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  Art Piece/’It’s A Mans World’- Done By JonteTheArtist                                                         

‘Confused Of Not Knowing’- By JonteTheArtist

‘My heart is full of confusion. My mind plays a trick on me, Jumping to conclusions, Not knowing the proof on the end.  My mind can’t stop thinking what if not or what if it is. My soul feeling your energy from far away within the distance between us. Longing for your one word, Love. Longing for your touch, Your presence,Your attention. My hard work of trying to keep us from being apart isn’t enough. I’m trapped in a maze, Don’t know how to get out. I’m going in circles, Having deja vu. I shout so loud with my might, But no one is in sight. You are no where to be found. My heart can’t let you go. I miss you with all that I have. Help me make us right in what we have together. I looked across the way on the other side of the train tracks, I see this beautiful you. I tried to run across but the train came in front of us, Blocking our view of each other. The train kept going and going, I couldn’t see you any where in sight. I’m confused of not knowing what we may have  or may not have.’