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261112-1613Pic- By JonteTheArtist

                                    Gods Love-By JonteTheArtist

‘You impacted all from the light you shine so brightly over a sinner that has been forgiven. Your love lives on and on across nations around the world. You are so pure with love that’s beautiful. You look down on each human with your angels surrounding them, Protecting us from the flesh that’s harm. You are bold with love that gives the strength to move over the bumps along the way in this life. The book is your words. Community you work through, Teaching all the right way in life. Through you all is possible. Through the world everything is impossible. Your power is unstoppable. You created each of us in your image. We all are related. We are your children. Shout for joy, Shout for joy. Thankyou god above for your love. Eternal life eternity with you forever.’