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Pic- By JonteTheArtist

‘Everyday Is Christmas’- By JonteTheArtist

‘The heavens looking down with joy, With a smile that’s pure from the soul. Angels full of joy flying around the streets of gold.’

‘Each and every soul within a world that isn’t perfect. Through god eyes we are all beautiful.’

‘The simple beautiful things, From the smile on each everyone faces from the joy they feel in the positive moments.’

‘Eternal life is beautiful and forever. We are all gods children. A loud joyful noise, We are made in gods image. Heavenly father doesn’t ever make mistakes.’

‘Giving is better than receiving. God gave his love to each of us. God Instilling his love to us on earth as we instill our love back to god and each other.’

‘Helping others, Giving back with love from the heart that’s river deep. Serving god everyday from his blessings to each of us everyday. Loving god from the soul is beautiful, Beautiful is gods love everyday for eternity.’

‘Everyday is Christmas, Celebrating gods blessings each and everyday. Eating is a blessing, Walking is a blessing, Seeing the smile on faces is a blessing. Seeing gods creations is a blessing. God strength to get through life is a blessing.’

‘Giving, Serving, Worshiping, Honoring god for his love, Giving to each and everyone, Forgiving each and everyone sins. Living for god, His creations is beautiful, Its love. Everyday is beautiful, Everyday is Christmas.’