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By JonteTheArtist-Art Piece- Asia’s Garden’

‘Asia’s Garden-By JonteTheArtist-A Story Through The Arts’

Asia opens the red fence to this beautiful garden. Feeling so joyful of this gift that god bless her with. The beautiful green tall weeds over our heads, Looking tores the beautiful blue sky.

A garden with gentleness and passion. It’s beautiful with color and heart. It’s a passion with love, care, sweat and tears. The beautiful sun is shining on all the fruits and Veggies and plants. The color of all the fruits and veggies is so bright with joy. The beautiful tall daisys blooms, Standing tall with boldness. Standing in the beauty of it all with a great positive vibe. Feeding the garden with water, The garden receives it with love. The beauty of mother nature is born again.