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Art Piece Sketches by JonteTheArtist called
” A Natural Unknown Unique Beauty Innocence”

Pencil Sketches- By JonteTheArtist

On the bus heading to work yesterday night. I seen this african small lady on the bus. She sat down a few seats in front of me. I had a great look of the side of her face, The long neck and the great bone structure,High cheek bones, Urban brown honey skin. She had her thick hair pull up in a pony tail and a hair ban wrap around her head. It was like she didnt have any idea that she was beautiful and that she was my next art piece. She was posing a certain way,She had her hand by her ear,Holding her cell phone. I looked and looked and knew that this will be a great sketch. I wasn’t checking her out in a lust way..I was just looking at her in a normal way. It wasn’t just her beauty,She is beautiful,But it was also her uniqueness and it was the shape of her features. The other thing I like to was she was posing a certain way like she was going to take a picture and didnt know it. She had this beauty and it was like she didnt know it. She wasn’t trying to hard. She had a striped shirt on and black jeans,The white band on her head matched her white and black striped shirt. She got off the bus on her stop and then another lady came on and sat in the same exact spot. This lady was african to. She sat turning side way like the other lady. She was beautiful to, A very unique beauty that she didnt realised either. She had the same exact bone structure and long neck like the other lady,But her hair was short and curly. I have the images in my mind and can’t wait to draw the side images,Skecthing. I seen this other guy on the bus with a mohawk. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think everyone has their own way of what is beautiful to them. I think beauty comes from within and that it shines on the outside. I think its the way someone smiles and how they light up when they see something amazing. I also think beauty is when the person dont tries to hard and doesnt even realised that theyre beautiful.

Theyre just natural and just themselves,Thats beautiful to me. I think thats what these two woman had was a innocent beauty…No makeup ..Very natural..Regular.. They wasn’t trying to get attention..Just minding their own business. They was covered up..Well dress…

That innocence and that natural beauty, sometimes society dont see everything the same way. I think if you have love for you and know and want to be a great person and be good to everyone else..Loving the lord above and seeking him first…Know that youre beautiful inside and out..Thats the most beautiful thing ever. ” A Natural Unknown Unique beauty Innocence.” These two woman inspired this piece.

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