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‘Life Is On Hold’-By JonteTheArtist
Waking up in the early morning in this sunset with a reminder of the awakening world.

My emotions carries on discouragement from the criticism received from different parts of this shapely round circle globe.

Confusion is my emotion of fear. The comfort I’m longing for, is no where in sight. The doors wouldn’t open up to the world that’s in their own reality.

Looking for that chapter in the book that will give me all the words that’s comforting. I then come back to reality from a daydreamed in hopes that life will be easy.

This is the real world with tough love, So tough that it’s unbreakable. I brought myself this far to the other side, Trying to find what I been missing in this human Nature bliss.

I’m stuck in the middle of this crowd trying to make my way up this tall ladder of hope.

Life isn’t a joke with real life bees, It’s a beauty with a mixture of realness,Sadness,confusion with love that stings real bad.

I move in the path that has this gate blocking the way of my big steps ahead. Making the pass mistakes that has hunt me moved far behind me outer space.

The righteousness paying back the hard times that I brought upon myself. Little by little moving within this new tight crowd of new people.

Learning more in the days in passing. Seeing my life in front of me clearly shining in hopes of A movement with knowledge and wisdom.