Self Published Book-‘Sweet September’- Now on Amazon and Kindle’

My book is now on Amazon and Kindle. Been trying to promote it. I hope when everyone reads this, it brings joy, meaning, hope, inspiration, humor, happiness and more. Maybe this story will change someone life, who may be mourning a death or something else in the book that may relate to that reader.

Sweet September,’ is a Fiction, Short story.
80 pages. In Paper back $15.00 and Read online in Ebook version for $3.00
Click link to purchased (or if link don’t work( right click and copy, paste in google.

Susan always enjoyed her favorite month, September, that she was nicknamed ‘Sweet September.’ September is the season of Autumn, Spring, Harvesting. That month, her plants and fruits fully bloomed in her home town of Mississippi. Also doing that month, Susan is always looking forward to the Mississippi Festival. That following year in 1995, Susan was super busy getting prepared for the festival. She is growing apples in her garden, for her mom yummy apple pies, that’s very popular in her town. Also, Susan has been so busy with her own business, the Floral shop. A business that she and late husband Ted built together. Ted died a few years ago, from a Heart attack and that same year, her Dad Sir Walters died from cancer. Combining those deaths in the same year, Susan still hasn’t got over those deaths to this day. From being on a busy schedule, she gets a surprising unexpected visit, from a high school crush named Rob Davis. Rob Davis was the handsome popular football player that always swept girls off their feet but then he broke their hearts. He was also the prankster and jokester. Susan was the nerdy shy girl in those days, that stared at Rob Davis from afar. Susan had a secret crush on Rob Davis. Rob Davis had classes with Susan but his pranks on Susan, like the time he put a frog in her shirt, was the most embarrassing for Susan, as the whole school laughed at Susan. Years later Rob Davis comes back to Mississippi to visit friends and family. He happens to be in the area, where Susan’s mom Betty lives. Susan happens to be at her mom’s house that same day. Rob Davis comes over to Betty’s house unexpectedly. So why Is Rob Davis at Betty’s House? How does Susan react? Can this truly be a match years later? How does Susan balance everything in her schedule, along with this unexpected crush, coming back into her life? Read in a quiet peaceful place. Thanks for reading

Jontetheartist Art, on sale online.


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Hi bloggers, thanks for the support and the follow. I been trying to promote my Art brand more lately. I have my Art on sale, online, on three amazing sites.

I’m on ArtPal, a site for Artists to post their Art for free, to be able to sale their Arts.
The Artpal produces the mugs and canvases, also prints of the Artist Art. Some of the original art can be purchase on the site also.      
Here is the link to my ArtPal

I’m also on two other free sites, called Tee Spring and Zazzle. Both sites are for Artists to put their Arts on shirts, Accessories, leggings, hoodies and more. People can buy the items on the Artist site. It’s like the Artist own online shop, with the Artist Art brand on items. Every sale, the site takes out the printing cost, for the art to be printed on all the items, that comes out the Artist amount of every sale. It’s like marketing Commission kind of thing.
My links for both sites

Please check out all three links. My goal is to continue to bring happiness through my Arts, my designs and writings, in hopes to also help make the world a better place.

Some of the proceeds of every sale go to some amazing causes, like Animal Charity, Saving The Planet Charity, Feeding The Hungry Charity, and more. I also give 10% of every sale, to the church I go to,
International Church Of Las Vegas.

Living god purpose for my life. Everyone has a purpose, through our dream, our god giving talent, that passion. 😇🙏😇💙🎨🎨🎨


‘Guiding Light’


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“Lets fly all Around,” “Lets fly, Spreading love, touching every soul,” his heart spoke. His eyes opened wide, as he dances with grace. Leading every eye into that open door of inspiration. The clouds so..white like snow, thick like cotton, A feeling of a deep presence, truly gives a huge hug of compassion. “Mercy…Mercy,” his heart spoke. Standing with good posture, like a statue. He let go, letting God guide him in love. The sun-light blossoms, eyes opened wide. He jumps high into the sky, kicking his leg up high, doing a ballet turn. He then glides all around, spinning in a slow dance. “Let me give you wings to fly,” his heart spoke. “Flying so freely, high…above into that purpose, that calling,” his heart spoke. “Flying high over the tall mountains, over the heights of fear, so high, that potential, that gift that God truly bless each and everyone with.” “Finding your light within,” his heart spoke. “God truly inspire Jesus, Jesus truly inspire us, We inspire each other,” His heart spoke. “Fly…”His heart spoke, “Fly…”Fly…” His heart spoke. He then dances with passion, with mercy, with grace.. With gentleness. The audience gave a huge cheer as they all stood to their feet, they then clapped. Their hearts so full of joy, inspiration. “Thank you,” he said out loud with joy, his heart spoke.

