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Art Piece- Abstract Mother Nature-   By JonteTheArtist

‘Within my own way in my element’-By JonteTheArtist

‘Within my own mind of a world, Day dreamed, Inspire, Inspirational within a simplicity. Within my own reach. Within my own masculinity. Within my own personality, My own out look on life within a world that can be so hard at times. From my own mind that play games on me sometimes, Taking something so serious that may or may not was met to be tooken so seriously. Within my own confusion of thinking I thought I knew it all, Still have so much to learn of whats bout to come next in this life. I question and question, Coming back to this moment, Reminding myself to take moment by moment at a time, Day by day at a time. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Living day by day in appreciation for what I have. I don’t want to be blind from the speck that’s in my eye. I take that speck out within my eye that’s a block. Within my own responsibility, Is taking responsibility for my actions. Learning everyday, Making me a better person. Within my energy, My strong soul been through a lot, Been knock down so many within a number so big. I get back up always, Stronger than ever, Within gods strength. Within a world so big, I’m finding where I fit in, But sometimes don’t know, As I feel lost, Feeling so small within a big world. I’m a survivor within a love from gods love so big that’s within a big huge world, Bigger than eternity, That never stops from within.’