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Art Piece-JonteTheArtist’-‘Bundle Of Joy’

‘Bundle Of Joy’-By JonteTheArtist

‘Little bundle of joy. Today is a day full of joy. Your first moment in this world. Your first breath of air with excitement. Your first eye out look on earth. Your first sound of cry with a wanting understanding. Your first movement coming into your own, Getting use to the awkwardness of your new self being. Your beautiful eyes lights up as you look back at me with your beautiful smile with love. This is a special moment between me and you as I hold you wrapped up in a cover in my arms. From this moment on I’m happy. This moment will always be remembered. I looked into your eyes, I pray that god release the holy spirit on this bundle of joy forever and ever, Eternity. Lead this bundle of joy in the right path as the years goes by into the young and teens years ,All the way Into adult hood. Making the right choices in life. Making the world a better place in gods spirit. Bundle of Joy, You are here for a reason. God has a calling for you. I prayed as god leads you in his holy spirit that he gives you the understanding, knowledge, Wisdom. Life is gonna throw you some bad things, Negativity, Fear, Confusion, Sadness, Anger, bad, Insecurities. Also life is full of great things, Love, Care, Hope, Faith, Joy, Happiness, Excitement, Positivity. Put god first before all things. Pray always at great times and bad times. No matter what, Through god, everything will come on time. Stay with god bundle of joy. You will see how great life is within his holy spirit, No matter what life throws at you. I love you bundle of joy. This moment from this day on will always be the one I will never ever forget. I shout a joyful noise above to god in the heavens.
Giving thanks for this blessing of joy.’