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Art/Photography- By JonteTheArtist- Called-”Inspired by your emotions from inside to outside”

‘Blinded By The Black Robe’
– By JonteTheArtist

‘The black robe is over your eyes, U can’t see.

You didn’t take the time to see what you been missing for a really long time now.

Your pain is so deep down in your soul like a river deep, So deep to the end that never ends.

You don’t care for the hurt you cause others because of the hurt thats inside of you.

You are so num from so much pain that you suffered all your life.

That pain built up inside of you like a Volcano going up in flames.

Your pain and anger is very contagious. Get help to overcome your pain thats river deep.

Dealing with it is getting help, Moving forward, Letting go, Healing from the help you received.

Now that you overcame that pain and the anger, You can now see the light.

Go take the pain away that you cause others with your words of caring and love. You are awoke.

Eyes are open wide and aware like the beautiful Sunray shining down on a very hot bright day.

You are healed now. Use that healing to heal others.  Making all things positive.

Your surroundings are joyful, Happiness, Like the angels singing from above.

You are no longer blinded by the black robe.’