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 ‘Coming Into A New Beginning From A Dream Journey That’s Real Life’


                                      JonteTheArtist-Art-‘Honoring God Above’

Short Story-By JonteTheArist

‘Coming Into A New Beginning From A Dream Journey That’s Real Life’  

Rising into the clouds into a new world. Head first into the clouds, Seeing whats above. A surprised of shock as my whole body goes into a new world. All I see is all gold. This beautiful egyptian lady comes up to me with a welcome. I bow my head with a thankyou. She shows me this mirror, I see my reflection in the mirror. I’m the color of gold, My eyes has black egyptian paint. I have this big Kaht on my head. She opens the door to a temple, The light is so pure and bright that I can’t hardly keep my eyes opened from the brightness. She holds my hand, Held me in her arms as we both walked into the light. I opened my eyes as I heard the door shut behind us.

I see a king and queen sitting in chairs that’s very high above my head, Looking up at them. I turned to look at the egyptian lady standing next to me, Who wasn’t egyptian anymore, She looked different. She was caucasian, Big blue beautiful long puffy dress like a princess. Her brown red hair pinned up in a silvered glittered crown on her head and beautiful pearl necklace around her neck. She takes out a mirror, I see my reflection. I’m wearing a prince button up jacket with tights. I looked around and realized that we are in this very elegant castle. The king yells out my name”Joseph!” I look at him and ask, “How did you know my name sir?” The queen and king talking among each other. Me and the girl turned around and seen a beautiful ball room floor as everything around us both disappeared. The castle disappeared and the king and queen was gone. All of a sudden all the people came on the ball room floor and gracefully started dancing. All the guys led the way, All the women holding their dresses as they dance with one hand and the guys holding their other hand gracefully. I then took her and started dancing gracefully. She kept looking at the time, Kept saying that we must go cause time is running out. She ran off the ball room floor as she took my hand, Pulling me along, Running behind her. I notice as we ran and ran, She falls and loses a shoe. I then fell, Tumbling behind her. We both opened our eyes and noticed that we are in another place.

Outside in day light on a mountain top. I look at the girl and notice she is a cave women now, Tan skin. She is wearing wearing shaggy animal hides wrapped around her curvy body. She is bare footed and her hair is dark and thick. She takes out a mirror and I see my reflection, My dark afro hair, My light tan skin, No shirt, Just wearing shaggy animal hides that’s covering my bottom, I’m bare footed. As we looked in front of us, Theirs five big tigers looking at us both. One tiger speaks to us, Saying,”You both are supper.” Me and her looked at each other with fear. The tigers comes closer and closer, Me and the girl realised that no where to run, Being on this high mountain. As the tigers kept coming closer and closer, we kept backing up and backing up and all of a sudden me and the girl fell back wards far down off the mountain top. We yell loud, Our bodies hit the water really hard. The water is so pure and clear, Very beautiful down here. Our bodies floating deep down under the water. Seeing the beautiful bubbles above our heads, Seeing the beautiful white clouds and blue sky from under, Through the water. We both felt save and at peace, Cleansed. All the fear and anxiety went away. We were at peace within the beautiful water. We both closed our eyes as we floated freely.

Our eyes opened gently, We looked around and noticed we was in this beautiful flower garden standing. There was pink, White, Yellow flowers everywhere. There was green leaves and tall weeds surrounding us. The sun was bright above our heads and the winds was blowing a light breeze. I looked at her and she was now a blond curly hair blue eye girl. She had this ban made out of leaves wrapped around her head. She had on this flower white gown. She then took out this mirror and I seen my reflection, I was a caucasian guy with rose cheeks. My hair was brown like walnut, Very curly and long. My eye was green. I had this band made out of leaves wrapped around my head. I had a white dress shirt on and white dress slacks on. We both was bare footed. The moist soil at the bottom of the garden, digging in our feet. She looks in my eyes. We both turn around to see this snake. She jumps in my arms. I then carry her, Running through the garden with her in my arms, Really fast. I then see an entrance at the end of the garden, A brown door. I then kick open the door, She looks up at me and tells me to kiss her, That this kiss will take us to another place. I kiss her slowly, We both closed our eyes.

