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Photography-By JonteTheArtist

‘In This Special Moment On A Beautiful Rainy Day’ – By JonteTheArtist- A story Through The Arts’

‘The breezy strong winds blowing hard from the heavens down on this blue round earth. The mountains far away looks so unseen and lonely in the shadows, through the cloudyness and fog. The cloudy dark blue gray sky over our heads looking down on us with relieved. The rain coming down washing the earth, Cleansing it from the bottom of its soil to the skies above. No one is no where to be found, Giving the earth that time to receive the the lord above love. Remembering all he has created from the beginning and before man kind. How beautiful this raining day is and how much it reminds us that our lord above is always looking down and creating. This is a special moment. Taking it all in. So appreciated of this beauty of rain, In this special moment on a beautiful rainy day.’