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‘African Arts’- By JonteTheArtist

‘Finding a purpose in this big world’-By JonteTheArtist

‘Searching within the distance, Miles away from here. Within this huge big spread out wide world, Finding my way, My belonging. Running across this path really fast, I passed many voices of many people along the way. The voices with knowledge and wisdom through god speaking to me, Leading my path. I get within this one spot of a location with understanding. I learn so much as my mind soaks up the memory of the greatness unexpectedly.’

‘The time comes to an end on this journey part of my life. I then start a new journey to a new beginning I never known. My emotions runs so deep in me. Trying to get used to this changed. All the different journeys in my life from my young self to my adult hood all bring the pieces together in a sense of understanding. I’ stand as I take everything around me all in with joy. I’m so wide awake. I see through gods eyes as he shows me all that I’m suppose to see of where I’m
suppose to be.’