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Photo-By JonteTheArtist

World Of Doubt- By JonteTheArtist

          ‘ Doubting in a quietness that doesn’t have a voice of reason. Not sure of whats to come in becoming the truth of this life. Man kind of centuries ago past this torch to so many leading down to generations that goes on and on till now. Weak in the mind, Thinking more and more of a wanting that’s not sure if it belong. Not sure of when, With a impatiently stirrer. Faith leads to a path of believe. Believe leads to knowing that it will happen. Emotions connects to doubt,Taking over the body. Creating a world that’s not promised, Bringing the pain upon others from the pain that’s within. Fighting a contagious fear that runs in a world that’s in control. Blindness with a covering that isn’t acceptable to society. Turning away with an sureness that wasnt ever sure in the hearts of so many. Overcoming is a fight, But accomplishing this hardship is victory.’