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Photography-By JonteTheArtist

‘Children Of Eden’ – By JonteTheArtist

‘Young with intelligence, Old souls within a circle of love. Their world is all they known. Taught real life from generations before them, Passing it down the beautiful river of glory. Looking at their own responsibilities that they work hard on with hard tough love, Is their fun, Is their childhood. The beautiful green grass is so bright with colors of the rainbow. The kids running around bare footed, Feeling so free in the moments that’s never promised to them. Holding each other hands looking at the clear sky above their heads, Feeling thankful. Their eyes are beautiful, The light shines on them as the sun breaks through the clouds. Each of their homes are close together in a small town. They don’t want to know whats around them outside of the coast. Their world is all they know. Mothers talking among each other, Hanging the wet clothes in the back on the clothes rack by their beautiful gardens. Making dinner in the kitchen, Looking out their window with care at their children playing in their small front yards. The children hold hands in a circle in unity, Coming together in happiness and strength. The mothers smiles with love. Mothers yelling with love that “It’s time to come wash up for dinner.” The children smile at each other, Looking at one another in the eyes. They then run fast, scattering in different directions, Heading to their homes. A peace, A spirit, A presence, Happiness, Love is in the air surrounding their spaces. One moment at a time, Having one another with god looking down, Leading them to come together as one forever.’