoe fell out her hand but she didn’t care, she wanted to get there in time. Susan looked down at the beautiful glittery river from the Mississippi tall bridge. The full moon was so bright, sitting in the nightly sky above the River. The bright stars surrounded the sky and the moon. All of a sudden Susan watch, made a loud sound “DING!!!” It was now 12:00 Am Midnight. “SUE!!” A loud voice said. Susan turned around seeing rob running from a far, down the bridge from the other side, walking towards her. Susan noticed he had on the army uniform and hat. She didn’t have no idea that he was at the festival all that time. Rob breathing hard as he is now very close to Susan face, gazing in her eyes. “I found your heel in the street.” Rob said as he kneel down to put the heel on her foot and then he takes the other heel out her hand, putting it on her other foot. Rob then stands up. “These are for you,” Rob said as he handed her beautiful pink purple flowers. “So that was you at the festival dress as one of the army guys?” Susan said. “Me and my high school jock buddies was dress like that cause we wanted to celebrate the guys who served our country, just like your dad served this country before his wine business.” “Plus I felt like that was a great way to dress in a disguised, cause I wasn’t sure if you wanted anything to do with me again.” “I didn’t want to mess this day up for you and I truly didn’t want to miss this festival.” “So I decided to keep myself disguise until I knew if you wanted to be in my life or not.” Rob took off his hat.” Now I know for sure,” Rob said. “What about New York?” Susan said. “I decided that I can work on some cases out here in Mississippi and so I’m moving back out here.” “There’s no place like home, this always been my home,” Rob said. Mary, Shirley, Patricia, and Betty was all spying from the other side of the bridge, watching Rob and Susan with tears of joy and a smile. “Rob I read your letter, I was so blown away.”  “So sorry for pushing you away.” “I do trust you with all my heart,” Susan said. “What about Ted?” Rob said. “I got his blessing long ago, he will always be in my heart.” “God sent you to me.” “So my answer is yes, I want us to get to know each other more and see what happens,” Susan said. Rob looking into Susan eyes. “You are my Sweet September.” “I know this month is almost up.” “Will you spend October with me?” “October is associated with Autumn, so September and October is basically connected, just like me and you now.” “It’s the fall to and I love the different color leaves.” “lets play in the yard full of leaves, and just be free,” Rob said. “I will love to spend October with you Rob Davis and the rest of my years.” Susan said. Rob and Susan gaze in each other eyes. They both looked at the nightly sky, A shooting star went across the sky. “Oh!!”.. Did you see that?” They both said at the time as they both laughed. Rob and Susan stood very close to each other on the bridge. Rob put his arms around Susan, both facing face to face, then they both kiss each other. Fire works popped in the sky from Black creek, From the teenagers that was popping fire works at the park. Susan and Rob looked at the nightly sky above. They both smiled as the fire works that lit up the beautiful nightly sky, along with the stars and moon in front of them. Betty teared up from the joy she was feeling. Shirley, Patricia and Mary was happy to. Susan kissed Rob Davis for ten minutes on the bridge, Feeling safe, Feeling at peace, Feeling as one..’469718496

‘Sweet September enter into a new beginning, sharing the love with October. The light led them both on their destiny together as one.’ ‘That October 1st, the sun shined so bright from the heavens. The different color leaves pile on the ground, from falling off the trees so freely. Susan and Rob held each other, laughing, running around the yard, playing in the pile of leaves. Rob picked Susan up, spending her around. They laughed and kiss as the leaves blew in the breeze.’

‘Fall and Autumn gave each other hope. The two guardian angels guided their love that’s connected just like the seed and fruit in Harvesting. Trust blossomed in their relationship, so fully just like the Flowers that bloomed for Sweet September.’

‘Four years later, wedding bells ringed that snowy December when Rob and Susan stared each other in the eyes, as they both said, “I do!!”

‘Susan stared in the mirror that early middle December at her big belly. The snow outside came down so gracefully, so freely. Susan heart-felt a pure joy from the feeling of about to be a mom. Rob came into the room behind Susan, He held her from behind, touching her belly gently, then he kisses her on the neck. “I’m such a lucky man, You’re so beautiful,” Rob said. “Thanks babe, I’m such a lucky woman.” “I have you and a bun in the oven.” “Wow.. never thought years and years later I’ll get knocked up by Rob Davis.” “Wow… everyone at the high school reunion next month is going to be in shock,” Susan said.  “HA!!” HA!!” Rob and Susan laughed. “No.. all jokes to the side but honestly I love you Rob Davis for the man you are today and so proud to make a family with you.” “I truly think our child is going to turn out great,” Susan said. Rob and Susan stared at each other in the mirror. “So babe, what should we name our child?” Rob said. “Well I’m due on Christmas and so that’s very exciting, the same day Christ was born,” Susan said. “What about Angela, just like Angel?” Rob said. “Yes Angela Davis, so our daughter finally has a name now,” Susan said. “But her nick name can be Sweet December,” Rob said. “AWWW…!!” So sweet,” Susan said. “Just like my Sweet September,” Rob said as he held her from behind by her belly, kissing her on the neck. Both of them looked in the mirror. Two reflections spirits appeared. One on each side of Rob and Susan. The two spirits touched Susan belly, and smiled, saying in a whisper, “I love you and congrats.” Then they both disappeared. A light shined out the bed room window from the cloudy snowy sky. Susan stared at the mirror smiling. “Baby did you just see that?” Susan said. “See what?” Rob said. “The light,” Susan said. “Yes right here in my arms, your light within and from our bundle of joy within.” “I felt a presence just now and a peace,” Rob said. “It’s Jesus and the angels watching over us, Ted and dad are those angels to,” Susan said. “I love you Sue, My Sweet September,” Rob said. “I love you to Rob Davis, My Sweet October,” Susan said.  They both kissed that snowy December. The angels flew all around that day with joy. Sweet September will always come back around. The crops and flowers always blooms again doing Autumn. The fruits and Veggies always grow from the seeds, bringing smiles in harvesting.


