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‘On The Other Side’- By JonteTheArtist                      

‘Across this big spread out world is a another side that’s unseeded. ‘

‘My eyes finally opened so wide, I can now see whats will.’ 

‘Feeling awkward, Not knowing that my judgement was a block that blinding me from seeing the real purpose.’

‘Days fly by me so quickly like the loud breezy strong winds hitting against my window in the late nightly quiet silence.’                                                 PHOTO-BY-JonteTheArtist

‘I become more open-minded to whats will.’

‘The knowledge that god gave me, Impacted me to help others in this unexpected world that’s on the other side.’

‘My heart feels good.’ 

‘I see clearly on the other side that so many around the world is suffering.’ 

‘My soul feel with joy of gods light shining down, Opening a brand new path on the other side.’