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As I sit infront of the Star Bucks on this beautiful Sunny Breezy day, I’ hear the beautiful soft relax music coming out of the speakers. Sitting at the table,The Smell of coffee scent coming from out of the Star Bucks. I sit there at the table with my bible and write in my journal. I feel at peace at that point, I sit and I look around me and take everything all in and realised that the world is beautiful. I take it all in, Its like I just pause in that great moment and everything around me is moving around me. I look at everyone and all the trees and really realising how lucky we all are to have this beautiful looking world. I just sit back and enjoy the view around me, The pine trees across the street is blowing in the breeze and all the cars are going by. Its a quiet peaceful relax day. I open up my bible and read Genesis, When the world was first created. I then read this verse- God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. I was so impress with this verse and it reminds us that we are and were created as his. He is a great father and creator, He is love and greatness and rightousness, He wants the best for us all. We should be full of joy and happiness that we were made from this wonderful amazing creator. I want to fore sure be like him and know that I’m living for him and want to do his works from the heart.