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Art/Photography-By JonteTheArtist-Called ‘Night & Day’

‘The Holy- Verses -The Flesh’-By JonteTheArtist

‘I get back up again in this strength.’

‘The Flesh was taking lead, Owning me with controlled unexpectedly.’

‘I was weak without knowing the blindness over my eyes that prevented the clear picture of righteousness.’

‘Dragging myself on the sandy grounds with weakness, Feeling weak in the knees.’

‘I can only take as much as I can.’

‘The bad spirits took over me with control of anger,Bitterness,Jealously,Sadness.’

‘Differen’t emotions running through me like a feast at the Kings table.’

‘Praying to beautiful god above for his holy spirit to come down upon my weak body.’

‘The holy spirit cleansed this temple.’

‘The holy spirit fed my soul with care,Love,Happiness,Knowledge,Faith,Wisdom.’

‘All of the bad spirits that is the flesh,Left really fast.’

‘Able to stand up against the flesh boldly in this holy temple.’

‘Not blinded anymore, Can finally see the light clearly.’

‘This path is being led in the holy spirit from god.’

‘Heavenly god,The father looks down on all this earth with love,With Care.’

‘His holy spirit fills all,Protecting all,The flesh is no longer near.’