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Art Piece/Photography- From JonteTheArtist- Called’ Art piece,”Inspired by your emotions from inside to outside”

Good Bye Forever– By JonteTheArtist

‘Good Bye my love. So confused of what I thought we had was forever,But wasn’t real. My soul breaks for you of trying to make you see the hurt. I’m feeling bad cause of your personal hurt within your own world, That was kept away in your world of hurt with sorrows. My heart of a tender flower has died, Needs to be watered. Still trying to healed from the pain you cause. I know it wasn’t your intentions to hurt me. Your pain that took over your being, Is the flesh of you, But isn’t you. I miss the days of your great spirits with happiness that’s never-ending. The big thunder-storm that hit us was a test of me and you fighting through it. The storm came in between us both. We fell the test. We forgot the meaning of what a real relationship is. So caught up in wanting everything to be perfect but then when we fell, We didn’t know what to do in the mist of it all. It’s always a learning experience through all the hardships within a mountain so high, We need to work tores the learning experience to make us better human beings for the future that is bright like the sunset.’