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China Doll-"I'm enjoying my trip in Hawii,It's our anniversary,Time to celebrate."

                                 ‘Woman Warriors’ By JonteTheArtist

‘She longs for more attention. Doesn’t want to just be defined for her beauty. The judgements from others, She can’t help. Her heart has pain from the hardships of just being a woman in her land. Her strengths are from god above. The toughness she possessed from her childhood taught her the rough side of life. She walks with realness in her heart. Her beauty comes from her heart, Shining from inside and out. She loves hard, She cares really hard for those around her. She had to love herself before she can shine that love for others. The beauty in her eyes has proud ness as she stands up with boldness, Lifting up other women in unity. She looks at the mountains far away. Running as fast as she can, Flowing with strength. She climbs the mountain with all her might. She makes it to the top, Lifting her hands up with happiness, Yelling from the high mountain top so proudly. She feels very powerful. Her confident, Her faith becomes more stronger. She smiles with hope. She looks up into the sky as the sunset shines on her.’