‘Through The Water Fall’


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Through The Water-fall’
‘The loud sounds of thunder, woke me up that early morning..Fear of facing another deep water fall.. Even though within that Water Fall, I love the way the water, freely..with grace.. Like an escaped to no where, but no judgement, for they know which road to take, to that path.. Their unknown is their own, for they know through the wisdom they obtain. The water comes from that high mountain, starting from the top, but it’s their bottom, their story. No empathy, the missing piece, they then feel alone in their own. We all have our own story to tell, we all have our heavy rocks to carry, those rocks truly carry us into a weakness but then we become stronger from inspiration of that high mountain. The many waters that came down into the water fall in unity, into a grace, with love, we then have a story, we then can relate, we then get inspired, even if fear does take over, even if we get judge, no matter what, we don’t know what each other are facing personally. Through that Water fall, through each story, we can all connect and we then can relate. That morning, the loud sounds of thunder, woke me up, but I stood more and more with strength, that Water Fall gave more of a positive out look, cause of the wisdom, I gain from the light above, that shine from the beauty of the blue sky, through the joy of the clouds. We then inspire each other,we then help each other, making the world a better place.’

‘A Virtue Of A Treasure’


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‘A Virtue Of A Treasure’

I open my eyes…The beauty of the pure… Clear water…. Filled my eyes… I’m confused… Don’t know where I’m at, my eyes is blinded by the confusion..fear takes over, like the fear of a Lion roar……
I see lots of waves, still trying to figure out, where I’m at, but enjoying this escape into the unknown. Finally through the waves, my body float into a free space. Under water, it’s a deep pure blue, a deep pure peace. I look down, I noticed part of my body was part mer-man, my fish tail move gracefully, along with my upper body. Fishes of all colors, welcome me, with an godly presence, into unity. They led the way, under water, through the lake. My heart is filled with love, my heart heals, leaving the pain behind. The beauty of the plants, give a meaning of survival. The beauty of the shells, that give tough skin, like the snails that’s fearless. I stared with inspiration, giving hope into a new beginning. I swim above water, popping my head out of water, I see the tall mountains surrounding me and the big lake im in. The clouds is so full… So thick… Like marshmallows. The sun shine down from the clouds, so bright… So full of joy. The blue sky is the same color, just like the water im swimming in. The purity.. The freedom.. The love.. The inspiration… The salvation.. Coming together into a new beginning, bringing me into the new me within.
That purpose…i then become that virtue of a helping making the world a better place, more and more..

Sky’s The Limit


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 Sky’s the limit’
That mountain within my heart, the fear of climbing higher, the fear of getting left. Trapped in the cracks of the earth, feeling stuck in a deep hole. The drive of the many seconds within a minute, how fast time truly does travel, time truly does move so fast. The earth spin in circles, finding that hope in this race. So many pass me by, heading higher to the top of that mountain. Don’t want to judge a cactus for its thorns, for I don’t know what it’s been through, those thorns, it never ask for it. Just like life brings stones, trials, challenges, we never ask for but the world isn’t perfect. Through the pain, the sorrows, the trials, we rise again, peace always comes back. In that quiet space, I seen the beauty of nature That bloom so fearless. Inspirational appears every where, it starts within, we then spread that seed to many. That mountain, truly is a high long road but one day I will walk into that purpose more, through God grace.’ Life is to short to not live fully, staying grateful and inspire.’ 




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‘Moving on… From Pain.. From Sorrow…
From.. The tears that streamed down the face of emotion, like the beauty of the Water fall.. That goes down with freedom.
The water is so pure.. Just like that heart… That’s full.. Of so.. Much mercy… Compassion.. That care.. That bond… They then inspire. Even though more brokenness always appeared in the shadow, through the dark, a light always appeared. The leaves fell off the trees… On to the ground with grace.. But their strength keeps them in hope. Their beauty still out shines the darkness from within, their light still shine, standing out more than ever, Moving on and on, they truly overcome, still growing, still hope.’



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‘Alone…in a pitch black silence…
My heart wonders… Going into my
Own… My cover is a shield. My mind is
In a day-dream. My heart breaks from the unloving, the punishment from the distance, the miles from another soul that abandon my soul. I push… With all.. My might… Trying to open that door but it’s stubbornness takes control. The blindness can’t see, that black wall goes up, blocking both souls in separation. That voice within me yells.. Please come back to me.. Please love me.. Please like me.. I wake up to a silence… Alone. The black birds flew all over the sky, spreading their wings so freely. Their inspiration gave me hope, gave me that freedom to let go and know that theirs better to come. My heart misses but I know love will come again. That beautiful light in the nightly sky, shines through, from the moon coming in its own. Through that dark sad place, theirs always a light at the end of that tunnel, hope and peace always comes around again.’


