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Art Piece- By JonteTheArtist-Called- ‘Heart Breaker With A Charm’

‘Heart Breaker With A Charm’

‘You mesmerized me with your charmed and lovely smile.’
‘So tooken away by the passion of your words.’
‘You broke into my world freely with your kindness.’
‘I was so convinced with your presence.’
‘We both became so insinc like one pure soul.’
‘I was so relaxed in your ways of having all of me at the palms of your hands.’
‘So blinded by whats beneath the surface of your soul.’
‘Your shield was your covering.’
‘You gave me a beautiful red rose but it crumble in front of my eyes.’
‘One teardrop with emotion from a broken heart of pain that you cause.’
‘You brought the pain unnoticed with a surprise of disappointment.’
‘I can’t see the real human through the shield that’s hard like the surface of a rock.’
‘So scar from the dart bruises deep runic in the middle of my heart.’
‘The pain over comes me with shelter of wool.’
‘The train has come on the noise tracks within distance.’
‘I look far away at this goodbye with unsureness.’
‘I get on to my senses with wisdom.’
‘I leave this pain, This hardness long behind.’
‘So many steps far away from this soul of betrayal.’
‘Moving into myself with love, Empowered from this pain that’s now in the past and present.’