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‘The bridge of love’-By JonteTheArtist
Art sketch-By JonteTheArtist

‘Everyone walks by on this sunny quiet day.
The breeze flowing in the air so freely.
looking at the beauty surrounding them.
The big brown wooden bridge in front of them,
Speaking to them with a soft welcome of love.
The beautiful blue lake surrounding the bridge
in unity. Everyone takes a step looking around
with amazement. The tall Mountains looking down
on everyone with care. The birds flying around
in the beauty of the blue sky with joy. Flowers
blooms with love, Smell of a freshly scent.’

‘Everyone looking at all of gods creations, Enjoying the
beauty that’s in front of them. Everyone worries and problems
becomes forgetful, Faded all away. Their minds are all at peace
in this joyful moment. The steps they take further up this bridge,
The more joy they all felt. Everyone takes a deep breath, Taking all
the joy in. Looking up in the sky glorifying god for his greatness.
Walking further up the bridge, The sun is shining down from above on
everyone with a light of love and thankfulness.’