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I believe, I believe, I so believe. The lord above hear our pray and see’s and hear’s us. Its complicated sometimes cause in life we feel like we pray and pray and pray but in our world we feel like nothing is coming true. It seems like no one hears our crying out, Our request. Our lord above has a plan for each of our life. We pray for what we want and things that we think will be good for us all.

When I was a kid, I always heard that If you ask and believe, You should receive. So I thought that met that I can pray for a million dollars and I will get it. I always try things like that, Praying for anything I wanted and expected it to happen right away. Wow..did I learn that the hard way as I got older.

Now at thirty three years old, I learn at church that if you ask and believe,You should receive but.. but if it’s only in the lord above plan, Then it will come true. I learn that believe is faith, Its very important to have that faith which is keep on believing. I learn that when I pray for something that just because it doesn’t come true now doesn’t mean that it won’t ever, It’s just not met now for it to happen now. If it never ever comes true, Then it’s not in the lord above plan, It’s not in his plans. I learn that the lord above works in differen’t ways for each of our life. So when you pray, Don’t lose hope, Keep believing. Also I learn that the relationship with our lord above, That personal relationship is very important. Learn about him and the more you learn about him and the closer you get and having that personal relationship teaches us how he works and his plans for our life. Patients is everything and relaxing in him. When you pray to him and asking for something, Then after you pray, Just relax and know that he got the request. Wait on him, Be patient and know that he has a plan. He may not always answer us right away but he is always on time. He may not ever bless you or me with that millions of bucks but you never know, He just may. Also the lord above is enough. If you have him, You do have a million of bucks cause the lord above is enough. Always know that he will always put you in the right place even if your pray request is not in his plans for you. You may pray for that house but he might bless you with an apartment for now. No matter what, he puts us where he wants us. Plus just because things don’t happen now, Doesn’t mean it will never happen. He works in differen’t ways in each of our lifes. Keep the faith- Keep believing.