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‘Talking To My Young Self’
By JonteTheArtist

‘You are bless little boy. You are beautiful inside and out. You are gonna have hard times down the road but will get back up stronger than ever. You are gonna go through so much pain and emotion down the road. There is some great times and happy times to. You are gonna learn so much and god is gonna lead your path. It’s gonna be very confusing but you are gonna see why this all happened the way it did.  You are gonna learn alot and do some really great big things in your life. The storm is now over and you are gonna be alright. Hang in there beautiful little boy, Hang in there. You are very talented and a passionnant person. Your talents is gonna go very far and will be remember for a life time. Your talents is gonna inspire other people and is gonna bring happiness to the world.  Don’t depend on others to tell you how talented and special you are, Know that you are. God is special, He made you an reflection of him.  Be patient and always keep that hope alive. Let the lord above lead your life and everything else will come. It’s not about wanting things from god, It’s that he is worthy for all the great he has done.  Keep the faith, Keep on believing. Keep your head up. Don’t lose that beautiful smile. Don’t lose that great down to earth personality. Keep being inspire and keep learning. Keep loving god and always put him first. Keep praying and giving thanks. Remember you are in this world not for your gifts and talents but for gods works, His calling for you to make the world a better place. It’s ok to pursue those talents and use them but through all that, You are in this world for god and to live for him, Doing his calling, Making the world a better place. I love you and you are gonna be fine, Just wait and see.’