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Art/Photography Pieces By JonteTheArtist called “Emotions”


‘I’m Leaving U And Never Ever Coming Back Again’- A story through the Arts- By JonteTheArtist

‘I’m Leaving u and never ever coming back again. You push me this far. I can’t except this pain that you coss in my life. I wish that I wouldn’t have ever laid eyes on you or even step a foot near you. I learn so much from this hurt and this made me a better stronger person because of it, Thankyou.  You are going on with your life and don’t even care for the hurt and pain that I feel, That you coss. I’m not gonna care cause I try to make it all right but you didn’t do your part. I use to look at my phone for hours in hopes that you will call and take this pain away. Back to reality, You are sticking to your stubborn blind ways still. You don’t care and so why I should I. I have to accept what is done, Is done. I’m leaving and never ever coming back. If you love me, You wouldn’t let me walk out that door. I take one step as I grab my suit case and open the front door and then turn to look at you for the last time. You can’t even look me in my sad eyes. Look me in the eyes for that one last time and know that this will be the last time you will see these eyes. I then turn my head and walk outside into a new life, The door slams behind me. My heart is so broken and hurt but I feel satisfied at the same time. My tears is slowly running down my face. I came to an conclusion I’m better off without you. I don’t have to feel this pain and hurt anymore. I’m healing and getting better day by day. My life is better without you in it.’


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