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Art/Photography-By JonteTheArtist-‘African Arts’

‘Solving The Battle Ship’-By JonteTheArtist

‘I’m calling out through the hard glass, But the hard surface reflects my tune’ back at me with a force of thunder.’

‘I no longer have my strength within my control of self-destructive.’ Miscommunication with a misunderstanding of my’
outside flesh.’

‘Our eyes look through each others, Identifying who right or who’s wrong.’ Taking turns climbing up that mountain with war’ in our eyes.’

‘Blinded by the stupidity between two roles in this scene of negativity. No one in’ the middle to reunite in the holy’ temples.’

‘Our minds couldnt cleansed the negativity that’s blinded the outside flesh. It’s’ a’ long hard black road ahead in the’ battle ship.’

‘Breaking through this hardness of the many hits the heart took. Moving from’ this hardship of pain. Standing up straight’ on my two legs with boldness, Calling it truce.’

‘Heading down the beautiful bridge of peacefulness where its holy and healing.’