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031212-1301Photo-By JonteTheArtist

‘Giving yourself credit with unsureness’ – By JonteTheArtist

In a dream that isn’t really a dreamed.

So in all of a great happiness that’s a blessing.

Questioning why in a confusion.

Not giving credit to u that’s deserve.

Deserving so much from working for it through so many hardships.

Everyone see’s what can’t be seen sometimes.

Seeing of self what can be seen can be a blindness to the eye.

Thankful of this attention that may be deserve.

Locking this dream wasn’t a dream.

It’s real life that wasnt impossible but is possible.

Coming back in front of a huge crowd, Looking at the light.

A pat on the back is big.

Everyday being a supporter of self isn’t bad.

Its well deserve.

Telling yourself that it’s a long road but finally made it this far through gods strength.’