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‘A short story passage- Letting go but still have hope’

‘I try to let go but at the same time I can’t let go. You are very special as the beautiful stars in the night sky shining down from above. I feel this amazing feeling in my soul, My heart. This wall is up but not all the way up. I’m open to your love and your soul. I was so hypnotized by your words and sweetness. Time flys by like a beautiful bird flying over the mountains in the deep blue sky. That time that I thought that we was gonna have together hasn’t happen. I think about you and what we possibly can have. Do you think about me and what we possibly can have?  We drifted apart like being loss on a island. Running and running trying to figure out what happen, Where are you. Where did we go wrong? Why did we drifted apart? Was what we had was real? I did my part on my end, but are you doing your part on your end? I think to myself how bad I want you and want to be so next to you. Want to spend the whole day with you looking into each other eyes. I want us to get to know each other deep from the soul and fall into this love, This beautiful passion making love between me and you. You are gone and no where to be found. I have my wall up now cause so afraid to get this heart broken. I have try to open this door for me and you but you have close it on me. I have back away from it but at the same time still standing there in hopes that you will open it back up. You will always be in my heart.  I’m letting go but still have hope.’