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  Art/Photography piece by JonteTheArtist-called,”Inspired by your emotions from inside and out”

A story through the arts- ‘You Gave Up- You Let Me Go’

“You gave up on what we had. You let me fall and didn’t even catch me. I feel like you just threw me in a box and locked it. When we first met you said that you cared for me, That you love me,That you was gonna be there. Now you are no where to be found. I feel so betrayed, I feel like you stabbed a knife so far in my heart, My soul. How can you go on with your life, Laughing and smiling like nothing ever happened. I’m hurt and sad, You dont have no care in the world for the pain that you coss me. You’re to head strong, You’re to blind to see your issues. Look in the mirrior my love, Look closely and see your issues and
take responsibility. You don’t have the gutts to amit that you’re wrong cause you don’t want to see your wrongs and if you do see your wrongs you block it out. It hurts you to amit your wrongs and it makes you feel bad deep down. That pain thats in your heart, That feeling deep down,Take that pain and realized that this is what I’m feeling to. If you don’t like this pain then understand the pain that you coss me and know that pain that you feel is the pain that I feel. Treat me how you want to be treated. I did all I can do to keep our love and what we had strong but you didn’t do your part. You gave up, You let me go…..’

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