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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photography-By JonteTheArtist171212-1700

‘Goblins steal the souls of innocence’ By JonteTheArtist

‘Pitch black within an area , Carefully couldn’t see what was to become.

Minutes within the seconds that just pass, Happened so fast with a bad fear that crumbles the heart into pieces.

The bad chases the good on a path that’s not knowing of survival.

The flesh is blinded by the speck that’s in the eye, Can’t see whats real, Whats good.

Passing through this dark path. Seeing black bats flying out the trees. Jumping with a shock, Frighten of what could happen, Is only the beginning.

Bad spirits jumping within a human being. Attacking each other with stones.

Anger, bitterness, rage with a loudness. Hurting souls that’s longing for respect that’s deserve.

The world we lived in that’s free will. Our choice between evil and good.

So many choose the wrong path that’s blinded. Getting sucked into a war.

The evil becoming the goblins, Stealing souls that’s pure with an innocence.

The friendships between two wasn’t real, The evil taking advantage with a fakeness to get what they want, Souls.

Being careful, Looking around, Protecting surroundings, Afraid what can come near.

Overcoming the pain that was cause by the goblins that’s near.

Stronger than ever, Won’t get sucked in. The good fighting the bad goblins.

 The good winning within god, Using gods spiritual weapons in a battle that’s everyday.’