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Photo- By JonteTheArtist

                                           ‘Sounds Unheard’

                                                 By- JonteTheArtist

                        ‘Tip toe across rivers that’s unheard in a silence.   

                                   Spirits floats freely in the wilderness.

                Beautiful lights that’s pure shining on the eyes that’s full of love.

                                        Sleeping in a pure peace of mind.

                           Whispering from an angel voice that’s soft in tongue.

                                        Ears close to the edge of unnoticed.

                                         Attention of whats not to be heard.

                                         Missing what suppose to be heard.

                           Letting your self be opened to of what suppose to be.

                              Closing the door in back of you with gentleness.

                             Your gracefulness with a elegant that you didn’t
                                                   know is natural.   

                                            A beauty that’s unheard, Is

              Your sound that’s quiet, Your quietness is unheard.’