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Photograph- By JonteTheArtist-Through The Storm’

‘The Storm Is Over’- By JonteTheArtist- A Story Through The Arts’

‘The Storm is finally over, No longer suffering.

I felt the pain and trauma through it all.

I hung on so tightly like a thread tie through a needle hole.

Anything I did to get through the storm, Trying to make it right.

Trying to do everything in my power to fight it but nothing was working.

The water hit me really hard and then it thunder more and more in the sky.

Then that following morning I pray and pray, The lord above heard my pray.

It was a sunny beautiful day out and very breezy as I looked around.

My heart was so relieved and felt save.

Protected like the beautiful flowers blooming in the beautiful sun shine.

The storm is over and it’s a new day. I’m back now in gods holy spirit.

The storm is over.’