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Photography/Art piece By JonteTheArtist- Called “Its A Mans World”

Where are you my other half? Are you near? Are you close? Are you on the other side of the world far far away?
We are gonna meet soon. Do you even know that I exist? Do we even know that each other exist?
There is so many in this world and out of all these people, You are the one for me. Its always been said that when you look to hard for that special one, You dont find. When you dont really look for it, It happens unexpected. We must really match and fill out each other really well. No wonder why its called other half cause when me and you come together its like two puzzle pieces that fits really well. Our souls come together and we just really get each other. We are gonna teach each other things about life and help each other grow. Things I know that you dont know, U will know. Things that you know that I dont know,I will know. We are gonna have problems and disagreements in life but thats alright cause relationships are not met to be perfect and we can stick together as one and work them out with god. We may not can’t have a perfect relationship but we can surely have a good relationship. When we first lay eyes on each other, Its gonna be a feeling that I cant describe. We will just know that this is it, You are the one. Words cant describe it, You are the one. What are you doing now my soul mate? Do you know that I even exist? We are gonna come together on the same path.

The lord above is gonna direct us on that same path, So we can come together face to face. Hang in there cause its gonna happen soon. I cant wait to feel that feeling and joy in my heart when we first come face to face. Where ever you are, Hold on and know the time is near. You are my soul mate and my other half, My love, My joy, My everything, My happiness, My blessing from above. My Soul Mate I love you…..

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