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                                         ‘This Christmas filled with Joy’

Short story –By JonteTheArtist

‘This Christmas the kids sitting inside by the cozy fire-place. Very cold wintering morning up on the hills of the mountains in Canada. Beautiful white snow pouring down. The kids run by the window with excitement of joy, Yelling, “It’s Snowing!!!!”It’s Snowing!!!!” Turning around looking at their mom and dad joy on their face, Waiting for them to reply. Their mom and dad looks at them with love, Saying “Get your mittens, Boots, Big jacket and winter cap on and let’s go make a snow man.” The kids yell with joy and happiness. Everyone outside playing in the snow, Throwing snow balls at each other, Building a snow man. One of the kids puts a big smile on the snow man. Their mom looks at the snow man smile, Tearing up from the happiness she feels in this moment with her family. Looking up at the sky as the sun shines down, The snow is still coming down. She pray to god thanking him for this day of joy with family. Telling god how amazing he is and how she is reminded that Jesus was born on this day and that how special this day was and still is for Mary and Joseph. This day is also special for her, That she is able to spend this Christmas with god and her family. God is always watching as she give thanks. The mom looks over back at her kids and her husband as they all come tore’s her and gives a big family hug, They all stood together looking at the snow man they just built and all the snow pouring down. The mom yells out with joy “This day is a gift, A special gift from god, Jesus was born, Don’t ever forget that this is the importance of Christmas and all that god blessings for all he has done for each of us,” Also we all are together again for this Christmas.” “Are you all ready to open gifts now?” All the kids filled with joy and happiness, The kids yelled out ” YES…” They all go in together holding each other, All coming together opening gifts, Very happy. The light shining down over a joyful moment. A picture of a Nativity scene are traditionally set in a stable with livestock and include Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus in the manger, the three wise men, the shepherds and their sheep, the angels, and the Star of Bethlehem hanging on the wall by the family Christmas tree in the living room. They looked up at this picture, Reminding them the love and joy as it still lives on centuries and decades later. Gods presence is within their house. God looking down smiling upon their house smiling down on the family of joy on this Christmas Day.’