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Art/Photography piece by JonteTheArtist-called,”Inspired by your emotions from inside to outside”

Your Biggest Fears- Lets discussed By JonteTheArtist

We all in this world together. We all human beings. Even though we are all in this world together and we all have problems,We tend to feel alone. We only feel the pain that we go through. God above and we can only see whats in our hearts and minds.

I think its easy to look at others and say,Theyre so beautiful,Or they’re in such great shape,Or they’re so confident. Those are just examples. Other examples like,They have a bigger car,Or they have it all. We tend to look at others like they’re ok,Or they have something that we wish we had. Even though we made look at someone and they made have whatever or more than you, But how do you know what they’re feeling? How do you know they’re happy? What ever you may see about them,Like if they’re so beautiful,How do you know they feel that way? We tend to look at someone and judge them and put them in a category. We tend to feel low and no good,Whenever we see someone who has whatever it is, That we wish we had. I think its very important to don’t worry about what others have or how much more they have than you.

Love yourselves and pray,Be happy with what you have. If you have a hard time not accepting you and what you have, Pray and talk to the father above. Have that confidence and faith in him and know that he has a plan for you. Stop looking at others to determined what you don’t have and what you should have. Be thankful and accept you. Know that the lord above has blessings for you and there’s more to come, But be thankful for what you have now. Focus on the relationship with him,Thats what matters. Dont worry about others,Dont worry about what you don’t have or want to have. I think its good to come together and speak out on whats in our hearts and being able to connect and relate. So the question is,What is your biggest fear? What is something that makes you afraid or scared? What is something that you really fear in life? Do you have that problem of looking at others that has way more than you? Explain…