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‘Paranoia battles human kind’


‘Taking over beings within this confusion sight in this time that was a surprise. Controlled by a human own energy that’s over bearing of major fear. Awkward in skin as an own worst enemy. Don’t know how to fight this hardness of the flesh. Creeping up on humans like a ghost with a trick up it’s sleeve. A power house that knock all down,Falling to the knees on this hard ground,double the pain as the hard ground instigates more pain. Can’t run from this battle that’s got such a hold of so many. We all here for the fight,God strength picks all back up again. The strength caring on and on. Facing everyday of this horror following with a toughness. The guard is up so high,Very aware of what could come next. Over coming this rough edge some days into a peace of mind but then things comes upon unnoticed. looking at the mirror at yourself staring back at Yourself,Telling yourself -“Yesterday was yesterday,”Today is today,”Today is gonna be a better day no matter what.””Leave the problems from yesterday in yesterday that’s now the past.” Focusing on this moment today that’s peace,Overcoming the trials,Hardships that beat up so many. Breaking hearts many times before as it comes back around and around like a repeat roller coaster in the air so high and high of asking if this is safe.  Ok in gods spirit,Overcoming anything that life throws. All fall and fall on hardships,Life is a risk everyday. Having god,Living in his beautiful spirit,Letting him in,God gets all through this battle everyday safely in gods spirit.’