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Photo-By JonteTheArtist


‘A river so deep following the light that’s seem close by but is far within a reach.’

‘Looking down at this river flow, Seeing a reflection of purity.’

‘The river takes control of my being.’

‘In front of me I see the long path ahead to a unknown.’

‘The rocks of distraction pulls me back further behind.’

‘ The water splashes with boldness in a power of control.’

‘Taking me over the edge above over my imagination of what I didn’t know what was possible.’

‘The water is very cold on my flesh.’

‘ My fear is building up within my soul.’

‘So frighten of not knowing where this long river is gonna take me.’

‘My body falls far down into the waterfall so freely.’

‘Opening my eyes seeing a beautiful clear view in front of my eyes.’

‘ I’ swim above the water closer to the light.’

‘ My soul is so pure in this light of peace of a journey that’s so promising.’