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Photo By- JonteTheArtist

‘Missing My Turn’- By JonteTheArtist

‘I flew down a path with wide white wings within the beautiful clouds.

There’s a door to a new journey that never been opened. 

My procrastination, My fear, My being pulled me away from going down this path of a new journey.

Making the wrong turn the other way, Wasted so much time within a time that’s really short and isn’t promised. 

Distractions coming tore’s me like thunder as I fly all around finding my way out of this confusion.

My heart feeling lost of not knowing where to go, Not knowing where my heart stands.

God light shines in all this thunder through this confusion, Showing me that it isn’t to late.

God made an impact on me, Teaching me the knowledge of the main purpose of this beautiful life.

Giving me the wisdom of which way to go. 

Bringing me back to that path again of another chance.

Making that right turn onto a path I always long for and missed.

The turn that I  missed, God brings me back to that turn, To a path that’s my anointing.’