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Art Piece-‘ Angels In Heaven’-By JonteTheArtist

‘Angels Footprints In The Sky’- By JonteTheArtist

‘Angels footprints in the sky. Leaving behind a gift of show and tell. Looking up at the beautiful cloudy sky with joy, knowing that the angels was there. They are still there looking down at each of us in a hidden place. The angels came out at the right time and on time but is always there always watching over us. Their footprints look down as a reminder that everything is gonna be alright. The happiness of the joyful feeling of the angels footprints in the sky, Remembering their presence. God helpers with love that’s surrounding the sky. Angels footprints in the sky is a sign, That’s love, Happiness, Joy. Giving God above all the glory that created all, Leading the angels with joy. A beautiful joyful noise coming from above, Shining down on us. Looking back up at the angels footprints in the sky, Smiling with joy in our hearts.’