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Photo by JonteTheArtist

‘Everyone within their own world’- By JonteTheArtist

All in a zone of it’s own with survival of a risk. Every mind insinc in it’s own right. Differences in energies reflecting off each emotion, Vibing away in all surroundings. Their eyes is their own beholder,Judging the flesh.
Blinded by the speck that’s covering the eye, Can’t see whats beneath their souls. Minds speaking in a differen’t direction within. The heart stands still in a differen’t world. Caring for what doesn’t matter. Overcoming the struggles face everyday deep in society. Standing still, Looking up at the beauty of the blue sky, Letting god release his holy spirit on us. We wake up being and feeling the impact, The knowledge that we miss for so long. Empowerment of us all coming as one, Disciples for god. We all are beautiful through gods eyes.