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Art/Photography-By JonteTheArtist-Called”Its A Mans World”

I feel like I’m stuck on some days…I feel like everything around me stops in a certain time frame and I’m still stuck behind. The world is moving fast and fast around us..Time is really moving like someone fast forwarding a really bad movie on a DVD player. I feel like I have associates but not friends, But I know that people love me and care for me and they will do anything for me. That door open but sometimes afraid to open it all the way because afraid what might be behind it and feel like I need to protect myself. I let the wall down totally sometimes but then have to bite my tongue, Telling myself, Reminding myself that I’m hurt once again. The pain of being hurt, The pain of being let down again but then I pick myself up again and back for another round. I get stronger within the days and learn more and more everyday and can feel the confidence and the boldness within me. I’m in the world for a reason living for the creator,The father,Our God,Our lord above. I want to be heard but sometimes feels like I’m visible. I want to be notice but wondering if maybe I’m misunderstood. I want to be love but not sure if some do. At the end of the day I feel so alone but dont mind being alone, No one is there. I have the father, We have the father, Our friend,Our dad,Our love. I’m desperate for the next step but feels like something is getting in the way. I want to break out this shell. I want to walk all the way to the mountain nonstop cause its like an escaped. I want to be more confident and feel more comfortable in my skin. I want to get more answers of why I’m here on this earth,What is my purpose,My calling. I turn to you father above, I look to you for the answers. Adviced, Adviced, To seek the father above first and everything else will come. We all go through the same things in this world, We all in this together. I now picked myself up with the strength that the father above gives us and I’m dealing with life with pations and positivity and faith.