We both then opened our eyes slowly. Looking around we are at an indian reservation. Seeing all of these beautiful indian kids dancing in a circle. All the indian parents looking at the kids with love and joy dancing, Singing. I Looked at her and she now has dark tan skin, Long dark hair, Braided in two long braids, Wearing a crown with two feathers on it. She then took out a mirror, I see my reflection and I see an indian tan color guy. My hair is very long, I’m wearing a feather crown on my head. We both smile at each other with joy. We start dancing in the circle with the other indians. Closing our eyes, Enjoying the beautiful indian music.

Me and her opened our eyes slowly. We are now in Afghanistan. Everyone was running in all different directions. Gunshots going off. Houses destroyed. A lot of screams. I looked at her, She had tears in her eyes. She had blood on her. She was Afghan race with long hair. She took out a mirror, I seen my reflection, I was Afghan race with dark hair. I had tears in my eyes, and blood all over me. She looks at me and said we are at war. We both got on our knees and started praying to god above. Everything in this war stopped and pause around us.

We opened our eyes to see that we both was in south side of Nigeria. All the beautiful african dancers dancing. Beautiful color paints on their face. Beautiful elaborate colorful beads called Nkwaesit Itong. For families, Painted faces indicate their happiness for some good news they have received. The native female dancers, Called Abang, Use face painting as way of expressing their beauty, Love and complete femininity. The dancer wears around the waistline, Akasi made out of cane. This symbolizes the ideal beauty of an Efik woman full figured with a healthy waistline. The Akasi is covered with large piece of fabric to show beauty, Femininity and grace as the dancer moves their body. I looked at her and she was now a beautiful dark skin african women. She had multi colors on her face painted, She had jewelry around her neck. Wearing a multi color fabric dress. She took out a mirror, I seen my reflection, I was a african dark skin guy. My face painted, Three white lines on the side of my face. Wearing a white shirt over a colorful wrapper tied around my waist. Also a long piece of cloth on my neck called Okpomkpom in addition to beaded shoes and a cap. The africans singing and clapping. We both close our eyes.

We then opened our eyes to see that we both was in a desert in day light, Very humid.  A couple of cow boys on horses. I looked at her and she was now a caucasian cow-girl.  She had on a cow-boy hat.  She wore blue tight jeans and cowboy boots, Red scarf around her neck, Blue flannel button up shirt. Her brown hair in a pony tail. She took out a mirror and I seen my reflection. I was now a white cowboy, A cowboy hat on, Black tight jeans and brown cowboy boots. I also had a red flannel shirt on. The four cowboys gets off their horses and ask, ‘Ya’ll from around here?” We both didn’t know what to say. The cow-boys talked among each other. One cow-boy chewing tobacco. The other cow-boy smoking a cigar. I looked down at my hand and noticed I had a gun and didn’t know how it appeared there. She had a gun in her hand, Looking confused. I knew I needed to say something to these cow-boys, Such an awkward moment.”We are not here to hurt y’all sir,” We are just lost.” “Where is the nearest bar?” The four cow-boys looks at us with a strange look. The cow- boys ask,”Where are you folks from?” We both didn’t know what to say but we knew things wasn’t looking to good at this moment. The cow-boys talking among them selves. All of a sudden the four cow-boys points their guns at us. ” You both are the bad guys,” The cow-boys said. “You are both here to destroyed our town, Our people.” I was trying to think of everything to say, Convincing them that we are good people. She looked at me and said ,”We are in the wrong world, We must go fast.”She then told me that, “They’re very protected over their town and everyone here knows each other very well.” “Close your eyes fast.” We both closed our eyes.

We opened our eyes slowly and noticed it was lots of snow and very cold. Looking around, No one was in sight, No houses in sight. It was all snow on flat land. The mountains far away covered with snow. Cloudy dark skies. I looked at her and she was now a Philippine woman. She had a heavy jacket on with the hoodie on the jacket covering her head. She had on thick big snow boots, Thick pants. She took out a mirror and I seen my reflection in the mirror. I was a caucasian older male with gray short long hair and long gray beard. I had on a heavy jacket. I had on my snow cap on my head. Thick snow boots and big jacket, Thick pants on. I ask,” Where are we?” She said, ” Alaska.” We both stood there looking at the beautiful white snow pouring down. As I stood there, I felt that I jumped out my body, Taking all this beauty in. The mountains are very beautiful as snow sticks to them. The ground was all white. I looked at her, She smiled with joy, Enjoying the moment. She put her hand out to catched the snow in her glove. The snow sparkle so bright, Gods gift of a reminder that he is always there everywhere, Always watching over each of us. I looked at her and she looked at me and we both teared up. She turned my face tore’s her direction and gently wiped my tear from my face. The snow started coming down more and more. We both closed our eyes, Enjoying the snow coming down on us.

