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‘Inspirational Stories’

Hi everyone every where. I wanted to write this posting for all. I want to ask everyone what is your inspiration? Who inspire’s you? What type of event in life or story that happened in your life that taught you or inspire you? Feel free to speak whats in your heart. Lets discuss all types of topics that’s inspirational, Lets speak from our hearts. Post your comments, Lets talk.

JonteTheArtist- My Inspirational story:

I remember two years ago when I was working at Hampton Inn, One of my customers always told me to be careful of my surroundings at all times. To also be careful who you call your friends or hangout with, To hangout with people who has your same positive and knowledge out look, Who you can relate to. I know that everyone is not going to be like me of course and that I’m going to meet people that’s opposite of me, But as long they’re not negative and causing me pain and bad energy. I see what the customer met by when he said hangout with the right people, Someone who is on the same level and is humble, Making each other happy. It is very important to pay attention to your surroundings because you never know what someone can do to you or steal, Plus anything bad can happened at any moment, It’s always good to stay relax but be aware to, Positive at the same time. Through all this, God above is an inspiration for us all, Through it all. He works through each of us to inspire each other to.