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Art Piece-Called ‘African Princess

This is a story I’m creating called African Princess. This poetry is what her dad says to her in the book. She finds out some info on her mom abandoning her when she was a baby. She then confronts her dad on why this was kept a secret from her, For so long. This is what her dad says to her.

‘Words to a wonder lonely soul looking for a peace of mind’- By JonteTheArtist

Your curiosity with the pain that you suffered was a unknown in my blindness. My protection for you is all I ever knew and sow. The hurt that I feel for you is like a lions teeth biting deep into my heart and soul. The beautiful precious creature that god put into my life was abandoned by a unloved human being who I once thought was gonna be my other half for eternity, Until the end of time. Your childhood isn’t forever in a cocoon. You blossom into a beautiful butter fly, Ready to fly into the village of dreams. With all your wonder, I know you are looking for the unanswered words. The path ahead to what you’re looking for is long like a giraffe neck that never ends. The pain that’s past tense hunts our steps into the future until the unanswered becomes answered to why it all became. The sheltering was your protection from me.

I couldn’t see what I was suppose to see cause my rage within me was a covering like the sun going down behind the steeped tall mountains above Kenya. My side of this apology will cure you from the pain that wasn’t my intention to hurt you. The misunderstanding of what was presented to you was painful. My intentions wasn’t to hurt you, But to protect you from the unloved being. I’m late telling a secret that was kept quiet in the wilderness, Buried away from existence. Many steps that you took on this soil ground in this village, Is steps to the real conclusion to your unanswered words. You chase this wondered with your whole soul, hunting for that hungryness for a peace of mind. The more you looked, The clearly you can see. The more you find, The more you will seek. You climbed the tall peach tree outside to grabbed that juicy peach that was far above up high with the blue cloudy sky. You came back down safely with the peach in your hand. I looked into your eyes and can see your happiness, Your reward for the boldness and bravery you possessed. You go for what you know in gods spirit, Wisdom, Knowledge. Follow in that path of a strong Warrior. You are my soul, My joy. You are my everything, My one and only african princess.