Every month in a year is beautiful and special. Love will always come from Jesus, working through us, to spread that love in the world, making the world a better place.’ ‘Always forever, Happy Ever After

Sweet September,’

‘Thanks for Reading, Stay tune for part two’








































‘Her Angel Wings’


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‘Her Angel Wings’

‘Far away over the mountains, the sky looked so magical. A bright peach color light, shining so… bright over the sea. Mermaids swim in a peaceful motion, humming a spiritual tune. The sound…. so…. refreshing …so.. relaxing….like the sound of angels humming a tune.’


‘The fog covered the mountains far away on that cloudy day. Very quiet…No sound…. As the babies laid to rest their souls, their spirits smile upon the town in peace. Each mom dress in all black, as their heart carry bitterness and guilt. Looking down at their baby graves cause more pain, thinking about how cancer took them away. Each woman blew a kiss to heaven at their bundle of joy that was no longer with them but in spirit.’

‘Each female wanted to escaped this small town, In their quiet world of minds thinking alike, they dominated. The aggression from man with dark roses, sent them in a distraction that pass on through generations. A Light shined from heaven that brought joy in their misery. Each woman had their babies in water, a spiritual birth. Each baby being lift from it’s mom womb from under water to breathing the world air, as the preacher prayed, baptizing each new-born. Each female tears roll down their faces, knowing her husband left her, as she gave birth to her bundle of joy. She created a world so far from reality, as she day dreamed into her own fantasy. All females only existed in this world. Mother Nature said “Welcome… Come my dears.” The mermaids poke their heads above the pure blue clear water, Swimming around the sea and above. They all went under the sea, seeing  all types of different color fishes brought in unity. The water felt so warm and comfortable, So…freeing…so..pure…’

‘One female back at the small town, day dreamed, as she thought about her miscarriage. Her mind brought her to her own world. In her dream she seen the beautiful heavens above. The beautiful baby angels held hands in a circle together around this bright light, one of those angels was her baby. Her baby waved at her, and she waved back. The adult angels welcome her into the gates of heaven, Jesus greeted her and held her in his arms. “Child you’re going to be fine, your bundle of joy is your guardian angel, we all are looking over you and everyone else in your town and around the world.””Go spread the word to all your fellow people, teach them real reality and how to accept what ever happen.” “You all come together and make a difference, I will work through you all to see the light at the end of the tunnel my love.” Jesus said. She woke up from her dream with tears of joy. She jumped out her bed and ran over to her next door neighbor house, knocking on the door hard but that next door neighbor was in a day dreamed in her own world.’

‘The mermaids develop wings, as the huge waves of the sea made a huge noise that shook the earth. The next door neighbor got scared as the mermaids in her mind screamed… “HELP….”HELP…. ” As they start to drowned in the sea from the huge waves. The mermaids escaped as their wings helped them fly far from the storm. The strong winds stopped as the light from above came through the cloudy dark sky.’

‘The next door neighbor kept staring at the wall in a deep day-dream, as tears went down her eyes, she realized someone was knocking on the door. She came back to reality and jumped out her chair and ran to the door. She opened it and both of the female neighbors hugged each other tight as they cried. One of the females said, “It’s going to be ok…” “The angels is watching over us all and our father in heaven is watching, The curse is broken now.”

