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                                                             Pics- By JonteTheArtist


‘A Brand New Me’- By JonteTheArtist

A new beginning, A brand new beginning, Starting fresh. Putting the past behind me. Looking within the wilderness as I sit on this high mountain. I feel relax within gods spirit. My faith is strong within god as I take in the knowledge, Wisdom that god bless me with. His light within me giving me an out look on life purposes. I seek god first always. Belonging to god is joy in my heart. His love is happiness in me. Taking one moment at a time. Patients is everything, I long for working hard to accomplished. Thankful for whats now, Being alive. Looking at the beautiful blue sky from this high mountain top is very beautiful, Such a blessing to see. Feeling free in gods spirit in peace.’ 39486_148454961838452_6419530_n‘Looking in the distance I see beautiful birds flying. One white bird comes   next to me on the mountain. I looked over at this beautiful creature. I see a survivor. I smile with joy, Feeling good. I then take out a piece of bread. I give it to the bird with love from my heart. The bird looks at me with joy. He eats the bread and flys away into the wilderness. The sun shining so bright above. I feel the sun on my skin, The warmth it brings with comfort. God created the world. He works through so many things, With his comfort and love. Comforting me, Telling me I’m gonna be alright. I don’t live for   yesterday but I learned from the past. I go forward into the future within god. I’m a brand new me.’