Our eyes opened gently. Looking around to see that we both was in a canyon. It’s very sunny.  I looked over at her, She is now an older caucasian woman dress in camping gear. She then takes out a mirror, I see A reflection of myself, I’m a asian boy dress in camping gear. She takes me by my hand, Grabbing me as we both rock climb up this high mountain. Both running out of breath. She has a bucket with ice that has water bottles. She takes me over to a tent to rest. She said, “Rest my little angel rest.” She has a bag of treats and food in the tent. We both opened the bag, Preparing the great food. All of a sudden we hear a little noise, Still day light outside. She pauses and so do I, Feeling frightened. She tells me to,”Stay still and to don’t move.” I followed directions. She gets up slowly, Opening the tent slowly. All of a sudden there’s two big bears outside coming tore’s the tent. We both gets scared. She looks at me and tells me,”Gods child, You have nothing to fear, God is watching over us.” We both sit together in comfort, Not worrying about anything. We gentle pray, Closing our eyes.

We both opened our eyes gently to see that we was in a hospital room. I looked around, It was very quiet. I gently said, “Hello,” I looked over at her, She was now in a bed with her eyes closed. She was an Italian young middle age woman, With dark curly long hair. She opened her eyes gently, She took out a mirror, I seen my reflection in the mirror. I was an older italian man with dark hair. I had on an italian suit. I looked up and all of a sudden a lot of people came in the room. Then the doctor came in and ask, ” How is your daughter holding up?” I didn’t know what to say. The doctor then said,”Your daughter baby boy is very beautiful and special.” “She had an easy labor.” The doctor brought the baby in the room. She had this excited look on her face, As she held the baby in her hands. I looked at the other people in the room. I realized that they all was relatives and the guy next to her was the dad. They all smile and teared up. I couldn’t believe that I’m a granddad. Very happy and excited. I walked over, looking into the baby eyes. His eyes lit up with joy. I looked up at her as she held the bundle of joy in her arms. Everyone in the room is still surrounding her bed. She points to the ceiling and we all look to see a beautiful light star shining above our heads. Everyone in the room starts praying, Giving thanks. The doctor walked in and then got on his knees and started praying, Giving thanks for a great joyful moment. Everyone in the room said “dio vi benedica god bless, Evi,- Amen.” As I closed my eyes in this great moment, I woke up to see the beautiful clouds surrounding me.

I looked in front of me seeing her, She was now an angel. She took out a mirror, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I was an angel. I had these big wings. She looked at me in my eyes to tell me that,” I’m your guardian angel.” God sent me to watch over you, Over all.” “God loves you and he is always with all.” “Everyone of you all, Feel the same things, You all go through the same emotions.” “You all are the same beneath.” “God made us in different shades and colors.” We all are the same, We are all gods children.” “Put yourselves in other people shoes of the pain and happiness, Certain emotions that we all feel, We all experienced the same differen’t emotions.” “How would you feel if someone hurted you?” How would you feel if someone made you happy?” “To say all this, This is how will care and have passions in our hearts cause we all feel each other pain, We all are people, We feel, We love, We cry, We all can relate.” “Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.” “God teaches us to love all and help all.” I looked at her and said, “This year I felt the bumps, But I also learned and felt joy.” “I felt this year was a journey, God and you was there the whole time.” “Now that we are at the end of this journey,” I’m ready for whats next.” “This new year is gonna be a great year.” The angel looked at me and said, ” God created us all for a purpose, We all have task to complete.” “You still have more task to complete.” “I’ll always be watching over you and god is always watching over you to.” Fly away gods child.” “Go into this year giving back, Full filling gods purpose for your life.” “Go for those dreams and goals.” Give back to the world the way god wants you to.” She then took my hand. We both smiled. We flew together into the wilderness into the light. God stands there looking at us with a smile and said,”You made it kids.” “You both have more work to do, I have plans for your life here.” We both hug god tightly, Kneeling down in front of him, Telling him,” Thankyou.” God held us in his arms and gave us a big kiss on the cheek. God looks at each and everyone with love. The whole world is healed,The whole world came together in god’s name, With honor and praised. The past is the past. The future is going forward to a brand new beginning, Eternity. It’s a new beginning, Happy New Year to all.