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‘Photo From Google Images’

“Trying To Find My Way” -A short story through the arts-
‘I’m lost in this beautiful water fall. Trying to make my way out. Once I get out I see these beautiful brown Mountains. The water is coming down really fast. I’m swimming and swimming to the top of the water trying to breath, Not letting the water go in my nose, Gasping for air. I look around and see how beautiful it is, I feel like I don’t want to leave now. The sun in the sky is shining over this beautiful water fall, Reflecting off the water. Then I realised that the water is rushing around me like a big wave. I get scared and swim as fast as I can until I finally find a save spot by the mountains. Wow!! I’m in a save place, Sitting on a rock by the mountains watching the beautiful waterfall coming down and the beautiful sun reflecting from the sky even more. The beautiful birds flying around the beautiful blue sky. I take a deep breath and I feel relieve and at peace. I feel relax enjoying the view of this beautiful scene infront of me. I know now that everything is gonna be ok. I now found my way.’