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Photography By- JonteTheArtist

‘Walking And Walking As Far As I Can-It’s My Escaped”- An Short Story Through The Arts

By JonteTheArtist

‘It’s such a beautful breezy day out today. I’m walking and walking not thinking of anything. Just escaping in this peaceful mind. Walking as far as I can enjoying the beauty all around me.  I feel so good and free, In the moment. I walk ten, twenty, thirty steps by now. As I turn around I’m really far from my place. I ‘m just escaping in this peaceful moment. My head, My mind is clear. I look all around me, Taking this beautiful world all in that our beautiful lord above created. The Pine Trees are blowing in the wind from the cool breeze in the air. The sun is setting, Almost looking dark out now. No cloud in sight now. The sky is looking like a beautiful color orange peach color. I walked so far now, Really far, Feeling so good in this peaceful mind. My mind and my head is very clear and free, Enjoying whats around me. Walking is my escaped.’

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