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Photography-By JonteTheArtist

‘Traffic To The Future’- By JonteTheArtist

‘Driving on this street to the next chapter that’s not promise. The risk of not knowing where the world would end for me in this imagination that I always day dreamed.’

‘Reality is coming to the fore front as I drive and drive away into this new beginning. It’s just me and my hopes of becoming this dream.’

‘These four wheels driving smoothly on the road,Cruising with motion. Looking ahead as I ride far out my way,Feeling so scared of the unexpected.’

‘Wondering if this is real. The traffic light stops me in my tracks. I look up to see the color red,Telling me to stop and take a deep breath,Relax.’

‘The color yellow,Tells me to slow down,Have faith,Come down,You are gonna be alright in gods holy spirit on this journey to the future of dreams.’

‘The color green tells me to go for what you been longing for all your life with God by your side leading your path.’

‘Driving off with faith and hope in my heart. Feeling joyful as I open the window letting the breeze come in freely as I drive out into this traffic to the future.’