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China Doll-“I’m enjoying my trip in Hawii,It’s our anniversary,Time to celebrate.”

“Baby China Dolls’- “Dad Da da.”….”Mom MA MA..”

‘China Doll’- “My dreams are finally coming true,I’m on my way- ACTION.”

China Doll welcomes 2011-“Hi ya’ll, This is china doll. Its 2011, What are your goals?What is your workout resolutions and plans? Let this be that year that you all acheive those goals and become more healthy and stay fit.”

‘China Doll’-“I feel like a princess, I’m on my way to the ballroom dance.” Do you like my dress?”

‘China Doll’-” I cant wait to see the game, Go Chicago, Go Chicago.”

”China Doll”, I love me some jazz, Me and my boyfriend is heading to the jazz club.
”China Doll”, I love me some jazz, Me and my boyfriend is heading to the jazz club.
‘China Doll’- “I love me some jazz, Me and my boyfriend is heading to the jazz club.”

‘China Doll’-“I’m in this Hip Hop dance group, I’m feeling nervouse, About to go on stage and perform the dance, With the team. Wish me luck…..”

‘China Doll- “I’m feeling sexy,I’m going to the club with some friends, A night on the town.”

‘China Doll-” I’m in my yellow dress, Going on a blind date, To a great fancy restuarant, Quiet evening, Wine in a glass.”

”China Doll-Casual-“Lets go to the mall, I want to go shopping.”

China Doll In pink dress- ”Its time for work, I need a cup of coffee to start the morning.”

Art Pieces-Called China Doll-By JonteTheArtist

‘China Doll’Over The Years’-By JonteTheArtist

‘China Doll started when I was twelve years old. I created this person from this great idea that I had in my mind. I always had a created mind of how I wanted my character to be. China Doll is Chinese, But at the same time very different and does’nt look like anybody else. From her arms to her face shape and her eyes and features. I like that she also has fashion and unique beauty, Classy at the same time. As I got older I wanted to work on doing some really cool things with China Doll, Creating different looks and ideas with China Doll. Its like China Doll own world. I want to create a cartoon or maybe a short story or book on the China Doll characters. Its like they will have their own story, Everyday issues like real life people do. I’m working on teen China Doll and kid China Doll, Also male China Doll. I hope to oneday do small statues of China Doll and have a line out of China Doll items out. Im creating different China Dolls with different expressions now to. Keep a look out for whats to come next with China Doll.

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