‘Slow Dance’


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33943422_2184478078236120_3084937625597902848_n‘Slow Dance’
‘The branches moved… With an rhythm, in a slow dance…  with the warm.. Graceful.. Sultry breeze…’
‘The leaves hung on with inspiration, enjoying the ride. Peace filled the moment.  Silence… Silence… quietness into a meditation… The sun is the audience, witnessing the moment that can’t never be broken.’ 
‘The clouds from above moved with Grace… Elegance… Inspiration … spread like angel wings. Float freely… Let go… In a slow dance… Relax… Relax… Enjoy..’

‘The Twins Of The Eclipse’


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‘The Twins of the Eclipse,’ came together in a lost era. Looking in each other eyes, they seen the connection before birth. Their light took them on a journey as they both came together in Unity. The Earth rotated as the stars passes from day to-night. The Moon blossomed all around the globe. The clouds gave a welcome. The light moved all around the earth, going back and forth, from day to night. The twins witness this beautiful journey of their Solar System family, coming together in Unity. Mars rotated around the earth with love, Mercury rotated around the earth with gratitude, Jupiter rotated around the earth with compassion, Saturn rotated around the earth with kindness, Neptune rotated around the earth with positivity. The Milky Way rotated around the earth with humor, telling the twins “I’m the uncle Milky Way, from your parent’s side of the Eclipse.” “Milk sounds good right now, with Chocolate Chip cookies.” The Solar Eclipse Twins laughed, as they kept rotating the earth, all together with joy. The earth kept going from day to night. All of a sudden, A very bright light came upon the earth, so bright, that the light hurted the twins eyes. They covered their eyes, as they felt themselves falling far.. far… on to earth. Uranus, Pluto, and Venus guided them on this journey to their purpose. The Twins fell on a high mountain, their eyes still close. The night stood still, as the moon watched over all, with its light. The stars in the sky joined the moon in the nightly sky. They all held hands, making a circle in the nightly sky, making wishes for all the best to come. The twins fell a sleep on the highest mountain.’

‘Hours later, The Twins eyes opened slowly, wondering where are they. Looking around, noticing they’re on top of a mountain. They looked up, at the big sky above them, looking very shocked at the night and day combined. Part of the sky is day, with the sun and clouds. The other side is night, with the moon and stars. All the Planet Solar Eclipse came together in Unity. Mother Nature smiled on the twins. The twins held hands on top of the high mountain, staring together at all their planet Eclipse family. A bright light from the sky, came between the day and night, separating the day from night. That light was so… bright… that the twins closed their eyes as they both held hands tight. The twins kept moving farther and farther back from the cliff of the mountain, still closing their eyes from the bright light. They fell from the high mountain, into the water fall, at the bottom of the mountains. Right when the twins hit the deep pure water, as they fell deep into the water, they can see an angel under water with them. The angel guides them to this bright light, coming from a small circle under water. When the angel grabbed their hands, they automatically turn to human infant babies. They all swim to the light under water.’

“Maggie.. push.. Now breath.. Almost… I see the head,” The doctor said to proud parents, Maggie and Dave.  Maggie went into labor this evening. Dave rush to the hospital, by her side, holding her hand. Maggie gave birth to two beautiful twins. A healthy baby boy and girl. The twins eyes sparkle, as the doctor handed the beautiful twins over to Dave and Maggie. “Oh honey, they’re very beautiful,” Maggie said. Dave smiled, “Yes they’re very beautiful.” “Their eyes has that special light.” “I can see they’re going to change the world for the better in unity.” “That truly does bring us and the rest of the family together.” All of a sudden, a big knock at the door. “SURPRISED!!!!” loud voices shouted out. The room was filled with all of Maggie and Dave relatives, grand parents, their parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, nieces, nephews. They all brought balloons and flowers. Each of them was filled with joy, welcoming the twins to the family. “Wait, What should we name the twins?” Dave ask. “Apollo and Luna, cause we are fans of the Planet Eclipse,” Maggie said. The room was filled with joy.

‘ The infant twins, Apollo and Luna laid next to each other in the nursery. They looked at each other and wink one eye, they then held hands. Dave stood outside the nursery, looking through the window glass at the twins, with a big smile. The babies, could see the big window outside the nursery, behind Dave, above his head. The sun from outside the window, filled the whole hospital with a bright light. An angel appeared in the sky, next to the sun. The Angel waved at the babies and blew a kiss with his hand. The babies giggle, as they both held hands, enjoying the unity and the connection from the light above, that brought them into the world.’