‘A few years later, early that morning, The sun-rise was so bright over the small town. The mountains from a far away distance was so.. clear..  All the families came together. Each female let bitterness go and came close again with their husbands and children. White daisies bloomed all over the garden by each baby grave. Each female can see clearly as the blocked no longer kept them captive in their own imagination. Rose the mayor , brought all the people in the small town together to meet in the grave yard, to honor them for their voice and work in the town. Also to have a prayer service for all the babies that they lost over the years in the town. “The reason I wanted you all here today at this beautiful grave yard, is to honor our females for their work on helping to clean up this town.””We have many new schools for our children now in this town and a new college that just got built.””We also have many counseling places now for females that been abuse and that had miscarriages.””We are also working with cancer patients to.” “So many of our babies also died from cancer and so we also want to pray that our babies are resting in peace till this day.” “I want to share this story of a dream I had.” “I had a dream a few years ago.” “I went up to heaven, the angels greeted me as they open up the gates.” “My baby that I miscarried, was up heaven holding hands in a circle with the other angels around this huge beautiful light.” “Jesus hugged me so tight, I felt that fatherly love spirit on me.” “Till this day, I know my son has a father watching over him up there, just like we all have a father.” “My son is my guardian angel.” “Jesus wanted me to spread the word to many females out there, that lost a child or miscarried, Even those that been abuse.” “I knew he had a calling for my life and every life.” “Not all guys are bad at all, I see all the beautiful man sitting next to their beautiful wives today, that’s still going strong and that treats their spouses with love.” “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and from our experiences and passions, Jesus works through each of us to help the world to be a better place.” “We all can come together, man and woman, boy and girl, to make a difference in unity,” Rose said as everyone clapped. Rose looked proud as she said, “Thank you, I want to bring my next door neighbor, that is also a best friend, up here to speak.” “This is my good friend Pearl.”  Pearl stood in front of everyone. “Hi everyone, I know some of the females that’s sitting here today, lost a child, and that child grave is right here in this yard.” “I lost a child also and that child is buried here also.” “I was also a victim of abuse.” “My husband will come home drunk and call me names.” “I stared and stared at the wall in my own quiet place.” “I wanted to escaped into my own world, where there was just me and all the females, and our babies.” “My heart suffered but that cloudy day, as I heard the knocks at my door, I was so deep into my own world.” “The knocks was so loud that I got afraid, I couldn’t move, cause of my fears.” “The waves came upon me, so hard that I couldn’t safe myself but I knew I will develop wings.” “The mermaids kept yelling out, HELP…!” HELP…!” “but at the end of the tunnel, there was an angel name Rose and she is here beside me today.” “I finally had the strength to own my happiness from the father above.” “I got out my marriage safely, in a divorce.” “He said sorry and got help, we are now the best of friends.” “I’m now married to a wonderful man that treats me with love.” “I’m pregnant now with a another child.” “I know this child is a gift from Jesus.” “Everyone, let us bless on all these graves, lets pray over our children and honor our father in heaven for his greatness and love.” Everyone started praying as the angels in spirits flew all around the grave yard and the small town.  Pearl looked at Rose, “Thank you my sister for saving me and making this town better,” Pearl said.  Rose smiled at Pearl as they both left the crowd and started walking around the grave yard. “So Pearl, Do u still day dreamed in your own imaginary world?”  Pearl became silence for a while. “Well…. I do but I know it’s not true reality but it’s more true reality verses fake reality, it’s an art piece in my mind.” Rose looked at the sky and then at Pearl. “So did the mermaids ever get help?” Rose said. “Yes they did, we all did get help and I’m so happy, I know that those we lost, they’re looking down in peace, smiling on us all.” “They all are with their families up there.” “I can see clearly, the moms are flying around heavens and the children are holding hands around the light.” “Our father is smiling, our creator.” Pearl looked at Rose, they both smiled at each other. “I love you sister.” “I love you to sister.” “Thanks for inspiring me,” Pearl said. “Thanks for inspiring me and those we lost, others up and coming females are inspired to.” Rose smile and said, “You inspire me to.” “Lets continue to make a difference.” Pearl and Rose walked the grave yard, with a smile as the light shined bright from above and a peace came so clearly. The white daisies shined all over the grave yard. “We are now flying, up top of the world, from all we have overcome.”

‘The mermaids swim around the sea in a peaceful mind, as the water stayed pure and still. The different color fishes came together in unity with the mermaids. The heavens shined down on the lands, the angels held hands. The children played, laughing loud so freely…. One child looked at his mom with a smile, as she song a familiar song.’







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‘My memory became blurry on the journey, from an infant to my first steps as a child. The beautiful white clouds above, So far up…So free.. So sure…My shyness from a young age put a wall up, that world kept me safe but I was invisible to so many. The outside judged, I was misunderstood. Couldn’t stand my ground, couldn’t speak up, The words stayed so far in my soul as fear took over. I was loved but felt invisible. God knowledge and wisdom that was instilled in me, stayed with me always, building me up more and more. I remember in Virginia, looking out the window at the woods, full of tall trees. Always wonder, What is behind all those tall trees, where does it end? The older I got, I became more wiser. Started to know myself and became more confident. Everyone accepted me and respected me more but I still felt invisible. Many experiences in my life taught me so much. Many people I met taught me so much. I realized as I got older and went into the real world on my own, that I inspired so many from the godly light that’s within. Wisdom guided me through life and knowledge gave me understanding, making me wiser. My heart been broken many times, sometimes things never got settled but I always gotten back up stronger. I felt invisible, putting my wall up became my escape.  I’m older now, standing on this tall mountain, striving more and more, learning more and more.  I learn that I’m in this world for a purpose, to change the world for the better, inspiring and giving back. Still trying to move up on this spiritual journey. I still love cloudy raining days, looking out the  window at the rain drops, feeling so relaxed and free. I’m a man that’s no longer invisible but I will always have that shy little boy within me, that dreamed big in his own little world. Going into his escaped, he is invisible, I’m invisible.’