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Art piece by JonteTheArtist- ‘The Longing Life Ahead Of Love Of The Passion Of A Soul Mate’

(Art piece is gonna be turned into a future book, Going to get it publish one day.)

‘Two Drifting Away In the Still Of Hope’ By JonteTheArtist
‘Two drifting away in the still of hope. Passing by without a word of some kind of feeling. Both came into this new beginning with happiness without knowing the risk with a cause. Chemistry with a attraction made it a great full package. Personality reflecting off one another, Combining love that’s irresistible. So deep within this river of beauty, Can’t turn back. Two paths drifting far away from each other, In two different directions. The unexpected hit so hard with a twist of a hint. The storm in both hearts covers up whats important. Not knowing our strengths within the core of the wonder of what could been. Drifting away in a day dreamed that’s in a imagination of its own mind of world. Back to reality of what is now in hopes of being in the future together forever.’